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South African Gunowners Association
South African Gunowners Association

South Africa -( SAGA members are reminded that percussion cap revolvers, also known as cap-and-ball black powder revolvers, which had previously been deregulated, were once again regulated as firearms with effect from 10 January 2011.

However, since no transitional provisions were put in place, the National Commissioner of Police saw it fit to issue an instruction to the police as to how to deal with this matter.

Below is an extract from the National Commissioner’s instruction:

“Although cap and ball (black powder) revolvers are regarded as firearms from 10 January 2011, and would be required to be licensed in term of the Act, no police action must be taken against any person for the possession of a cap and ball revolver. The fact that the Act does not provide, as is the case with muzzle loading firearms, for the transitional possession of cap and ball revolvers in the licensing process, the matter needs to be addressed on a policy level. A further statement on how the South African Police Service will deal with cap and ball revolvers will be made at a later stage. In die meantime it must be clear that no person must be arrested for the possession of a cap en ball revolver from 10 January 2011, until the matter is resolved.”

The “further statement” the National Commissioner refers to has not yet been made and the matter has not yet been resolved. The draft amendments to the Firearms Control Act that formed the basis of the discussions at the Firearms Summit in the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police in March 2015, contained a transitional arrangement which will, if adopted as law, give owners of cap-and-ball revolvers a period of 18 months during which to apply for licenses for such firearms.

In addition members should note that a relevant competency certificate is a prerequisite to possess any firearm, including muzzle-loading firearms. Since a cap-and-ball revolver is not a muzzle-loading firearm, and it is regarded as a firearm, a competency certificate to possess a handgun is required. However, since the Chief Inspector of Explosives will not issue a permit to purchase and possess black powder unless the applicant possesses a competency certificate to possess a muzzle-loading firearm, it means that, even though a cap-and-ball revolver is not a muzzle-loading firearm, such a competency certificate is required in addition to a competency certificate to possess a handgun.

SAGA will keep members informed of the legislative process and all the new amendments to the Act.

About South African Gunowners’ Association:

The South African Gunowners’ Association (SAGA) is a non-profit, non-discriminatory organization, whose sole purpose is to represent the interests of all people who embrace the principles of safe and responsible ownership and usage of firearms for sport, recreation, hunting and self-defence.

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They forgot about ‘flintlocks’ and the next update will include them.

Pierre Crous

Next they are going to try to regulate muzzleloaders too? Any Government who tries to disarm the citizens of a country , through stricter and still stricter gun laws, are up to no good and have a hidden agenda , just look at history, Eish!!