Freddie Gray’s Knife ~ Video

A possible example of Freddie Gray's Knife that got him detained, could be the Schrade Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife.
A possible example of Freddie Gray’s Knife that got him detained, could be the Schrade Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife.

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Manasquan, NJ -( Freddie Gray’s knife and the legality of it is in much dispute in the press as the controversy surrounding his death while in police custody, continues to make headlines.

A photo of Freddie Gray’s Knife has not been released. But we do know it was not a fixed blade knife.

We can only speculate as to what it actually is but the basic style of knife can be generally assumed to fall into three broad categories based on what knife styles are commonly available today.

Basic Folding Pocket Knife: We all know what this one is. They are commonly found almost anywhere knives are for sale and they have been in constant use by millions upon millions of people all over the world. It has a basic knife blade that folds or breaks at the knife mid point, after pressing a release in the blade handle. With the Buck Folding Hunter Pocket Knife being a classic example of a folding knife but you can find thousands of different variations on the basic folding pocket knife for sale all over the USA, if not the world.

Buck Folding Hunter Pocket Knife
Buck Folding Hunter Pocket Knife

Button Style Switchblade: The much maligned switchblade style knife has been the boogie man of politicians since the 1961 film, West Side Story made the spring and button assisted knife the Assault Weapon of its day.

But the reality is that switch blades are just plain old knives with a folding or sliding blade contained in the handle which is opened automatically by a spring when a button, lever, or switch on the handle or bolster is pushed.  There is no tactical advantage to a switchblade knife, in fact the “switch” may be a disadvantage, as the spring assists often fail, making the tool useless.

When working they cut just the same as any folding or fixed blade knife.

Switch blade knives are fairly uncommon today as the were restricted (read outlawed) for a period of time and are only recently making a comeback as common sense repeals of unfounded knife bans have begun to take hold in parts of free America. So it is unlikely that Freddie Gray’s knife was a true switchblade.


Assisted Folding/Opening Pocket Knife: Also called assisted-openers and one-hand openers, these knives are no longer considered unlawful under the Switchblade Knife Act of 1958. A timely Senate Amendment, # 1447 signed by President Obama, found attached to H.R. 2892 (10/28/09), the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill for year 2010, clarified that these style of knives were not “Switchblades“.

This is highly likely the style of knife that got Freddie Gray stopped and killed.

The assisted folding knife are still targets of many police, as they do not fully understand the difference and “automatically” assume that the ease at which these simple knives open, must make them switch blades

Note: The New York County (Manhattan) District Attorney’s office has made a profitable business by shaking down NYC store owners for cash settlements under threats of prosecution for having common assisted opening knives for sale in their shops. The organization Knife Rights has them in court over this very suspicious tactic designed to take advantage of confusion within the law regarding assisted opening knives vs switchblades. 

We don’t yet know the facts behind Freddie Gray’s Knife or the true circumstance under which he was detained, injured and later died from his injuries. The laws surrounding his arrest in the state Maryland seem to be confusing even for the Prosecutor and police.

Stay tuned and we will update this page as soon as photo of Freddie Gray’s Knife is release to the public.

For more on Maryland Knife laws see Knife Rights Update on the Freddie Gray Knife Arrest.

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Joyce Newman

What got Freddie Gray killed was being a poor black kid in America. When the police chased him, they did not know he had a knife (if he did and it wasn’t a plant by the police). Freddie Gray made eye contact with a policeman and ran, and ended up murdered while in their custody. This is just WRONG. In America, we don’t execute people for carrying a knife. What has happened in this country to the belief that American citizens deserve a trial by jury before being found guilty? Are all of you people unAmerican? Don’t you believe in… Read more »


An entire article with photos about the type of knife it might have been? Are you serious? That’s not newsworthy and its really not very ethical to even put out something like this. Wow! What’s the next article gonna be? Somebody gets shot and you’re gonna have a whole new article with photos of what “gun” it might have been? How about this — wait until you actually have some real information and then write an accurate article and include some accurate photos!

Jack FrizzleFrost

Minorities have equal rights. If the preceding statement angers you, you’re a racist and I hate you.

Jack FrizzleFrost

False arrest. Wrongful dead. Whites no longer rule America, thank goodness. 2042 my friends, 2042. All men are created equal, not just white men. Who are all you ignorant, white, Appalachian Nazi swine? Minorities have equal rights rights. If the preceding statement stirs anger in you you are a fucking racist and I hate you. But I won’t arrest you and kill you, I will respect your rights. The takeover of the white race gracious and egalitarian.


You have just proven that you are more racist than the “ignorant, white, Appalachian Nazi swine” that you have directed your comments toward. Go somewhere else troll.


I had one of those stiletto type switch blades (pictured) that I bought in Tijuana back when I was in the military 30 years ago. It was junk. I kept it as a curio/souvenir and letter opener but even at that simple task it eventually became loose and broke earning it a place in the trashcan. Nobody serious about knife fighting would trust a even decent folder, spring assisted or not. A fixed blade knife is easy enough to conceal. Folders IMHO are utility knives, nothing more. Buying one that looks ‘tactical’ is asking for trouble, either from the cops… Read more »


The Russian paratroopers carried a knife which extends from the grip by spring action. A few were distributed in US. They found it rather useful. Not sure their current issue.


Can anyone recall the name of the NYPD Officer that was shot in the head by a
black career criminal who NEVER should have had a firearm per the laws of NY State?

NYPD Officer Brian Moore

Where is Rev Al, why is he not demanding JSUTICE for NYPD Officer Brian Moore?


The reports say his knife had a pocket clip that made it visible. None of the knives presented have a pocket clip. It sounds like it was a knife based along the lines of the CLIPIT first introduced by Spyderco in 1981

Kevin McGonigal

Does anybody know, for certain, what kind of pocket knives are lawful to carry in NJ? In a state where BB guns are the equivalent of assault rifles I hesitate to carry a Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman tool.


Sorry, Jamie, you are incorrect. Herb got it right when he wrote that Freddie Grasy got Freddie Gray killed. If ol’ Freddie had just stopped when the cops told him to, and done what they said when they told him, chances are he would have never been in the back of the Black Maria….


Herb. Freddie was shackled and handcuffed and put into the back of a metal lined van. He was not strapped down as is protocol for all detainees. The police were either negligent at the best or intended to harm him at the worst. They stopped to check him several times yet still did not strap him in even though he was found lying on the floor in pain. No matter what he did wrong the police were negligent at best.


Most police vans do NOT have seat belts, nor do school busses, nor do city passenger busses, no do trains.!!!!


Its sad that he died, but it is a crime to automatically blame the officers. If what you say is true about his spinal surgery, that would play a major factor in his death especially riding a bike around town and resisting arrest. Of course none of that matters. The left wing anarchist and liberal politicians must have it their way. Blame police, riot, burn down business and homes in a town that you don’t even live in. Why isn’t All Sharpton in prison? Doesn’t he owe millions in back taxes? Police in Texas stopped a major terrorist attack and… Read more »


BS! Freddie Gray got Freddie Gray killed, not a knife that has yet to be identified. Most likely indeed. BS! Poor Freddie was a known scum bag with a long, long rap sheet who, according to rumor, had major spinal surgery 1 1/2 weeks before he was arrested. He should have been home recovering from surgery, not roaming the streets allegedly selling drugs. Poor Freddie. How’s that for unsubstantiated truth refuting unsubstantiated truth? I believe mine before I believe yours.


You are a scary, scary redneck.


he’s an American !!!
“a rose by any other name is still a rose”
“An American by any other name is still an American”
Freddie gray “was” an obama voter which made him NOT an American !!!!!