Former CNN Anchor & Concealed Carry Holder, Lynne Russell – Survives Shootout

By John R Lott

Lynne Russell
Lynne Russell
Crime Prevention Research Center
Crime Prevention Research Center

Colorado –-( This case is getting some attention because Lynne Russell was such a public figure for so long.

But these types of dramatic stories, where as Russell says that her husband’s fast actions clear “saved her life,” are hardly unusual (see also here).

From Fox News:

. . . Former CNN and Headline News anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, former CNN reporter Chuck de Caro, were involved in a fatal shooting at an Albuquerque, New Mexico, motel, police told NBC News on Wednesday.

Albuquerque police said Russell was accosted by a man about 11:35 p.m. Tuesday (1:35 a.m. ET Wednesday) in the parking lot of a Motel 6 and was pushed into her room. . . .

The assailant was unresponsive when officers arrived and died at a hospital, while de Caro was wounded [three times] and was being treated at a hospital Wednesday. . . .

The man pushed her into the motel room just as her husband was coming out of the shower, she said.

“In the process, I recognized what I had seen before — I was a deputy sheriff for many years — that this guy was used to this,” Russell said. “I suddenly realized that it wouldn’t bother him at all to pull the trigger.”

Russell and de Caro — both described as expert shots — were legally carrying concealed handguns, she said. She said she offered to search her purse for something of value to hand over to the gunman — and slipped her gun into the purse, which she then handed to her husband. . . .

Russell said the man took de Caro’s briefcase over to the bed of the motel room and began firing at her husband.

“Chuck fired back, and it was a shootout,” she said. . . .

“The guy went down, and he was history,” Russell said. . . .

People Magazine has this:

“He wound up taking my husband’s briefcase, and instead of just taking it and leaving, he took it and went over and started firing at my husband. And Chuck fired back and it was a shootout,” Russell said. . . .

From the New York Post:

“It was a gun battle, and Chuck was bleeding heavily, but he didn’t stop firing because the man was firing on him, and he was looking for me,” Russell said.

De Caro was shot twice in the abdomen and once in the leg . . . .

De Caro, a former special forces officer who now works as a national security strategist, was “bleeding profusely” just after the shootout, Russell said. . . .

Some stories such as ABC News, NBC News, People Magazine, AdWeek, and even some of the foreign press such as The UK Guardian, Stuff (New Zealand), and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (though in the last paragraph) mention that Lynne Russell and Chuck de Caro both had concealed handgun permits.  The local Albuquerque Journal had the point of them having permits in the first paragraph of their story.  The New York Times also used the Associated Press article that had it in it’s last paragraph.

But many others, including even CNN, somehow managed not to mention they had permits.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Former CNN Anchor & Concealed Carry Holder, Lynne Russell – Survives Shootout

    1. If liberals & progressives along with over half the democrats had their way they would rather the headline read something like this “News anchor & husband gunned down” then they would go on to say how we need more gun control which really means taking guns away from honest, law abiding citizens.

      The only thing that’s kept criminals in check is that they don’t know if their mark has a weapon to fight back with, Kennesaw GA is a great example of a city that had low crime rates then the city grew quite fast & crime was growing out of control so gun ownership was made legally mandatory & now they have the lowest crime rate in the country.

      Every country that has seen mass genocide & the taking of citizens rights started with the government taking their guns away. Did you know that in the case of martial law & the government taking our firearms the plan is to deploy national guard battalions from Detroit Michigan to Cleveland ohio then send national guard units from Cleveland ohio to Chicago IL & the reason for this is so that the soldiers, marines, airmen will be more likely to be forceful & shoot to eliminate the citizens because they won’t know anyone or have friends in other cities, I had a pms1 secret clearance S2 military intelligence and the government is worried that our military will refuse to do their dirty work if sent out into their own neighborhoods.

      This is just a repeat of what has been done over & over again, fat cat politicians, Hollywood celebs, rich liberals all living in gated communities with private security forces patrolling their neighborhoods, armed bodyguards, 2 minute response times from local police & the majority of these very same hypocrites have a concealed pistol license or gun in their homes yet they don’t wnt you to have the ability to defend yourself.

      With the left wingers crying about the war on women you would think they would be the first on board that 5’3″ 120lb women are able to own & carry a firearm to protect themselves & their families. The truth is that any average sized man 5’10’ 180lbs is going to over power 99% of women so why not have that 99% of women be able to level the playing field? otherwise there would be chaos everywhere as only the biggest & strongest would run the show, (hmm sounds like WW2 Germany to me)

      We live in conservative Christian county, very diverse in race & even religion but the county voted 96% republican in the last presidential election, we have a true unemployment rate of 6% unlike the national lie we’re being told with 1/3 of the country out of work & the unemployment figures don’t count those whom have stopped looking for work which would put the unemployment rate closer to 14.5% because you can’t count retirees & the disabled but folks that are able bodied healthy able to work types.

      The media is all for dismantling the 2nd amendment, they aren’t smart enough to see that drugs made 6000 miles away can find their way into every city in the country yet they don’t understand that if the criminals can get drugs into these cities they surely will find a way to get guns into these cities.

      Everyone carries a pistol in our county, I see college girls open carrying & the farm girls with their pistols & we don’t worry about murders or rapes, the criminals know there are much softer targets than our county so they go pull their ignorance in those wonderful liberal/progressive/democrat governed & inhabited cities so I’m all for these democrat gun laws in the big cities, it gives the criminals someplace else to commit their crimes so enjoy.

      Another interesting fact, muslim terrorists love large populated cities to attack because they know that due to democrat’s gun laws the population is going to be unarmed & the other bonus is large numbers of people in one area making it a target rich area so they can get a high body count, they won’t try that in our conservative county because the risk reward ratio is not in their favor.

      Enjoy your democrat governed & inhabited cities for now but the worst is coming and if you think the liberal socialist leadership we have right now care then you’re bigger fool than I thought.

      I don’t see the politicians, or Hollywood celebs or rich liberals worried about the direction this country is headed & being 1/8 blackfeet indin I remember my great grandma 100% blackfeet telling me if they had known how things were going to turn out they wouldn’t have ever allowed Europeans to set foot on our land they would have banded together & taken out every single settler but we’re making the same mistake by allowing cultures that have no respect for our culture & have no intention of assimilating into the American culture so we didn’t learn a thing be what native americans allowed to happen & Europe is just an extension of the middle east now that they’ve planted their flag.

      Very proud of this anchor and her husband for fighting off the animals that live among us so my advice is buy a concealed pistol permit and train with it until it’s like blinking your eyes, you want to be that comfortable with your weapon due to how fast everything happens.

      If you live in a socialist city like new York, chicao, san Francisco I suggest you move to a real American city where we still have a few freedoms left. Be safe & remember that every successful Islamic terrorist attack in the USA has happened in liberal/progressive/democrat governed & inhabited cities and those that have failed were attempted in liberal/democrat cities so sleep tight as the muslims in Dearborn Michigan had church bells banned due to the decibel laws yet the call to prayer is louder & 5 times a day for 2 minutes each time everyone has to listen to this 2 minute prayer 5 times a day from huge loudspeakers.

      Funny you don’t see atheist activists in Dearborn Michigan protesting the call to prayer but if a church broadcast a 2 minute prayer 5 times a day the atheist activists would have a cow.

      I’m still wondering why gay activists don’t ask muslims to cater their weddings? or maybe get a muslim bakery to make their wedding cake for them? I guess fear does strange things to people or gay activists are bigoted towards Christians because they surely don’t ever rock the boat when it comes to muslims.

      One more point, the show amish mafia caused a lot of problems for the amish and they lost business over it & the entire show was made up of menonites and ex amish actors but I don’t see a muslim mafia show, that’s because Hollywood is petrified of angering the muslim population so they bully a a Christian group that turns the other cheek, wow Hollywood is just a brave group going after the easiest mark possible.

      Think about this too… what is the first thing black pro athletes do when they get paid? they move to the richest areas they can find same with rappers, black politicians they get as far away from the hood as possible so who are they serving? surely not their old community that they still lay claim to.

      Try to remember the last boxer that wore the red white & blue into the ring? every other country’s fighters wear the colors of their flag into the ring but do ours? nope! especially Floyd payweather in it for their own wants & needs but they don’t fight for their country. Even the Mexican American fighters born here in the USA wear the Mexican colors not the red white & blue so with the attitudes we’re seeing towards the USA and the overworking of police officers in single officer units you surely better buy a gun & train all you can because the worst is yet to come.

      I was in law enforcement for 9 years and even the tough guy gang members call the police when in trouble but if these democrat governed & inhabited cities want to abuse LEOs then I would take my sweet time showing up when called to a shooting or let them get all the crime out of their system then show up & see how long the code of silence lasts which hinders police from doing their jobs, we would see this attack on police come to a sudden halt when people have to deal with the criminals on their own, so just a few things to consider when it come to buying a gun & training like your lives depend on it because they do.

    2. So, a former deputy and a former SF officer…
      that’s what we call a catastrophic failure of the victim selection process.

    3. My Prayers go to De Caro in his quick recovery and also his brave wife. Glad they carry guns and damn great job in terminating the low life bad guy. If they did not believe in the 2nd Amendment and carry guns legally, they both would be dead and this low life garbage would have tried to rape his wife and kill her to. Good riddens to this trash and hope he enjoy HELL.

    4. who the hell has a right to question a persons right to protect himself or herself this is a good ending for a very bad situation because the victim was prepared just caught off guard for a few seconds. the fact remains they were able and willing to protect themselves . results justice served…….

      1. I am going to start telling people that don’t want guns or want more gun control ,if they are worried about american dying just get rid of illegal immigrants .the best estimates are 4300 murder 11000 killed in car wrecks cause of drunk the illegals are killing more americans than guns.just look up peter kings article on illeags and killings.

    5. A CNN employee with a gun? That in itself is odd And all of this talk about permits. A permit is a piece of paper showing that you had to beg for your right to defend yourselves. We have a few states that get it such as AZ and AK and just recently Kansas Since when does it make sense or a law abiding citizen have to get a momma may I/ slip to carry. Last I checked the bad guys don’t bother with such nonsense. More states need to wake up and allow constitutional carry.

    6. My exact thoughts? Motel 6? Doesn’t have a good reputation.
      Luckily her husband was in the room to take care of things.
      Swift recovery for him and best to her.

      1. Its Motel 6 and they leave the lights on, but its lights out on that criminal, one less to worry about.

    7. Why mention at all about permits, who cares? A thug tried to rob them and worse. The thug was justifiably shot dead. They were inside their motel room, and even that doesn’t make any real difference. All people no matter where they are or live should be able to protect themselves, permit or not. The bad; the good guy was wounded. The good; the good guy protected his wife and killed the bad guy. This helped save the state 100’s of thousands in incarceration costs.

      Life Member

      1. So if these two didn’t have a CCP would they have been killed because they couldn’t legally carry a weapon or they might be in jail for carrying concealed without a permit. Conceal Carry permits are ILLEGAL under the Constitution and any state, like mine, that requires them is in direct violation of the Constitution and is preventing many people from carrying because of expensive and ridiculous requirements to conform to these bs laws as well as requiring people to pay to exercise their rights.

    8. Damn,I love happy endings. I sure hope that de Caro makes a full and complete recovery because of this dead scumbag.

    9. I think you need to change the headline in this story from “Former CCN Anchor & Concealed Carry Holder, Lynne Russell – Survives Shootout” to “Former CNN Anchor & Concealed Carry Holder, Lynne Russell – Survives Shootout”. Its CNN, not CCN….

      Good article though. Thank you for all the work you do Mr. Lott…you are a strong defender of our civil liberties.

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