Newscaster Correctly Explains The True Intent Of The Second Amendment ~ VIDEO

Ben Swann on Second Amendment Rights
Ben Swann on Second Amendment Rights

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USA -( Shocking! Here is something you would never expect to see from the mainstream media.

A nighttime newscaster clearly laying out the facts of the Second Amendment.

Reality Check's Ben Swann lays out a clear and succinct explanation of our Second amendment rights and the motivation behind our founding fathers inclusion of the 2A in the Bill of Rights.

Lets hope Ben still has a job after this video goes viral.

“The Second Amendment – so controversial, so contentious… So hard to understand? What if everything you know about the Second Amendment is wrong?”

This is a Reality Check you won't see anywhere else.

  • 6 thoughts on “Newscaster Correctly Explains The True Intent Of The Second Amendment ~ VIDEO

    1. Very good presentation. Would love to have Congress REQUIRED OR FORCED to listen to this. Thank You Mr. Ben Swann. I hope you still have a job. Watch your back.

    2. That man is good. Very intelligent, right to the point, no ad lib just pure fact. I hope he has a job still. If he does, find out the station sponsors, and support them. There are folks who will hate and disparage this man. And, all he did was speak truth. I’m sure there was great wailing and knashing of teeth amongst the new age millenials, who have all the answers. And their decrepit 60s counter culture mentor crowds. You know the ones who had all the answers, and hated the establishment. Who now want total control, over everything. I’ve said too much, thanks

    3. He works for Russian Times of all places now…. They actually tell the news like it is not what “they” want you to hear

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