This Week – Todd Jarrett’s Lightning-Fast Reloads

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Todd’s Blazing Reload Challenge

Impossible Shots - Todd Jarrett’s Six-Second Challenge
Impossible Shots – Todd Jarrett’s Six-Second Challenge
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

Nashville, TN -( For Blackhawk! Pro Shooter, Todd Jarrett, the Impossible challenge is drawing, shooting, and making five magazine changes, with a shot from each on target, in under six seconds.

It does set up to be an Impossible Shot! Then, Randy Oitker is challenged in long-distance accuracy with his bow.

Shooting USA – Bushnell Precision Rifle:

Pros are paired with new shooters to take on long-distance shooting challenges at the Bushnell Tactical GAP Grind in the Florida panhandle. Then, it’s one of the most popular competitions at the National Matches, when shooters compete with the legendary M1 Garand. Plus, how the fictitious Buntline Special is now one of History’s Guns, even without real history. And, John Paul shows us some unusual shooting positions that will lead you to a win.


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Shooting USA - Pros and Amateurs Team Up at the Bushnell Tactical GAP Grind in Florida
Shooting USA – Pros and Amateurs Team Up at the Bushnell Tactical GAP Grind in Florida

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots:


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End of Trail

The Single-Action Shooting Society (SASS) is hosting its World Championship at End of Trail this week, and our lady producer will be trying out the sport – alias and all. Stay tuned for coverage from the match, plus the newcomer’s experience in the coming weeks!

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