Knife Rights’ Texas Comprehensive Knife Ban Repeal Bill Needs Your Help


Texas Capitol Building
Texas Capitol Building

Gilbert, AZ –-( Knife Rights’ bill to repeal the ban on prohibited knives in Texas needs your help. HB 3884 sponsored by Knife Rights friend Representative Harold Dutton needs to be heard as soon as possible in the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

The Chairman of the committee, Representative Abel Herrero, is a proven pro-Second Amendment legislator and we have no reason to believe he is holding the bill for philosophical reasons, but the clock is ticking and if the bill is not heard in committee very soon, it will end up dead for the session. In Texas that means two years before we can try again! Your calls and emails make a difference. Help us rid Texas of its irrational knife restrictions.

Here is what we need you to do:

Please call and email Representative Herrero and very politely request that he schedule a hearing for HB3884 at the next meeting of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

Phone 512-463-0462 and here is all you have to say:

“Hello, I am calling to ask Chairman Herrero to please schedule HB 3884 for a hearing at the next meeting of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. Thank you.”

Then email him a similar message to [email protected] Here is a sample email:

SUBJECT: Please Schedule HB 3884 for a Hearing ASAP

Dear Chairman Herrero,

I am writing to request that you schedule a hearing on HB 3884 for the next meeting of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

Thank you,

Your Name

That’s it, that’s all you have to do.

HB 3884, together with Knife Rights’ Texas Knife Law Preemption Bill, HB 905, previously introduced by Rep. John Frullo, would comprehensively overhaul Texas knife law, ensuring that the new freedoms will be enjoyed by all the citizens of Texas.

Knife Rights ( is America’s Grassroots Knife Owners Organization, working towards a Sharper Future for all knife owners. Knife Rights is dedicated to providing knife owners an effective voice in public policy. Become a Knife Rights member and make a contribution to support the fight for your knife rights. Visit

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edward cavallucci

we are with you. if it starts with you it may start a movement that ends it all for every one. god bless america a free country that will nrver give in to stupit ideas like this. COME AND TAKE THEM ed