Obama & Hillary Go Straight To ‘Ban Guns’ After VA News Crew Shooting

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Gun Banners Freedom Haters
Gun Banners & Freedom Haters can’t let the VA Shooting tragedy go to waste.
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Just hours after a racist black shooter gunned down two white journalists in cold blood, top Democrats & freedom haters jumped on the ban guns bandwagon.

Obama’s paid mouth piece Josh Enerest quipped:

“This is another example of gun violence that is becoming all too common in communities large and small all across the United States,” Earnest said. “And while there is no piece of legislation that will end all violence in this country, there are some common-sense things that only Congress can do that we know would have a tangible impact in reducing gun violence in this country. Congress could take those steps that would not infringe on the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans.”

Yeup, all we need is more “Common Sense” gun laws.

Hillary Clinton piled on with her call for more expanded background checks saying:

“We have got to do something about gun violence in America,” she told reporters. “And I will take it on.”

“There’s so much evidence that if guns were not so readily available, if there were universal background checks … that maybe we could prevent this kind of carnage,” she added.

Clinton had tweeted earlier in the day, hours after the fatal shooting took place:

Always reliable freedom haters Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly and Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, all chimed in with more calls for taking away American’s rights and false statistics. Like “Forty percent of guns sold in the U.S. are done so without a background checks”

Yes we hate to hear from these gun banning ghouls every time innocent Americans become the victim of some mentally deranged killer, but luckily the MAJORITY of patriots understand that GUNS SAVE LIVES.

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The liberal scum catchphrases is always ‘gun violence’ and ‘common sense’ in the same sentence and several times in the same paragraph over and over ! (You won’t find one without the other) They don’t want to talk about firearms sales around the country at historic levels. They don’t want to talk about people who are buying firearms that until recently were gungrabbers themselves. Who do the parasites think is buying this bullshit ? Liberalism is a mental disorder !!! This scum needs to be involuntarily committed after they are convicted of treason ! They will never take our firearms… Read more »


I spent 6 years in the military to protect the rights of men and women to make there own decisions. That is what our founding fathers tried to accomplish . The right to think for yourself. The right to own or not own a gun. The right to live in Ohio or Texas. The right of a women to do what she wants with her own body. Along with these many rights comes a willingness to live with the consequences of our decisions . If I chose not to wan a gun and I am robbed in my home it… Read more »


Just sitting here reading the article and comments and then thinking about Planned Parenthood and the abortions that have and are being done. How many people have been murdered in the name of medicine and science? Additionally, it seems the liberals support planned parenthood, therefore murder. It would seem that something is wrong with the entire system when it says that you can murder unborn babies but when some deranged killer pops-up it is wrong! I believe that both are wrong but gun control is not the answer. The answer is not easy and is at several levels but, if… Read more »


Great picture of the antiChrist … how does he do that without a teleprompter?


Too bad the “shooting” was a staged false flag event. It’s a shame this administration cannot even hire qualified videographers to capture a false flag. This one was the most amateurish one filmed so far. If you want a lesson, go watch the movie “Wag The Dog” …. it was done professionally … not like these bozos in power now.


You need to change YOUR meds.


I don’t think that we need to be insulting. Don’t we get sufficient insults from the progressive elite that believe we are not smart enough to think like them?


Ban gays from owning guns – they suffer from a mental disorder that should disqualify them from purchasing or owning a gun or ammunition.


More innocent people gunned down in the streets of Chicago each day and not a peep from these idiots in office.


That’s because Obama’s friend is the mayor of Chicago.


The only thing HRC is praying for is another mega buck book deal.


Whoa, wait a minute! A black man murders two white folk, and there isn’t any rioting, racial slurring, looting, burning, nor any apologies from the BHOswannaland infrastructure; that this was a racially motivated hate crime vividly caught on camera for America to witness. Only thing important to the BHO regime is “gun control, gun control, and more gun control”! Isn’t it surprising how political ambitions can override MURDER, if the offender and victims are of “different ethnicity”!!!


I guess “al not so sharpton ” was busy with his 23 year old girlfriend …. probably got lost on his way to hate speak.

2War Abn Vet

The actual problem would seem to be a deranged gay black democrat (Obama supporter), rather than the tool he chose to use.


If the ‘shooter’ lived, would he be charged with a racially motivated ‘hate crime’?


No, only white people commit racially motivated hate crimes, thus, they are the only one who are charged with such offenses .


Probably not.

Dr. Eric Aschendorf

YOU ARE BEING USED! *********************************************** Always blame the tool but never the person! Liberals, both democrat & republican, are quick to point fingers at the tool used in a murder if that murder is committed with a gun but never if it is a car, truck or bus! Never if the “killer” was mentally unstable will they blame his doctors or healthcare providers, including his family. Never will they blame the “race baiting” liberals like the o’BAMA’s, Oprah, Joe Biden, J. Jackson, Al Sharpton or the Clinton’s! It is simply not acceptable to blame those who formed the persons perverse… Read more »

Bill in IL

Not true about autos, doctors kill far more people than cars ever did.


Please don’t blast me for this but I thought I saw a story a couple months ago (60 minutes or Sunday Morning) showing the Giffords at the range having target pratice. They also talked about how they were not weapon haters. I thought they also were NRA members. I could be wrong and if so please nicely school me.
Obama please go away, don’t go away mad just go away and craw back into the hole you crawled out of.


What I am surprised at is that the spokesperson said “Congress could take those steps that would not infringe on the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans”. That all sounds good but that seems to be what’s already happing now. Only problem is most of these nut-cases are folks not yet deemed unfit to carry a gun by a doctor or the legal system. It’s not like most of them could easily be singled out either as they don’t think they are sick and not likely to seek mental health help. Only those close to them might be aware there’s a… Read more »


Another Savage Negro Beast kills innocent young white people. Well, at least we white folks won’t be out rioting and burning down our own neighborhoods. That is because we are civilized.


PS. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it, Obama!!





Len Blevins

i guess white life’s don’t matter. Media isn’t blaming the POS black shooter they are blaming the gun. I wished a good guy with a gun would have been there and blasted that piece of shit away as he was filming. It may have been a lesson to other turds thinking about doing the same thing.


Come on … the whole thing is a false flag and a really crappy one at that. This POS who claims that he was abused by white folks – represents the classic obama and whitehouse line of racist rhetoric. Look at the videos .. look at the mistakes, look at the facts …. come back when you can think clearly.


Common Sense is being armed protecting one’s self and avoiding Gun Free Zones. Want less business post a sign I will never shop there again.
How about Hillary explaining her 400 stinger missiles going from Qatar to Taliban .
How about the Pentagon explaining why Mosul was told to withdraw 30000 troops and run from 1000 DAESH troops. Then allowed thousands of vehicles to be taken including M1a1 abrams tanks , now being used against our on remaining forces. All about keeping this conflict going and piss away American money instead of getting the job done 8 years ago.