You Need Concealed Carry Training ~ Video


USA – -( The laws regarding concealed carry and the use of deadly force are amazingly complex.

Even if there is no requirement for training in your area, I beg you to get the training you NEED to ensure that you are a responsibly armed citizen.

Just because there may not be a legal requirement does not mean there is no need for training.

By the same token, even if a requirement infringes on your right, that does not mean the training is not important. Get the training. You need it.

Kevin Michalowski
Kevin Michalowski

Kevin Michalowski is currently the Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, a working law enforcement officer and a pistol instructor with certifications in five different areas of training. 

Into the Fray is a weekly video blog focusing on self-defense and the concealed carry lifestyle.

It will cover everything from defensive firearms use to the legal and ethical aspects of deadly force and its aftermath.

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I’ve never met anyone who carries who isn’t well studied, had training, practices.


“Need” is probably not the correct word here and I’m not picking nits. Anytime you say “need” it confers to both the the person receiving the permit and the entity giving the permit that you must do something before you can receive that permit. That sets a dangerous precedent, as we’ve already seen in some states that require up to 16 hrs. of training as one of the requirements for a concealed carry permit. A better phrase would be “you should” or “it would be wise to” get as much training as possible. Never give governments an excuse to impose… Read more »


I agree that training is something everyone should have. Just because you take the training, it doesn’t mean you have to apply for and get the permit. Anyone carrying a gun should be educated in the law about it, and as it says here, those can be quite complicated and vary from state to state.

Frank in Spokane

Missy also needs some preliminary study on rangewear suitable for shooting an autoloader. 😉