Mossberg Goes Politically Correct, Adopts Gender Neutral Gun Stock

Gil Ash with Mossberg's new gender neutral gun stock.
Gil Ash with Mossberg’s new gender neutral gun stock.
Shotgun Life
Shotgun Life

USA –  -( O.F. Mossberg & Sons is producing a new semi-auto shotgun equipped with a unique European walnut stock designed to fit most family members – as women in particular benefit from the anticipated sub-$1,000 “street price.”

The shotgun’s hallmark is a distinctive stock whose innovative measurements were formulated by Gil Ash, the celebrated shotgun instructor and visionary who has pioneered the marriage of brain research and high-tech into the curriculum of the OSP Shooting School in Fulshear, Texas.

In another industry advance, Mossberg’s anticipated shotgun is packaged with a complementary two-month subscription to the OSP School Knowledge Vault – an online repository of more than 800 OSP wing and clays training videos (filmed with a ShotKam II HD gun barrel camera) and animations as well as how-to articles, blogs and book excerpts (currently 4,000 pages of written data) by Gil and Vicki Ash.

This makes the upcoming Mossberg shotgun the first to include an owner’s manual that addresses gun safety, assembly and maintenance as well as instructions for using it on the clays range and in the field.

Recently members of the shotgun press took turns trying prototypes of Mossberg’s anticipated “family” shotgun.

Mossberg officials said the 12-gauge gas shotgun will be announced and displayed at the 2016 SHOT Show, held January 19-22 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mossberg’s exhibition booth is number 12734. At the time of our briefing Mossberg has no plans to manufacture a 20-gauge version. First shipments of the Mossberg’s family shotgun are slated for early March 2016.

As demonstrated to a handful of industry journalists at the OSP facility at the American Shooting Center in Houston, Texas, prototypes of the new Mossberg family shotgun were able to fit all the participants – including several women plus Mr. Ash’s business partner and wife, Vicki Ash.

The Mossberg value proposition stands to undermine…

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What’s wrong with Colt?

Vladimir Sanders

Oh that’s just idiotic. “Gender neutral” shotgun… If they label it that pretty much every redneck who’s ever bought one of their garbage shotguns will denounce the brand. I don’t get why so many of these gun companies are voluntarily going through the political correctness cookie-cutter and castrating their fan base like this. You know what my grandmother used? A Browning A5 16 gauge. She didn’t need any special shotgun and she killed more game in a season than my grandfather ever did.

Official Gun companies Not to Buy From List:
Smith & Wesson
Ruger (Forgiven)

Capn Jack

GENDER-NEUTRAL SHOTGUN STOCK Ahhahahahaha…What a bunch of BS.
Next Federal will be coming out with, “GENDER SPECIFIC” ammunition so you don’t
accidentally shoot any hens, or does.
Mr. Ash should have retired while he was still a, “Legend”.