California Pro Gun Lawsuit To Be Argued on Live Video Feed

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Calguns Foundation
Calguns Foundation

California – -( Our attorneys will be arguing two important civil rights cases TOMORROW at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

The Court decided that the same panel (made up of Chief Judge Thomas and Circuit Judges Schroeder and Nguyen) would hear both cases on the same day — one right after the other.

Silvester v. Harris is a Second Amendment challenge to California’s 10-day waiting period. (The District Court previously ruled in our favor following a 3-day bench trial.)

Tracy Rifle and Pistol v. Harris challenges California’s ban on some truthful, non misleading handgun-related speech by firearms dealers — what we believe is a violation of First Amendment rights.

Help us STRIKE DOWN the 10-day waiting period


You can watch oral arguments for Silvester v. Harris and Tracy Rifle and Pistol v. Harris, February 9th 2016 at the Ninth Circuit’s YouTube Channel by clicking the image Above:

The Calguns Foundation ( is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which serves its members by providing Second Amendment-related education, strategic litigation and the defense of innocent California gun owners from improper or malicious prosecution. The Calguns Foundation seeks to inform government and protect the rights of individuals to acquire, own, and lawfully use firearms in California.

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Great Letter Willard Walker.

Willard Walker

As for being Sheeple here is a letter I sent to All of my state senators and assemblymen yesterday To my Honorable Assemblymen and Women, 2/8/2016 My name is Willard Walker and I am witting to ask you not to support any new firearm legislation in 2016 including Assembly Bills 1663, 1664 and 1674. California is already the most regulated state for firearm owners and buyers. The handgun roster is already limiting unconstitutionally the handguns we Californians have access to for self-protection, enjoyment and competition. There are enough laws on the books and any new legislation will only criminalize a… Read more »

GI Joe

Wrong. Pro gun Ca. People are always fighting anti gun bull laws. Problem is anti gun politicians who sell out good people. Also stupid ignorant people who believe all the hype of guns kill not criminals kind of like how all the dummies believe liars like Hillary Clinton and President bozo Obama on anti gun bulls hot and that’s nation wide sheep

Bill Powell

I will willingly comply with the ten day waiting requirement if they allow me to buy weapons without rediculous bullet buttons and allow dealers to ship the same weapons that can be purchased in other states with large mag capacities, noise suppressors and without the onerous restrictions that deter manufacturers from producing Cal. Compliant weapons. Rediculous laws that only harm law abiding citizens.


I think the sheeple of California will insist on remaining potential victims of armed repeat offenders. It’s how the herd was raised in the cities.