CT Residents Aghast at Governor Dannel Malloy’s Watch List Executive Order

Connecticut's Unconstitutional End Run Around Legislature Will Not Go Unchallenged

CT Governor Dannel Malloy : Surrounded by Taxpayer Financed Armed Bodygaurds
CT Governor Dannel Malloy : Surrounded by Taxpayer Financed Armed Bodygaurds
Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Hartford CT – -(Ammoland.com)- Today Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy made an announcement that he would declare an executive order that would prevent anyone that is on yet-to-be-named, secret ‘watch lists’ from exercising their right to armed self-defense by purchasing or carrying a firearm.

The very idea that Governor Malloy seeks to remove constitutional rights without due process using these secret ‘watch lists’ is despicable and unconstitutional.

The concept goes against not only against the 5th, 14th and 2nd amendments to our U.S. Constitution, it also goes against the Connecticut Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 and Article 1, Section 15.

These [secret] ‘watch lists’ have not been vetted, are not public and are not based on Probable Cause or even Reasonable Articulable Suspicion. Every citizen should have major concerns about any politician who wishes to remove constitutional rights by executive edict simply by putting someone on a list. These confidential lists have zero transparency as no one can see whether they are on the list, why they are on the list, or how to get removed from the list.

That doesn’t stop the government from listing over 1 million people on their lists, however. Those lists have included people like Senator Ted Kennedy and others who obviously have no ties to terrorism.

Such a reckless and unmeasured edict would violate Connecticut citizens’ rights to armed self-defense as well as due process.

“Governor Malloy lost his efforts in the legislature to have a list of people that would be denied constitutional rights without oversight or due process. Now he has decided to push a more extreme effort using the wake of a massacre that could not have been prevented with his proposal. And he does this by bypassing and disrespecting our constitution and the legislative process.” – Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess

“The governor does not have the constitutional authority to deny a state and federal constitutional right. A firearm purchased for use in the home is a core constitutional right and shall not be infringed by Malloy or his mentor Barack Obama. If Governor Malloy believes that if you have done something to make it on these watch lists, then you should not be able to purchase a gun. If you have done something so bad as to be on these lists, why let that person run around free? Arrest them if you have probable cause. ” – Connecticut Carry Director of Legal Affairs Edward Peruta

“This is McCarthyism at its worst. A secret, undocumented list with no way to know how you got on it or how to get off of it. It is just ludicrous.” – Connecticut Carry Treasurer Don Mei Jr.

“This is a knee jerk reaction that will have no impact to crime, violence or the acts of terrorists. A flawed database is a horrible standard to deprive people of their rights to freely travel or possess tool in the furtherance of self-defense. Malloy and his ilk are demonstrating that they don’t care to protect the citizens of Connecticut, only their grandstanding and political posturing to further an agenda of civilian disarmament. Due process and constitutional protections be damned.” – Connecticut Carry Director of Education Ray Johansen

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  • 28 thoughts on “CT Residents Aghast at Governor Dannel Malloy’s Watch List Executive Order

    1. After the guns are confiscated then the de facto for profit corporation government can dictate 24/7 how we will live our lives whether we like it or not-just like Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin did in the past. Too bad we don’t teach this in history classes anymore but it’s for a reason-to dumb-down the public so they will be more manageable and never suspect just how evil governments can be when they are greedy and seek powers they were never granted in the Constitution.

      There are many other plans being made in secret in Connecticut and throughout the Country. Just love that Rockefeller/United Nations touch in planning and charting our lives with the help of those elected officials who ignore the Constitution and dictate that we will do it whether we like it or not. Welcome the very real ‘Hunger Games’ and we’re all going to be in the case-whether we like it or not.

      Please copy and share this message as it’s going to play out nationwide-this plan is a horror-show ready to happen under the guise of infrastucture improvements.

      Also, visit http://www.cafr1.com to see for yourself that the governments are not broke-it’s an illusion-on the other hand it’s so rich they could easily pay of the world debt just from the trillions Florida is sitting on and doesn’t take into account CAFR’s from over 185,000 entities in the United States. It’s a double set of books type system used by crime syndicates and was developed many years ago by old wealthy banker families that wanted to someday rule the world-now they can because we’ve allowed them to set down all the groundwork and they’re ready to bring everything to completion unless we fight back.

    2. After all the guns are confiscated then they can really dictate how we will live our lives daily 24/7 from cradle to grave.
      There are many other plans being made in secret in Connecticut and throughout the Country. Just love that Rockefeller/United Nations touch in planning and charting our lives with the help of those elected officials who ignore the Constitution and dictate that we will do it whether we like it or not. Welcome the very real ‘Hunger Games’ and we’re all going to be in the case-whether we like it or not.

    3. As Publias asks above please join the NRA and the CCDL to help financially..You will also be notified about hearings, votes, positions of candidates, etc..I had to leave the unconstitution state of Connecticut when malloy and company won another term..You can’t fix stupid.! Send picture postcards to the turds in Hartford and voice your concerns..Staffers handle all the mail, but people can’t resist reading a nice picture postcard as it makes its way to the legislators office..It is called the shotgun effect..I was also active in local Tea Party events since 2007..Until all the working taxpayers leave the state the DemocRats will run the state into the sewer..Stay strong and resist..

    4. We in Kommiecticut have already given state government the middle finger and a “HELL NO!” with the last round of unconstitutional and intolerable acts…it’s called The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance. We were made felons by the stroke of a pen, and already don’t much care what else they do. If using the secret government watch list makes them feel froggy enough to try confiscation, then we say, “BRING IT ASSHOLES!” When the body count of Patriots, LE, and state military alike gets to a certain level, I guess they’ll take us seriously and finally quit.

    5. The courts are a joke. Malloy/ both political parties appoint these judges. We won’t see any redress from any court on a state or federal level. Sure Malloy/Lawlor are collectivist toady’s who expose Obama’s agenda. Plus all of Ct’s Senator’s/Congress critters are also avowed collectivist gun grabbers. This is another litmus test for Obama’s agenda. Obama may never leave office. Either the gun owners submit. Or take up arms. Martial law is sure to follow. Just watch and see.How many of those 56,000 law abiding gun owners who registered those dreaded black rifles end up on that secret no fly list. The veil is lifted they want all of them rifles ,pistols ,shot guns. Malloy will resend pistol permits/hunting licenses/FOID’S. Then the order will come out .Regardless if you never been arrested. You are on that list .You are ordered to turn everything in. Do you stand by Principals of the Founders Republic .Or are you more worried about you’re family, job, cars, and house. Basically Malloy / Henchman. Have drawn a line in the sand. And declared war on the honest law abiding gun owners of Ct. Malloy is betting you don’t have the guts, fortitude. To take a stand and make a mark.

    6. I fully support the objections raised against Malloy’s proposed executive order, but I’m disappointed by the article in itself, as it is subtitled “Connecticut’s Unconstitutional End Run Around Legislature Will Not Go Unchallenged”. How (specifically) is this going to be challenged? I’m not trying to be a wise-ass here, but writing to the governor to object to his intentions (which I intend to do anyway) isn’t going to amount to a bucket of spit.

      What is the legal basis for filing an injunction against an executive order? Who can / will file it? Are donations needed to hire attorneys that will take this on? As a resident of the State of Connecticut I want to do whatever I legally can to stop this clearly unconstitutional action by Malloy. It would be most helpful if someone can clearly articulate how we can legally stop this and how we can contribute to this cause. Respectfully submitted.

    7. Everybody should watch the YouTube vid called “Europe calls it an invasion”. It is 19 minutes long and is a preview of what these Bolshevik Bastiges have planned for the USA. This is one reason why they want you disarmed. They don’t want you to be able to defend yourselves from the invading hoardes they are sending your way. These anti- American “Progressives” need to be doing a jig at the end of a rope (after a fair trial and a proper tar & feathering). How dare they tamper with our God Given Rights, protected by the written words of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which they swore to uphold. ( oh dear, did they just put me on their friggin list ?)

    8. Don’t bother recalling this POS. Charge him with TREASON and serve him the penalty if found guilty after a fair trial. Send a message to all the other “progressives” who don’t like our SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, which he took an oath to uphold. He makes me want to puke.

    9. Why is no one discussing punishment? After this is settled, and it _will_ be settled, it will be time for the Nuremberg II trials. Politicians must be taught what the Constitution is for. Ordinary people must learn, too.

    10. How to get rid of the 2nd amendment. First, don’t allow anyone on secret no fly list to buy a gun. Second, put everyone on the secret no fly list.

    11. We all have to realize that this isn’t a “can’t get on the plane”..this is a lose you guns..lose your ccw license. Why do you think this commie nad the one on DC are so enthusiastic? Someone (nato?) will be coming for them…”Taking back America”….what a moron you people in Ct voted in.

    12. He think’s he can do as Obama. He’ll find out when the usurper is out of office he’s on his own. Plus the color of his skin won’t protect him.

    13. Everyone in CT. and everywhere else needs to remember, you let this guy or anyone else take one of your rights, whether you agree with it or not, they can and will take any other or all of your rights …

      Something to ask your Congress officials is WHY and WHAT JUSTIFIES these so called “secret lists” and who and what justifies anyone having access to these lists ???? Why should this Governor have access to it ????
      Like Kevin said, if they have proof they should not fly, what else should they not be doing ???
      And if they have proof of anything, why are they not arrested ????

      AND MOSTLY, if the Government has this secret list, what other secret lists does it have we have no knowledge of ???
      Like GUN MEMBERSHIP lists, (NRA, GOA, 2A,) or anyone who reads Ammoland??? Ammo or gun buying lists ???? And on and on……

    14. Didn’t this “governor” take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States? If true, impeach him now.

    15. Kevin, you are exactly right and have figured out exactly what these people are trying to do.. FIRST it is guns, then every other right you have… Now it is the “Nasty, Bad, Baaaad, Gun” to take away, next it will be your driving, to have a job, to go to what church, to associate with whom you what, and on and on till you think and act like they do or you don’t work or have any resources to live…. Sound familiar ??? Like NAZI Germany, China, Cuba, AND ON AND ON ?

      And they always have an answer for you if you dare to disagree, “You are not politically correct !!!!” or “You are one of those hateful Christian Bigots !!!!”

      If anyone doesn’t believe it, read the hatred expressed by commenters on this Universities’ gun decision:


      Why do they care ? nobody is demanding they go there, but they are demanding again that we live by there standards.

      All our Constitutional Rights have to be protected, losing one or any part of it, is simply starting us on a downhill slide that will not stop……………

    16. Interesting timing. If it is such an obvious ‘common sense’ method to prevent terrorists from purchasing guns legally, why hasn’t it surfaced prior to now?

      Makes me wonder if Governor Malloy isn’t serving as a ‘test case’ for Obama to see what legal consequences result.

    17. Your Governor has perpetuated another farce on the people of CT…….this one not as bad as the first, but nonetheless, the impact, if not challenged, will further add to his over-reaching behavior. In this day and age the 2nd Amendments two major positions are more applicable today than ever before. In this PC climate we live in and the onerous EO’s being written by our Divisive-in-Chief, one has to say…..Is this really what our founding fathers would have expected?

      If you don’t do anything about this encroachment on your Liberties……no one else will either.

    18. OK citizens of CT. The ball is in your court. You will do one of two things.
      You will do either nothing or you will get your politicians to actually do something.
      If this is as illegal as you say, then it needs to be brought to the courts and turned around.
      The people are at risk from criminals, mentally ill and now terrorists and the politicians are all about taking RIGHTS away from the people, just as long as the people do nothing.
      Start calling your state Reps, Senators and ACLU lawyers now.

    19. Let’s push this a bit. We do not want suspected terrorists to fly a plane or own a gun? OK, but do we want them to be working in day care? Teaching school? Working in health care. Operating a bus? Working for a power and gas company? Programing computers? Preaching in a church? Why should they be permitted a drivers license? After all, the terrorists all drove to their place of attack or could ram their car into a school bus or pedestrian crowd. Listen, any argument that suspected terrorists should not be permitted to fly in a plane or own a gun can be used to deny these other activities. So let me urge anyone from Connecticut reading this to awaken your citizens to how potentially dangerous this seizure of power is. Once citizens see how this logic could be used against many citizens, not just gun owners and frequent flyers, they should pause. So write your local newspaper, post on Facebook, e-mail your legislature and demand that those on these secret lists also have their other rights terminated

    20. The American Republic and the Constitution are ‘circling the drain’ because of “executive orders’ that ignore ‘due process’ and circumvent normal governmental processes. In other words the will of the people is ignored.

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