C.J. Grisham Announces Candidacy for Texas State Senate, District 24

C.J. Grisham
C.J. Grisham
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Texas –-(Ammoland.com)- C.J. Grisham, a decorated combat veteran and statewide leader for Second Amendment rights, announced his candidacy for the Texas State Senate today.

A Temple resident, Grisham will seek the District 24 seat being vacated by Senator Troy Fraser.

“I am a soldier, a rancher, a husband and father. I am not a professional politician,” Grisham said. “I will be a true citizen legislator. My goal will be to stand up to the status quo and fight to make the tough decisions that career politicians won’t make.”

Grisham said that in the Senate, he will support conservative Texas principles.

“I will bring a lifetime of experience to the job, employing the same hard work and values I learned working on my granddad’s Bell County farm and serving my country in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know these values will help me be an effective Senator for the people of my district,” Grisham said.

Texas Farm Roots

Grisham and his wife, Emily, have three children, and still live on the family farm originally owned by Grisham’s grandfather.

Decorated Combat Veteran

A retired U.S. Army First Sergeant, Grisham served multiple tours of duty in the Middle East. C.J.’s bravery while leading a frontline military intelligence unit in Iraq was recognized with his award of the Bronze Star with Valor.

A Man of Faith and Scout Volunteer

Grisham is a committed Christian. His faith is his inspiration and the guiding light on which his principles are based. C.J. teaches Sunday School and works closely with Scouts.

Leader for Liberty

Grisham has been a strong advocate for limited government and conservative values. His efforts to protect Second Amendment freedoms as President of Open Carry Texas have received national acclaim, including being named one of the five finalists for 2014 Texan of the Year by the Dallas Morning News. C.J. also received the NRA’s 2013 Defender of Freedom Award and the NRA’s 2014 Outstanding Leadership Award.

Grisham said he is now “ready to answer a new call of duty – standing up for our conservative values in the State Senate.”

“I will work to promote jobs and a pro-business environment, protect the right to life, defend the 2nd Amendment, lower taxes, limit welfare and the size of government, support our schools, ensure water quality and supply, protect senior citizens, and support road and infrastructure investment,” Grisham said.

“I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution as a combat soldier, and I will proudly make that commitment again to my constituents, working to ensure that our children and grandchildren can live in a free and strong Texas for generations to come.”

For more information, visit www.CJGrisham.com

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Best of luck Mr. Grisham. Stick to shrinking gov and ensuring that our rights survive the wannabee tyrants in Austin and you will carry the day. I expect you will move to take TX off its reliance on property taxing us to death, cut the subsidies spewing from the Gov’s slush aka/economic development fund and end the travesty of cities’ extraterritorial jurisdiction/unilateral annexation power.


Open carry goes into effect on 1-1-16 ! The critical thing for Texas is to secure our borders,deport illegals,and to get the liberals out of our state. ‘Texas like a whole other country’ !

Ronald Hill

Well, from our trash talking about the STILL STUPID “open carry” criminally inspired junk, I figured you had enough “nazi?republican ” attitudes to run for the so-called legislature …and sure enough “there you are” ! Didn’t like Fraser so I guess you would “fit right in there ” !

Just wish some truly intelligent , moral Texan would counter the trash that infests Austin…and a majority (I’m afraid) of the rest of this mentally challenged state. There was a time I can remember that we did have some real Texans standing for us, but now…..