More Pro Gun Bills Introduced in Montana’s 2015 Legislative Session

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Missoula, MT –-( Two more Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) requested bills have been introduced to the 2015 Montana Legislative session for consideration. More newly introduced MSSA bills will start coming faster now.

HB 203 has been introduced by Rep. Art Wittich. This is MSSA’s bill to prevent state and local government employees from enforcing any new federal gun laws, orders or regulations (think of presidential executive orders to implement the UN gun ban treaty, for example). HB 203 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, but no public hearing date is assigned yet. This bill should be on your Preference List on the Legislature’s Website.

SB 130 has been introduced by Sen. Roger Webb. This is Montana Shooting Sports Association’s bill to flesh out the Montana Home Guard, to create an all-volunteer organization much like volunteer fire departments but with a much broader range of mission, and available to the governor or county sheriffs only for in-state service. SB 130 has been assigned to the Senate State Administration Committee with no public hearing date set yet. This bill should be on your Preference List on the Legislature’s Website.

Add to this growing list SB 122, introduced by Sen. Matt Rosendale, discussed in a prior email, to encourage the manufacture of ammunition components in Montana.

Montana Shooting Sports Association is working on creating a one-link page that will list and track current status of all bills Montana Shooting Sports Association is supporting, opposing and tracking. Coming soon. I’ll let you know more a bout this ASAP.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

About Montana Shooting Sports Association: MSSA is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit:

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