Tree Stand Buddy Makes an Excellent Gift

Tree Stand Buddy
Tree Stand Buddy
Tree Stand Buddy
Tree Stand Buddy

Suffolk County, NY -( Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, Tree Stand Buddy makes the perfect gift for the hunter in your life.

Not only will a hunter love how Tree Stand Buddy can make their hunts more successful, but the gift giver will feel a sense of security that this gift actually makes their loved one safer.

Tree Stand Buddy is the safer way to install hang-on style tree stands. The unique Universal Quick-Attach Slide-Mount System for hang-on treestands allows hunters to do most of their work without having to lug a stand up a set of steps or without the hassle and danger of trying to attaching a chain around a tree in order to properly install their stand.

From a safety standpoint, Tree Stand Buddy has designed and built the receiver/solid mounting bracket with a “hoisting loop” so that the hunter never has to carry his stand up or down a tree. By running a rope through the loop, the hunter simply raises their stand up to the receiver from the ground. Once the stand has been hoisted to the desired height, the rope can be tied off at ground level.

This allows the hunter to safely climb the tree and hang the stand by simply installing the stand bracket onto the receiver. With this innovative slide-mount system helping to secure the stand during installation, the treestand manufacturer’s straps/chains can now be safely and easily installed.

What a great gift!!! Your hunter will have the ability to place multiple receivers in a variety of hunting areas and safely install his favorite hang-on stand with less effort and risk. The Tree Stand Buddy system offers many great advantages that will make hunting from a hang-on tree stand safer, sturdier, more secure and more comfortable.

Tree Stand Buddy Features:

  • Far greater ease of hanging a stand;
  • Safer and easier to hang a stand;
  • Fits most single-post and double-post hang-on stands;
  • Allows a hunter to easily remove a stand to prevent theft and damage from rodents;
  • Adds a little extra space between the hunter’s back and the tree which provides greater comfort;
  • Assures the same stand setup each and every time;
  • Ability to easily change locations to adapt to wind conditions to increase their chances for a successful hunt;
  • Will fit most trees.
  • For more information, visit or call (877) 987-2723.

About Tree Stand Buddy

The Tree Stand Buddy slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way ever to hang your stand. With Tree Stand Buddy you no longer have to climb a tree carrying your stand. And, it’s rock solid, sturdy and quiet!

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