MT2 Press Release Picked up by CNBC

MT2 Press Release Picked up by CNBC
MT2 Press Release Picked up by CNBC
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Arvada, CO -( In a recent news story on the prices of lead & firing range cleanup, MT2, was quoted on the CNBC website.

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According to Scrap Register, prices are at all-time highs for heavy metal scrap such as lead.

In a recent article, Barron’s reports: “Prices of lead are up 18% since March, and now there’s talk of limited supplies.” This presents a great opportunity for gun ranges to optimize their lead reclamation and clean up their firing range.

Of course, a range can reap further benefits from routine lead reclamation projects. A clean and well-maintained range will likely attract more customers because shooters will know the range is safe and there will be no chance of ricochet due to lead buildup. It’s for these reasons that those who operate a range should seek out an experienced lead reclamation company for routine maintenance and lead reclamation.

Fortunately, a Colorado-based company, MT2, LLC, is leading the effort to unlock the hidden profit from spent lead in firing range soil. In the past year alone, MT2 has reclaimed over 1,000,000 pounds of lead from ranges nationwide including private clubs and law enforcement agencies. Over the past decade, MT2 has credited over $4,000,000.00 to range owners from lead recycling on their firing range, while working closely with them to implement firing range Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect shooters and the environment.

A BMP Program includes removal and recycling of lead bullets and bullet fragments; sampling, analysis and monitoring of soil and groundwater conditions. Utilizing MT2’s patented ECOBOND lead treatment technology, treated soils are considered non-hazardous and can be replaced back onto range berms.
MT2 is the nation’s #1 firing range maintenance & lead reclamation company, has never left a job uncompleted and can help you clean your range to unlock the value you have in spent lead.

An Executive from Winchester Ammunition stated: “As the nation’s leader in lead recovery, MT2 is a credible and experienced contractor. Their reliable staff and machinery, along with excellent planning and research make MT2 the clear choice for any organization that is interested in a lead recovery or range maintenance project.”

“We are pleased to offer a free range evaluation for indoor or outdoor ranges,” stated James Barthel, MT2 CEO.

Range owners needing to request an evaluation can get more information at:

About MT2

MT2 is the leading provider of environmental firing range services in the US and has served over 1,000 public and private firing ranges nationwide since 2000. MT2’s extensive list of clients includes over 200 law enforcement agencies, State Departments of Corrections, and the US Military. Since 2006, MT2 has been implementing a BMP Program for the world’s largest police force at the NYPD training range where over 40,000 officers and recruits train annually.

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Margareta Linkous
Margareta Linkous
5 years ago

In the video description on YouTube they also incorporate a hyperlink to the page with the supplies.

Capn Jack
Capn Jack
6 years ago

As I reload and cast my own bullets, I avoid using our local commercial firing range because, the only lead bullets allowed there are .22 rim fire.