Survivor Max II: School Bites by Davi Barker

Survivor Max II: School Bites by Davi Barker
Survivor Max II: School Bites by Davi Barker :
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United States -( Survivor Max Ii: School Bites : Eleven-year-old Max has escaped the high walls of Lockshire Estates joined by a new companion, a girl named Ellie.

Now they must venture through the plague-infested world outside. Armed with only his Porcupine Freedom Scouts training, a pack of survival gear, and his determination, Max is desperate to find the medicine he needs to save his new friend.

Instead he finds a wasteland of empty houses crawling with flesh-eating “creepers” that stalk the living to satisfy their appetite for fresh meat. After a chance encounter at his former school, Max is taken into custody against his will. Has he finally found the safe haven he’s been looking for? Have they found the community and security they need to rebuild long-term? Or will he discover that school bites?

“Young Max is forced to face a chilling world swarming with the undead, and finds he can’t rely on the adult survivors. His fast-paced, tightly spun adventures plunge the reader right into the action. This second installment in the Survivor Max series is something brutal, always unpredictable, and kept me turning pages way beyond my bedtime.” – Jim Krut,

About the Author:

A lifelong connoisseur of the undead, Davi believes that art should imitate life, and if it can’t, art should at least eat life’s brain. Frustrated by trend-setters in the zombie genre, and inspired by the liberty community in New Hampshire, he embarked to redefine the quintessential metaphor of the living dead. Zombies are unique among monsters because they are the majority, enacting one of literature’s most enduring themes: the triumph of the individual over the collective. And as the masses return from the dead to consume the living, it is the survivor’s role to build the new world from the corpse of the old.

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