Infringed – Firearms Attorney Releases Ultimate Gun Law Book

Everything you ever wanted to know about gun law but didn’t know to ask.

Infringed by Alexandria Kincaid :
Infringed by Alexandria Kincaid :
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Eagle, Idaho —  -( Alexandria Kincaid, prominent firearms attorney, author, speaker, and trainer, recently published her first book, Infringed, which is certain to become the ultimate reference manual for all American gun owners.

With the goal of helping law-abiding Americans avoid committing an “accidental felony,” Ms. Kincaid takes the “legalese” out of federal, state, and local gun law and breaks it down into conversational English for all to understand.

Infringed explains how local, state, and federal laws interact and conflict, and how to understand what to do or refrain from doing so as not to get trapped in the quagmire that is American gun law by digging in deep to all aspects of gun law and gun ownership.

Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, said of Infringed, “This book answers the questions that will come up in every gun owner’s home about the gun laws. Infringed should be on the shelf of every American gun owner.”

Infringed is to gun owners what dictionaries are to writers and maps are to travelers. It discusses all aspects of gun law and issues that arise for firearms owners, explains the situations, and provides clear guidance about what action you should take. A few of the many topics covered are possession, transfer, travelling, self-defense, history of the gun laws, ATF, NFA, GCA, FFLs, mental incompetence, gun-free zones, how to protect your family and firearms with gun trusts, kids and guns, choosing a self-defense attorney, gun bans, senior citizens, and a myriad of other topics.

This is the single most comprehensive gun law book on the market.

Infringed is available for purchase at, and on Amazon, and is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats.

Order your copy of Infringed by Alexandria Kincaid on Amazon :

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Does anyone know who the Mexican is that is posting here ? He ain’t in Mexico !

Grey Beard

Very happy to see this Alex, good for you. Looking forward to the results of this Legislative session and then on to your next venture.

Bill Elkins

Jorge Norberto Pedace

Sin lugar a dudas es un importante libro de consulta permanente,lo único con lo que no estoy de acuerdo,es con la
prohibición de armas de fuego de la tercera edad,y en cambio no adopta el mismo temperamento con los jóvenes