Black Aces Tactical Releases Groundbreaking New Short Barrel 12-Gauge

DT Model requires no stamps; folding brace option available
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The newly released DT Model by Black Aces Tactical
The newly released DT Model by Black Aces Tactical
Black Aces Tactical
Black Aces Tactical

Orlando, FL -( Black Aces Tactical (BAT), an American manufacturer of exclusive custom shotguns, is proud to announce the release of the brand’s new DT Model.

The groundbreaking short barrel 12-gauge features an 8.5″ barrel, SIG SB15 brace, 27″ OAL, Magpul RVG forward grip, 10-round BAT stick magazine and is offered with an optional folding brace.

“The DT model solves the main issue with all 12-gauge AOW or SBS shotguns,” said Eric Lemoine, owner and CEO of BAT. “Traditionally, these weapons suffer from both a lack of capacity and excessive reload times. However, the DT enjoys 10 rounds feeding from the stick magazine as well as lightning fast reloads.”

The Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon Model is the highest quality short barrel available on the market, as it is not cut and welded. However, each integral component associated with shortening the barrel is done with billet materials, with tolerances down to 1/1000th of an inch. The barrel clamp features a locking taper design that retains the OEM appearance and OEM takedown screw. The action block is machined on five sides to allow the Magpul RVG hand grip to be able to be located left, right or center of the two 45 degree locations.

But possibly the most interesting aspect about the model is that it does not require any stamps, nor is it considered a short barreled shotgun under the NFA or an AOW. It is classified strictly as a “firearm,” which means a customer can purchase it from the dealer without months of wait time. In fact, the weapon includes copies of all associated ATF letters, as well as a copy of 27 cfr 479.11, page 89 outlining the method of obtaining overall length.

“We do this is to eliminate any confusion among our valued dealers and customers,” said Lemoine.“The ATF is very clear about the measurement of the overall length of a weapon, and what’s equally as important is the customer’s understanding of the law and what it means when using this weapon.”

The addition of the SB15 SIG brace takes the DT Model above and beyond standard AOW 12-gauges. The proper use of the SB15 brace transforms a 12-gauge from wayward and difficult to control to stabilized and precise.

The standard DT Model with fixed SIG brace starts at $1,179 and costs $1,299 with the addition of the folding brace. The DT models come in a top quality MIL-A-8625 Type 3 hardcoat, and can be upgraded to a variety of Cerakote color options.

Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon
Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon
Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon
Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon
Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon ATF Weapon Designation Letter
Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon ATF Weapon Designation Letter
Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon
Black Aces Tactical DT Weapon

About Black Aces Tactical

Black Aces Tactical is a weapons manufacturing company based in Central Florida that is dedicated to providing the customer an heirloom quality, hand-finished shotgun at a reasonable price.All BAT weapons are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty, and each BAT shotgun receiver, internal, and magazine are custom built and machined. BAT’s expanding line includes nearly two dozen weapons and range in price from $499 to $1,799. The company holds three patents with a fourth pending.If you would like more information about the DT Model and Black Aces Tactical, contact Eric Lemoine at 407-919-9783 or email [email protected]

For more information, visit

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Called black aces tactical about quality control issues. They are ridiculous! Here I’m willing to shell out $1600 to them and they cast me aside as if I were trash? Hey, thanks a lot! I’ll be sure to spread the word Eric.

Alex Smith

I just bought two (2) DTs at $3,200 immediately shot it two times at the range with 2 different range attendants : 100 rounds and IT JAMMED VIRTUALLY EVERY TIME ! ERIC LEMOINE , BLACK ACES OWNER , WOULD NOT SERVICE THE GUNS WITHOUT ME SIGNING AWAY ALL MY RIGHTS ! THE WORLD DOESN’T NEED PEOPLE , COMPANIES OR GUNS LIKE BLACK ACES TACTICAL.


I can tell you this much, it is not worth the base price of 1179.00 they are asking for it. You expect you’ll eventually get a Friday gun when buying a S&W, Ruger, Glock, or any weapon in the 500.00 price range that is mass produced on an assembly line. However, when you lay down over a grand, you expect a higher level of quality. The model I bought was just over 1300.00, when it arrived at the gun shop, it was obvious there is no quality control at Black Aces. The little things started adding up quickly. Surface rust… Read more »


I want the same in 20 gauge!

Todd Hartmann

I’ve got to have this!!!




Are there any “Counter Weight/Stability” problems associated with the lost weight of the Shortened Barrel…