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C Products Defense
American Outdoors “Show Off Your Guns” event was held at the Las Vegas Strip Gun Club – the most upscale indoor shooting range in the world with ballistic glass walls and teak floors – the perfect venue for recognizing greatness in the firearms industry.
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C Products Defense

Las Vegas, NV -(Ammoland.com)- C Products Defense is the recipient of this year’s 2015 Technology and Innovation Award.

This prestigious award was presented at American Outdoors’ 12th Annual “Show Off Your Guns” event which is held during the week of Shot Show. The award specifically recognizes the technology and engineering that C Products Defense put into their 28 round and 30 round J mags and their new Str8ight Flush 1911 magazine.

“We were very excited to have been recognized for our accomplishments this year,” said company President Adel Jamil, “We were told that it was physically impossible to create a 28 round magazine for 7.62×39 that could fit into a standard GI Pouch, but we did it.”

With the advent of AR rifles chambered in 7.62×39 instead of the common 5.56/2.23, a demand was created by Law Enforcement and others for a new mag. For agencies faced with more serious threats that required a harder-hitting cartridge and wanting the benefits of the 7.62×39’s low cost, that demand for this magazine exploded.

The Challenge

C Products Defense Receives 2015 Technology and Innovation Award
C Products Defense Receives 2015 Technology and Innovation Award

A standard GI Pouch for 5.56/2.23 will hold a 28 or 30 round magazine. A casing for 7.62×39 is larger in diameter, so to fit it into a magazine that would fit into the same GI pouch was throught to be impossible. C Products Defense took on the challenge.

“Our Chief Engineer, Bernie Shreve, headed up the project with our team.” says Jamil, “They worked over 8 months perfecting the geometry so it would operate flawlessly like our other mags and also fit into the GI Pouch. That was our first goal. Our second goal was to make sure that these mags would operate perfectly even if they were using the dirtiest ammunition on the planet. We accomplished that by the use of our proprietary coating that decreases the coefficient of friction, providing greater performance and service life through an unparalleled lubricity. And because our coating bonds at the molecular level it will not wear off, ensuring that, even if you’re using the dirtiest ammunition on the planet – Our Magazines Will Not Jam!”

C Products Defense manufactures out of Bradenton Florida and has been recognized for their magazines that will not jam. Firearm manufacturers turn to C Products Defense when they have a problem mag that they want to keep from ruining the reputation of their gun.

A firearm is only as good as its magazine,” reminds Jamil.

C Products Defense, is ISO 9001 Certified, and you can learn more about them by going to their website: www.CPDmags.com.

About C Products Defense

C Products Defense is proud to be a U.S. based manufacturing company with over 50 years of combined experience in the firearms industry. We provide outstanding products for the military, law enforcement agencies, and firearm manufacturers but it doesn’t stop there. In order to keep meeting the changing requirements of our customers, CPD is continuously developing new products, and your suggestions are always welcome.

For more information on C Products Defense, please visit online at www.CPDmags.com.