Armour Wear’s AR680 Steel Armor Plate Is Industry Game Changer

Armour Wear AR680 Steel Armor Plate
Armour Wear – AR680 Steel Armor Plate
Armour Wear, LLC
Armour Wear, LLC

Hialeah, FL -( Armour Wear, the leader in protective armor innovation has officially announced its newest revolutionary product; the AR 680 Hardened Steel armor plate.

The AR680 plate is a full size 10in X 12in, shooters cut, single curve hard steel plate that can thwart multiple hits from “Green Tip” M855 5.56mm rounds (at 3200 FPS), or M193 5.56mm rounds (at 3300 FPS). This is a truly unique plate, where most other plates are heavier, and cannot withstand the same level of abuse.

The 6.2lb plate is only 5mm thick- an industry first. The extra level of care has also been taken to prevent metal spalling by adding a Linex base coat and build up. This makes for an extremely well designed, and balanced plate which is already shattering records and expectations. Always having the consumer in mind, Armour Wear has the plate rated at a $134.95 MSRP.

With engineering of this magnitude, and a price which is unbeatable, this plate is a threat that competitors will not be able to protect themselves against.

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About Armour Wear

Since 2014, Armour Wear, LLC has produced lightweight, flexible, breathable and durable products in order to give their customers the best protection available. They have also produced top quality OEM products for some of the biggest companies around. You may have even been wearing Armour Wear’s products for years and would never have known. Armour Wear, LLC has been on the tip of the spear with innovation and durability using only the best products science can provide. In their new 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Hialeah, Florida, they continue to manufacture the best quality products using their custom design suite, which includes an in house 3D sketch artist that can bring conceptualized renderings to life using 3D printing technology. This helps facilitate the quick production of new product ideas from the minds of the inventors, to the homes of the customer.

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