New This Week Shooting USA – Micah’s Hoop Challenge & Cisko Races Knife & Gun

Micah McMillan
Shotgun Shooter Micah McMillan is sending tennis balls through hoops
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

USA – -( Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Hoop Shooting: Shotgun Shooter Micah McMillan is sending tennis balls through hoops, propelled by his 12 gauge. And then Master Gunfighter, Cisko, puts his fast draw speed up against his throwing arm, racing knife and gun.

Shooting USA – Bushnell Precision Rifle
Pros are paired with new shooters to take on long distance shooting challenges at the Bushnell Tactical GAP Grind in the Florida panhandle. Then, it’s one of the most popular competitions at the National Matches, when shooters compete with the legendary M1 Garand. Plus, how the fictitious Buntline Special is now one of History’s Guns, even without real history. And John Paul shows us some unusual shooting positions that will lead you to a win.


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Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots Wednesday:

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3D Archery at Rockcastle:
This week, our crew is headed to 3D Archery! It’s the International Bowhunting Organization’s (IBO) Winter National at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Kentucky. More than 600 archers are expected to compete for prizes and titles. See our coverage in the coming weeks!

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