The American Firearms Retailers Association Adds Key Members to Board of Directors

AFRA’s Leadership Consists of Retailer and Range Owners

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American Firearms Retailers Association (AFRA)

Alexandria, VA -( The American Firearms Retailers Association (AFRA), today announced the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors:

  • Rex A. Gore – Black Wing Shooting Center, Delaware, Ohio
  • Jeffrey D Monroe, Ph.D. – 22three Inc., Lebanon, Ohio

These two seasoned small business owners bring decades of knowledge and experience in the firearms industry to their positions on AFRA’s Board of Directors. With a clear understanding of the issues critical to the survival of America’s brick and mortar firearms retailers and ranges, these fellow retail and range owners will help lead AFRA as it strives to protect, promote and promulgate the key interests and long term survival of firearms retailers.

“We are extremely excited with the addition of Rex and Jeff to the AFRA board and know they will bring additional perspective and prominence to AFRA, which is already filled with nationally recognized retailers and range owners,” Stated Barry Laws President AFRA.

“Every firearm dealer that is interested in their future should join AFRA and be a part of creating a unified voice for our industry. AFRA is your organization and will be focused on making improvements in our industry,” stated Rex Gore, President and CEO Black Wing Shooting Center.

“I’m excited to join AFRA’s group of thought leaders in the firearms retail industry. AFRA is the foremost voice of professional firearms retailers and it’s an honor to join them in advocating for the industry,” Stated Jeffrey Monroe, President 22three Inc.

About The American Firearms Retailers Association (AFRA):

AFRA is dedicated to promoting good governance, education and pro-growth business practices and works to strengthen firearms industry standards that improve safety, training, responsibility and community support for firearms retailers and range owners.

For more information, or to join on the American Firearms Retailers, visit or call 844-687-2372.