Campus Carry at Umpqua Community College : THE FACTS

Umpqua Community College
Umpqua Community College
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Students for Concealed Carry

Any Campus, USA –-( is a lot of debate about whether Oregon’s Umpqua Community College allows campus carry after the tragic campus shooting.

Here is a quick breakdown of the pertinent FACTS:

1. Oregon state law allows licensed concealed carry on campus; however, colleges are allowed to prohibit it in campus buildings (

2. The UCC code of conduct ( bans the “Possession or use, without written authorization, of firearms.”

3. The president of UCC told the ‘L.A. Times’ ( that even the school’s lone security guard and the few faculty members who are retired law enforcement officers are prohibited from carrying guns on campus.

4. At least one student who holds an Oregon concealed handgun license was reportedly carrying a gun on campus (; however, he wasn’t in the building where the shooting occurred, and, in accordance with standard CHL/CCW training (, he wisely chose to stay put.

5. When SWAT encountered the armed student, they calmly and professionally disarmed him, checked his concealed handgun license, and then released him, in accordance with their training.

6. Debating whether UCC allows campus carry completely misses the point—campus carry allows licensed INDIVIDUALS an optional measure of PERSONAL protection; it doesn’t inoculate an entire campus against violence.

NOTE: Media inquiries regarding Students for Concealed Carry in Texas should be directed to Antonia Okafor ([email protected]), SCC’s Southwest director/Texas director.

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprising over 44,000 college students, professors, college employees, parents of college students, and concerned citizens who believe that holders of state-issued concealed handgun licenses should be allowed the same measure of personal protection on college campuses that current laws afford them virtually everywhere else. SCCC has members in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. SCCC is not affiliated with the NRA or any other organization. SCCC extends an open invitation to publicly debate representatives from any organization or institution opposed to ‘campus carry.’ Visit:

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The first thing the Coroner must do is perform an autopsy on the presumed shooter to assess what medications this young man may have been taking, such as psycho-tropic meds like Zoloft or Prozac. These are only a few of the brand-name drugs associated with these type of killings. If anything should be banned, it is these drugs, along with the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them that are responsible and are culpable in these predictable (read the potential side-effects of these drugs) dysfunctional behaviors. See the article above about these drug-related occurrences. Decide for yourself!


The problem with citizens protecting citizens in some areas is not so much the law as the willingness of individual citizens to do what is necessary to protect themselves and others. Many people simply are afraid or complacent to the degree that they chose to not arm themselves. We are becoming a nation of sheep.


The Ohio Legislature WISELY absolves property owners and business owners from any and all liabilities resulting from ANY person who uses personal protection for self defense including firearms. = The person USING deadly force for their protection or the protection of others is solely responsible for their actions. Check it out.
It is a TOTAL release of liabilities.


The school is liable on several counts.1. Allowing an armed intruder onto the property. 2. openly advertising a gun free campus. 3. prohibiting legal concealed carry license holders from carrying to protect themselves. and 4. failing to provide a fail safe mechanism in the event of an armed active shooter. There! Sue the school!


Pretty sure the only security guard they had there was armed with nothing more than pepper spray, so feel free to add that on.

Wake Up!

Another “act” to get everyone behind their Gun Confiscations!!!


How DARE you!! This is my town. This was my college. This was horribly real. You’re just as guilty of using our pain for your political agenda as the gun grabbing pieces of filth scumming up D.C. Shut up, go away, and leave us to heal in piece!

Richard L Jones

Barb, You will not heal if you continue to not realize, Idiots Abound !


Same college attitude all over. I spent 18 years at one. No guns,profs smarter than anyone. Department heads carried. 1000 want a be cops everywhere except where they are needed, no gun zone everywhere. What do they expect? This one says maybe you can carry but not in classroom. What,is there a piece hang up rack outside the door.


Schools issue parking permits for vehicles on campus, there are car accidents on campus.
Is the school liable for these accidents, NO.

Same for concealed carry.


So, this college administration put the students and faculty at risk of being unarmed victims. They should be held accountable too.


As I understand it if institutions allow guns & something goes wrong they can be held liable. If they prohibit guns & a shooting happens they’re not liable. Until this changes they’ll keep on prohibiting guns.


Amen Dave: few lawsuits are in order. I have always been anti-lawsuit about just about everything but until they reform themselves and allow triple damages against the lawyer filing a frivolous suit we may as well use the system to prosecute the Progressives at their own game.


One armed student or teacher could have saved some lives. I’m a retired cop.

Clark Kent

One TRAINED armed student or teacher could have saved some lives. I am also a retired cop.

lynnda walker

get rid of gun free zone. we wont be so damn helpless then. if we got rid of them the gun free zones. shootings would not happen. they target us because of that .


Um, Gun Free Zones…aren’t Gun Free. That is the whole problem. And they’re not going to get gun free either; not in this world. Our alleged Liberty is inseparable from our mostly missing in action Individual Responsibility, regardless of law or argument. Live it or forget it. Pick one…