Is Your Company Mobile Friendly? Ridge Road Can Help — Now!

Ridge Road Outdoors Network - Direct 2U Video
Ridge Road Outdoors Network – Direct 2U Video
Ridge Road Outdoors Network
Ridge Road Outdoors Network

Rushford, MN -( Video entertainment has become the most-popular way to engage customers and deliver quality information for a reason.

The concept works. People are addicted to their phones, and nothing delivers the speed and convenience of that experience like—a new and better outdoor marketplace. The Ridge Road Outdoors Marketplace of outdoor company showcases is unique for one big reason: It’s built specifically to attract and serve mobile phone users. Why?

Shopping and interacting via mobile phones is not only growing by leaps, it’s the future for most every company. And the reality is, you can’t act too quickly. It’s been predicted that in 2016 up to 88 percent of videos will be accessed via mobile phone.

Right now, more than 70 percent of the many thousands who access weekly are using their phones. Most of these outdoor-hungry users are responding to regular Ridge Road email blasts that include free and exciting, hard-hitting videos. As users click to watch, they enter into the Ridge Road marketplace where they can shop, learn about the best new gear options, and much more. If your company is looking to kick-start its eCommerce—or expand general sales and brand awareness—Ridge Road is the low-cost, big-results answer.

“Admit it or not, today most all of us are addicted to our phones,” said Geoff Heppding, Ridge Road CEO. “And it’s because of the crazy convenience—the extreme speed at which we can communicate and share information. The Ridge Road Outdoors marketplace of outdoor company showcases is built specifically to enable a smarter, more-enjoyable experience using these incredible devices we carry with us everywhere.”

“Keep in mind our digital showcases look and work great on tablets and computers too,” Heppding continued. “With many thousands of users viewing our smash-hit ‘Direct 2U Videos’ weekly, and checking out the Ridge Road showcases, more than 70 percent of views are from phones. Whatever your company goals, Ridge Road is simply a better, smarter way to showcase your products and services.”

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About Ridge Road Outdoors Network:

Passionate about the outdoors, RRO provides the ultimate outdoor online network of products, interactivity, information, and entertainment; giving outdoor Television Shows, Retailers, Manufacturers, Associations, Outfitters, Guides ,Taxidermists, and Entertainers the opportunity to generate additional revenue by joining the RRO Super Online Network. From apparel, home and office products, to outdoor equipment and more, RRO is creating the super online network for the outdoor industry. RRO makes online shopping more accessible, efficient, and cost effective for avid outdoorsmen and women, allowing them to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

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