Kentucky Preemption and Knife Ban Repeal Bill Introduced

Kentucky State Seal
Kentucky State Seal

Gilbert, AZ -( Kentucky state Senator Robin Webb has introduced a Knife Law Preemption and Knife Ban Repeal bill, SB112.

This bill is the result of months of work by Knife Rights and Senator Webb and her staff. To accomplish Knife Law Preemption, the bill simply adds knives to the existing proven Kentucky firearms preemption statute.

The bill will also remove “any knife other than an ordinary pocket knife or hunting knife” from Kentucky's definition of a “Deadly Weapon” which limits concealed carry to CCW holders. That phrase, “ordinary pocket knife or hunting knife,” has been, and could in the future be, subject to abuse from adverse interpretations by law enforcement, prosecutors and judges. In a 2003 appeals court decision (Stout v. Commonwealth), the judge held that a 5-inch “locked-blade” folding knife was NOT an “ordinary pocket knife,” even though the vast majority of pocket knives sold then and now have locking blades and knives with blades 5-inches and longer are not unusual.

This bill will prevent cities, towns and other jurisdictions from regulating knives and repeal any existing knife regulations; however it will allow schools to continue to regulate the possession of knives “other than an ordinary pocket knife or hunting knife.”

Knife Law Preemption repeals and prevents local ordinances more restrictive than state law which only serve to confuse or entrap law-abiding citizens traveling within or through the state. Preemption ensures citizens can expect consistent enforcement of state knife laws everywhere in a state.

Knife Rights passed the nation's first Knife Law Preemption bill in Arizona in 2010 and has since passed preemption bills in Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

Knife Rights has repealed knife bans in Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.

About Knife Rights:

Knife Rights is America’s Grassroots Knife Owners Organization, working towards a Sharper Future for all knife owners. Knife Rights is dedicated to providing knife owners an effective voice in public policy. Become a Knife Rights member and make a contribution to support the fight for your knife rights.

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  • 3 thoughts on “Kentucky Preemption and Knife Ban Repeal Bill Introduced

    1. These ambiguous worded laws are feel good legislation, add on charges for the criminals who are caught in the act of a crime or after the fact, just like these ‘gun free zone’ laws that were to target the drug dealers who would sell drugs on school grounds and get arrested with a handgun on them, extra charges.

      Same at the airports, you get your Leatherman micra confiscated because of the 2″ blade, the scissors are OK, but that deadly blade is another story. Then pass TSA touchy feely inspections and then go to the stores in the terminal and buy a new Leatherman Micra.

      NY City has a similar dumb pocket knife law, if the officer sees the outline of it in your pocket you get stopped and searched, they find that knife and if they can get it to open by flicking it at the wrist, even if opening it up partially before flicking the knife, WHAM you get arrested for carrying an automatic knife.

    2. 5war veteran
      Sir I first want to say thank you for your service to our country. My uncle Herbert Chappell Jr. Spent three tours. I had four more uncles who fought in WWII and the Korean War. My uncle Lawrence Chappell was at hamburger hill close to the 38th parellell. One night he and three of his foxhole buddies were hunkered in their bunker and he had to take a piss. When he got back there was a bomb landed and killed all three of his buds. I want to say it is true BS what our govt. not our country but the stupid PC bunch of burecratic laws they make that are useless and redundant. I apologize my brother for their idiotic ways. We must get back to good and decent laws in this country that we love. Side you are a great American and again thanks for being who you are and speaking up. If I had any political pull or finances I would help you sue their butts. I am a pistol Packin Pentecostal preacher who has decided to take a stand even if it is just my vote and my mouth. I will stand with all who stand for our country and not political correctness. These mealy mouth politicians on both sides have sold us out. They are afraid of their ratings. Why won’t somebody in Dc grow a spine and say let us all get on the same social security system that all American citizens are on. No they vote their own raises and all of them think they are better than the rest of us and get all these financial insurance benefits set for life and do nothing but shuffle papers no vote on laws that do nothing or do nothing but hurt hard working great soldiers such as yourself. I am waiting for the one politician that gets real like our Godly founding patriots meant from the start.
      Signed again. Dr. Dewayne Chappel the PistolPackin Pentecostal preacher who isn’t even worried about spelling or grammatical mistakes. It’s the meaning that counts not the fancy words. God bless the real USA and soldiers like you

    3. Why do we have laws that create victimless crimes at all?
      Why incriminate law abiding citizens who have not committed ANY crimes, over what amounts to total bullshit?
      I was reduced in rank in the US Navy for carrying a lock blade knife whose blade was in excess of 3 inches… The very same lock blade knife I carried on my belt in Viet Nam…. A knife at the time whose blade was SMALLER that the blades on the lock blade knives they were SELLING in the Navy Exchange on the BASE….

      Hello folks today we have a lock blade knife on sale in your Navy Exchange! A great deal! However if you buy it you will be busted the second you walk out the front door! What a deal!!!!!

      And folks that is how our government operates today. TOO MANY LAWS that create victimless criminals who had no bad intent. You know JUST LIKE the DC laws that turn collectors of antiques into criminals. . . .

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