New Year’s Gun Rights Resolutions Require Willingness and Commitment

By David Codrea

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The gun-grabbers are resolved to continue attacking the right to keep and bear arms in the coming year. How are you resolved to stop them? (Brady Campaign/Facebook)

USA – -( It’s the time of year when Americans are inclined to make resolutions. Some will opt to try and lose weight. Others may want to quit smoking, cut back on drinking, start an exercise program, go back to school, or find more rewarding employment. Those can all be worthy goals for gun owners to aspire to, but they neglect the preservation and restoration of the right to keep and bear arms, surely a concern of all who are not oblivious to the efforts of those working to undermine and eviscerate it.

In years past, I’ve come up with gun rights resolutions, each designed to highlight and further some aspect of RKBA, things like joining a gun rights group, writing letters to editors, taking a new person shooting, sharing information via social media, etc.  Bear in mind the situation we face now, with attacks on the right to keep and bear arms coming at us non-stop from all directions. On Tuesday, I discussed the topic of important 2015 developments that will carry over into 2016 with host Mark Walters on the nationally-syndicated Armed American Radio program.

Expecting something to happen doesn’t do any good without resolve to do something about it. Here are a few additional resolutions for your consideration:

Oppose Michael Bloomberg's well-financed organized efforts in other states. He’s not confining where his tentacles reach and we can’t either. What he started in Washington State has spread to Nevada. After that, he’ll focus on the next target. Just because you don’t live there doesn't mean the outcome won’t affect you. The troops on the front lines, advocates like Nevadans for State Gun Rights, need your support, because if they can’t stop the assault, it’ll be heading your way.

Realize that the establishment’s “immigration” policies are designed to create millions of new anti-gun Democrat voters, and that represents a direct legislative and judicial threat to the right to keep and bear arms. That's a threat those enabling it are counting on for the long game. Wishful thinking aside, all credible data confirms this. When that happens, imagine the bills that will pass, and by then, the Supreme Court will be in the bag. That’s why it’s legitimate to demand gun rights organizations acknowledge this danger and include it as a factor in who they support.

Look at defiant gun owners refusing to register their property in Democrat-dominated places like New York and Connecticut, at others refusing to comply with initiatives against private sales, and at numerous other examples of principled and moral civil disobedience. It is a time-honored American tradition, after all. Consider what your role in this growing “I Will Not Comply” paradigm will be, and follow your informed conscience.

Be a force multiplier. Many are always complaining gun owners don’t get a fair shake in the media, but then don’t lift a finger to share links to important information that then remains confined to small niche websites. It’s not in the interests of the establishment press to promote anything that goes against the narrative they’re spinning, so if you see something you get value from, assume others will too, and share it.

As always, any list will not be all-inclusive. If you have any ideas you’d like to share, please do. If you think about it, none of these are exclusive of the others, so there is nothing to stop you from making and keeping multiple resolutions. With all of the options available, and with how little it would take to keep most of them, gun owners really have no legitimate excuse for not getting involved and making a positive difference.

Here’s one that’s effortless to keep, and frees you up to take on more:  Don’t be that guy whose sole contribution to the cause is to submit “Molon Labe” comments under blog, forum and social media posts.  Many of us feel that way, but realize it’s going to take a lot more than that, and require actual efforts on all our parts if that sentiment is going to have any deterrent value.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 11 thoughts on “New Year’s Gun Rights Resolutions Require Willingness and Commitment

    1. With the liberals/socialists doing everything in their power to destroy the United States it will never happen as long as we are armed,and they know that too ! This is the time to make sure all of your firearms are functioning perfectly and that you have more than enough ammunition and spare parts.

    2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Americans, Christians, and Patriots! Let’s herald in 2016 as the year of the “legal” demise of BHO and his political regime. But Beware! BHO has already utilized OUR PUBLIC AIRWAYS to declare, without hesitation, that Monday, January 4th; he will move into the “red zone” to force gun control to the top of his priority list. Not surprising, as this, and the complete annihilation of this country’s Constitution/Bill of Rights; has been his guiding light since the get go. With all the real problems surrounding the country, you would think that a rational person would focus on issues of national security, national disasters, (real) national healthcare, etc. Instead, we get a lecture focusing on the fact that America has too many guns. Unfortunately Mr. BHO, the fact is that there weren’t enough legal guns in the latest raghead killing episode, you so boldly choose to model your latest gun control effort after! Had CWO been in force that day, the results would have been much different. America Wake Up. It’s time that our George III is reminded of Concord and Lexington, and unlike the gunfire that resulted; we must call on our Congress to mandate that any BHO Executive Orders are hereby null and void, if they do not follow due process as set forth by our Forefathers in the Constitution and Bill of Rights! Failing that, then I would only hope that Americans and Patriots follow their conscience in riding the nation of this pompous-assed figurehead.

    3. I will continue to write my US House Representative and my two Senators. I write to them before their votes to implore them to protect 2nd Amendment rights, and again after they voted to admonish them for their attempts whittle away at rights I swore to defend. Yes, all three of my “representatives” can be counted on to vote against gun rights (Rep. Derek Kilmer, Sen. Maria Cantwell, and Sen. Party Murray all democrat). I do the same for my state representatives as well. I have participated in “I will NOT comply” private gun sales in Washington state without submitting to a mandatory, personally paid for NICS check and paperwork through an FFL, and I have done so without fear of prosecution because the Washington courts refuse to pursue infractions. They refuse because they have stated the law passed last year can not be challenged until it directly affects a citizen in a negative way. Unenforceable laws are not laws, they are suggestions… and I choose to ignore suggestions that violate my 2nd Amendment rights (like refusing to disarm for private gun free zones).

      I have been a member of the NRA for 35 years (my father purchased my membership when I was 10). I am a disabled Army veteran who proudly served his country, and will still stand behind my vow to protect an obey the Constitution of the United States. I am a homemaker father that attends his daughter’s (3) parties and mingles with the other parents (99% housewives). I do so while carrying concealed and generally wearing some form of 2nd Amendment promoting clothing in an attempt to generate conversation. Most times it has gone extremely well. Once I was asked to leave by a Demanding Mom but never actually left after a dismantling of her “facts” and when others in the group came to my defense.

      That is the real front lines….. these birthday or play date discussions that happen are where we can make a noticeable difference. A majority of people out there have very little opinion on guns one way or another. They usually get swept up in the emotional rhetoric from a commercial or an article at these small get togethers and that is where they begin to grow. At this level I have changed a few minds to acceptance and more to tolerance. Imagine how well the word could spread if all parents were willing to speak openly in these situations. The worst to come from it is you know who won’t be coming to parties “as long as you have those dangerous things in your house!”

    4. It seems like to me that ALL DEMOCRATS want to Control Everybody. They want to BE DICTATORS. This urge to BE DICTATORS can only remind of Germany in the prelude to World War 2.

    5. We need to find ways to make things more time consuming and expensive for groups like Bloomberg’s. Think of it like a tar pit. If they are bogged down they will have to divert resources away from their goal. If their goal is to spew propaganda through television and radio ads how do we make those ads cost more and only run at 3 AM. If it’s print media how do you make it cost more? What about the individuals running these organizations behind the scenes? The ranks of these organizations are probably staffed with the same quality of people found in Illegal Mayors Against Guns. If we can repeatedly expose the staff for the criminals they are it might start to create turnover within their organizations. If they are busy trying to staff and train it will help divert their attention. This need to happen on a state and local level. While groups in one state are frustrating the enemy, groups in other states need to come out of the woodwork and give them a swift kick.

    6. Remember when Hillary said all women should be believed who claim sexual harassment and assault? Someone should ask both her and the leftists backing gun bans if that also includes Benito Bloomberg, who has had multiple sexual harassment lawsuits placed against him.

      Then ask the Dems why they are comfortable taking money from such a character. Of course, the same tactics could be used to split the BLM people with the gun control people by pointing out Bloomberg’s open racial profiling policies of stop and frisk and statements that whites don’t commit crimes, only minorities.

    7. Thanks, David for another inspiring column. You are absolutely correct in every point. We can never stop fighting. We also cannot stop encouraging other to continue or take up the fight. We must leverage every tactic at our disposal to win this. The world’s last best hope for freedom hangs in the balance!

    8. I agree that everyone must do their part, even if it seems insignificant. What most people don’t seem to understand is that it’s the little things that matter the most, in the final accounting.

    9. In the Constitution United States and also the Bill of Rights of Rights we the people should have the right in a free state opportunity to write to carry and bear arms if you’re going to get rid of our 2nd Amendment and if you try to abolish the amendment you corgress and Obama and you will not try a Abolish Second Amendment or try to make assault weapons banned the NRA and the militia and the Joseph the court system will find you for treason to the NRA god bless you into the militia we love your protection of the United States of America.
      god bless America

    10. Well I live in northern /central Ca. I am a member of Oath Keepers. What do actually propose I do .Say it and it will be followed.

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