Establishment Republicans Betray Second Amendment Following Charleston Attack

By Bluegrass Bruce

Karl Rove
Karl Rove: Establishment Republicans Betray Second Amendment Following Charleston Attack
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Kentucky – -( Two prominent Republicans expressed anti-gun views following the Charleston killings last week, proving how the Republican establishment can be just as bad as Democrats when it comes to Second Amendment issues.

First, Fox News talking head Bill O’Reilly proposed a “solution” to gun violence that would involve federalizing all gun crimes, saying “if anyone is caught with a gun, in the commission of any crime at all, it [should] automatically become a federal beef. If convicted in federal court, the offender gets a mandatory sentence of ten years.”

Then, Republican political adviser Karl Rove told Fox News that “acts of violence” would continue until America is forced to “repeal the Second Amendment” in its entirety. He said:

“Maybe there’s some magic law that will keep us from having more of these [shootings]. I mean, basically, the only way to guarantee that we would dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets enough oomph to repeal the Second Amendment, that’s not going to happen.”

It’s hard to tell which statement is more dangerously ignorant. O’Reilly seems to think it’s a good idea to put minor crimes involving gun owners in the hands of the federal government, giving the United States Attorney General unprecedented power over guns and gun owners. If he doesn’t see the risk in that, he clearly didn’t pay much attention when Eric Holder was in office.

As for Rove, whether or not he actually wants the Second Amendment repealed, he clearly thinks doing so would make America safer. This goes against basic evidence showing that legal gun ownership reduces violence, not the other way around. Between 2007 and 2011, for example, gun violence plummeted while gun ownership went through the roof.

When liberals use mass murder to further their anti-gun perspective, it is infuriating but predictable. But it is even more concerning when so-called conservatives start to join in.

About Bluegrass Bruce
Bluegrass Bruce is a hunter, political blogger, and UK basketball fan from Kentucky. His opinions on gun rights and politics are posted on “Bluegrass Bruce” and shared on websites and blogs across the United States. Visit:

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Come on folks maybe old Carl is on to something after all look how well banning drugs and banning illegal entry to the US, and banning murder, and banning robbery and banning drinking and driving and banning rape, and banning kidnapping and banning…..getting tired – well you get it


Karl. Not Carl. When you spell his name incorrectly you lose credibility.


Karl Rove is FAR from my favorite person in the world but, come on – people! Doesn’t anybody understand the concept of sarcasm?


Democrat or Republican most have the same stink.
Carl Rove and most of the main stream Republicans are looking out for themselves.

It is going to get a lot worst before it gets better.


Oreilly has been pushing Federal Gun Registration/aka Confiscation for a long time….

Nick Chiarillo

Rove is not a conservative. He has never been a friend of 2A. When he was Bush’s chief of staff, he was pushing for more “gun control”. When the assault riffle ban was about to expire, he lobbied to retain it, not oppose it. None of the Bush family has ever been pro gun. They all have the basic east coast RINO mentality. If Jeb gets in, it he will continue the same crap that his father, brother and Clinton followed, which is to do the political expedient path. .

David Kledzik

I agree with the Rove part, but g.w. bush put forth many pro gun bills and signed several more. Not to mention was adored by our military, and still is, I being one of them. We were treated well under him, alot better than obama, heck obama would have to get better to be even at a bad level, deplorable treatment of our military. As for Jeb, I don’t agree with alot his past policies, especially common core, but he was solid as Floridas governor signing many key pro 2nd Amendment pieces of legislation into law, including stand your ground… Read more »


Rove is an obese ham on a set of shoulders with a brain dead liberal mindset. Watch the repubs run Jeb Bush a big fat rino just like they did in the past 2 elections. They will lose because we who believe in the Constitution and Freedom will stay home again.

LT in NJ

Bill O’Reilly as been a huge NYC anti-gun liberal since day one. Anyone who doesn’t know that by now just isn’t paying attention.

Thanks for the forum, Ammoland.


Got any room down there for a Fed-Up NJ resident ?


RJS…. C’mon Down…There’s plenty of room in Texas for you…Many who live in the Midwest and some from your area came to Texas to get away from those cold winter blasts…They, like many before them, admired the friendly nature of Texans and our weather…which sometimes may get a bit ornery, depending on where you settle or live. Texas is like a whole other country…the ad says and …it is totally true…We are a Conservative, and very Proud people and mindful of who we are and our Republic’s rich history. Davey Crockett from Tennessee once said: “You all may go to… Read more »


Is Rove suffering from dementia? Since criminals are the problem, and since criminals obey existing laws so well, why does he believe they would turn in their firearms if the second amendment is repealed? Criminals would have a heyday. If you think crime and violence is bad now, see how it would be if the second amendment were gone. Don’t forget, without the second amendment, the government would do anything it wants to. You will have no rights left. As to making gun crimes federal crimes-no. The federal government has too much power and has shown no responsibility. The spend… Read more »


Rove clearly has some mental issues that need to be addressed. If the 2A was repealed there would be no need for a Constitution at all. Individual states would then have there own firearms laws that would have nothing to do what Washington,DC and the liberals want. There was some idiot not too long ago who was slamming TX Gov.Greg Abbott saying that it would reguire permission from the federal government in order for TX to secede. What a ludicrous statement to make. Do you think the federal gov’ment is going to give its permission ? …hell no and its… Read more »