Governor McAuliffe Clueless on Virginia Gun Laws after News Crew Shooting

Virginia Governor Mcauliffe
Virginia Governor Mcauliffe
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( Yesterday a murderous monster, a former news reporter, assassinated two innocent people, both part of WDBJ’s morning news team, and put a third person in the hospital with serious injuries.

Our prayers go out to the victims, Alison Parker (reporter), Adam Ward (cameraman), and Vicki Gardner (person being interviewed – currently in the hospital).

And our illustrious Virginia governor, long before the facts started rolling in and while the bodies of the dead were still warm, decided to go on a rant about how we need more gun control here in the Old Dominion. And so did as well as other top Democrats.

So typical of the gun controllers, like Governor McAuliffe, to dance in the blood of the innocent.

Governor McAuliffe used the shooting as an excuse to say that we “need background checks.” I think he’s talking about dangerous Universal Background Checks, but his statement makes it sound like Virgina does not do any background checks currently. From a key part of the murderer’s manifesto, it looks to me that Bryce Williams (whose real name is Vester Lee Flannigan) most likely bought the gun from a dealer and DID have a background check. We should know the answer to that soon. (UPDATE: He Did Pass a Background Check) For now I will await the facts on that, but I’m betting the governor is going to wish he hadn’t brought that up.

Governor McAuliffe also used the shooting to remind all of us that he doesn’t have a clue what the gun laws are in Virginia. McAuliffe, once again, said he vetoed a gun bill that would have allowed Virginians to be able to buy machine guns!

Uh, Governor McAuliffe, machine guns are already perfectly legal in Virginia and have been for a very long time. Your veto didn’t change that fact one iota.

Here’s the Governor shamelessly pushing his gun-control agenda:

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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Only way for our medical records to be given to the state for gun purchase is for the individual to
sign a waiver to HIPAA to allow the doctor office to disclose the records.


Once again this sitting Gov. shows how he is clueless to the laws of his state.

Loopholes and ‘common sense’ gun checks.

Guess his staff did not know the murderer purchased both Glocks legally the day after the SC church shooting.


I love how religiously he says “common sense”. Like he’s not just lying to the public but himself. Go figure though, it’s nothing new in this wildly “leftist” gungrabbers mentality. It’s a pity the left has been hijacked by people like this, it’s wild to think that in the past people like Teddy Roosevelt were considered “left wing”.


This idiot has spent so much time lying for the clintons and being their lap dog his brain is fried. Is he a doper? I don’t know nor do I care. If Virginia voters are so stupid they can not elect someone with a brain then the heck with them. Maybe Virginia will be like Kalifornia and join the Communist Party of America. CPOA. Most of the democrats belong to it or support it anyway. In Kalifornia the requirements for public office is you must be a fruit, nut or flake. Sacramento is full of them except they call them… Read more »


This headline could have ended after the word “clueless”! Mcauliffe is a dolt! Look up the definition of the word and you’ll see Mcauliffe’s picture!

2War Abn Vet

When you elect a well-known Democrat operative to high office, you get precisely what you expect.


… and you get what you DESERVE, for voting stupidly!


CLUELESS ….. thats an understatement to say the least…. this is BRAINLESS !…. he cares not for these innocent folks who were slaughtered because of some NUT CASE on the loose with a gun, …. guess he thinks he will get some more votes from voters with this kinda crap ! … THIS GUY IN A MORON … and I can only hope he reads this !


Check the HIPAA laws. The will not allow an agency doing a background check to get any information on a person mental health history. That’s what needs to change.

Passin Thru

We always vote in clueless Maroons, who else will run! Specially in Va. Last Gov is going to prison. We have a pretty low crime rate due to Open Carry and CCW Laws in Va. I live near Leesburg and 5 years ago it was safe, today there are about 30 assaults a month most within 1/4 mi of the police station. This week there was a Armed holdup less than 100 yds from it and a while back a murder right next door to that store 75 yds from the same station. Funny thing is, the highest crime rate… Read more »