California Gun Laws Target Honest Gun Owners

By Rob Morse

Democartes Own Assault Weapons Ban
Socialist legislators ruled that all modern semi-automatic rifles would be classified as “assault weapons” in California. “Assault weapon”, in this case, is a political term
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- (  California politicians are busy playing politics with people’s lives again.

As usual, particularly in California, their new proposed laws are sure to be a political success, but a horrible failure for the ordinary citizen.  These Socialist Politicians failed in their attempt to outlaw guns directly.  Today they are regulating firearms out of existence in California.

Socialist legislators ruled that all modern semi-automatic rifles would be classified as “assault weapons” in California.  “Assault weapon”, in this case, is a political term.  It covers rifles that fire a single shot with each pull of the trigger, a design that dates back 130 years.  Relabeling these ordinary firearms as “assault weapons” means politicians can make those guns illegal for civilians to own.  The Socialist politician will say that “assault weapons” are only meant to kill people “extra dead.”  Of course, the politicians are protected by public employees who carry assault weapons.  We are never told why state employees need to kill civilians “extra dead.”

The cops “patrol rifle” becomes an “assault weapon” if the policeman has it in his closet at home to protect his family.  Renaming a common object for political ends is doublethink worthy of George Orwell.

The fact that criminals seldom use semi-automatic rifles in their everyday crime doesn’t register with California Socialist politicians.  The goal of this legislation is to disarm the ordinary citizen and get a good press release.  The bill will likely succeed.  The goal is not public safety.

Remember that criminals don’t obey the law.  That means the only people controlled by the next steaming pile of California legislation are honest citizens.  California Socialists want to eliminate gun ownership.  That isn’t easy to do.  Firearms are extremely simple devices, simpler than most model aircraft or boats.  You can even buy firearms as a kit where you complete and assemble them yourself.  That shocked the delicate sensitivities of California’s elected Socialists.  They demanded that all the materials that could be converted into a gun had to be registered as a firearm.  You can find a Youtube videos of a guy fashioning functional firearms from plumbing supplies or from a shovel.

This legislation passed out of committee.  Congratulations!  You’re now the proud owner of an unregistered water pipe and an assault spade.

Prohibition fails, particularly in California.  The only purpose of the legislation is to snare honest firearms owners.  These laws won’t even slow down the criminals.

You see, criminals don’t go to gun shops or gun shows.  Criminals don’t buy their guns online.  The thugs buy their guns from their friends down the street.  That means criminals don’t apply for a Department of Justice background check like honest gun owners.  The criminals don’t have to wait for the California mandated 10-day waiting period to buy a legal gun.  Another law won’t change that because criminals break the law.  We already have 23 thousand firearms regulations that control honest gun owners.  The only thing that will change criminal behavior is applying the gun laws we already have.  California doesn’t do that.  California releases its criminals from prison early, and often fails to incarcerate repeat felons.

So why do Socialist politicians want to pass these ineffective gun laws?  Governing is hard, but passing new do-nothing legislation is easy.. particularly in an election year.  This legislation makes a great press release.  That is all it has to do.

California Socialists also want to stop you from getting more than one long-gun in 30 days if you’re an honest gun buyer.  That bill won’t stop the criminals or the terrorists, but it sure makes a great headline for the clueless mainstream media.

It won’t stop the criminals for a minute.  You see the border with Mexico is wide open.  Criminals move drugs, illegal immigrants, and child sex slaves across the border and into California’s sanctuary cities every day.  Moving guns across the border is trivial for them.  Illegal guns are cheaper than legal ones.  Think about that.

A California bill demands that stores have a video record of every bullet sold, or the owner is driven out of business.  A state that can’t find millions of illegal immigrants is going to know where every single bullet is located.

Sure it is.

No, these new laws are designed to ensnare honest firearms owners and the gun industry.  The legislation is useful as an election campaign slogan.  It guarantees campaign contributions from anti-gun groups.

Did I mention that there is a proposal to make it illegal to transport your legally owned guns into California from out of state?  That is another law that hampers honest gun owners, but won’t bother the criminals one bit.

All this might change if California gun owners would vote.  Illegal aliens vote in California,  but gun owners can’t be bothered.


Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Don Cornelius

After living in California for 50 years i couldn’t handle the politics and i left for the great gun friendly state of Arizona. Bought 3 AR’s with 30 round mags and I shoot at least once a week now.
I love this Great State of Arizona.


Lucky! I want to retire in Arizona near the Ben Avery shooting facility. Unfortunately, my wife is not to keen on the desert.

PA John

Los Angeles Bans HighCap Mags – 60 Days & NOT 1 Turned In – FU LA Posted on November 23, 2015 by Ammoland By John Farnam Expect more of the same based on what has already happened elsewhere around the country. People refuse to comply and police and sheriffs refuse to enforce. Yahoo or Google “Gun owners refuse to comply”, “police refuse to enforce” and especially “sheriffs refuse to enforce”. Connecticut, New York and the above are just 3 examples where they passed unconstitutional gun laws and nobody bothered to comply or enforce. The silence from the national media… Read more »

Jacob M. Opperman

Sounds like California people need to stand up and be counted by voting out the idiots and voting in others who will work for them and the constitution. But then again you reap what you sow, if these are the people you vote in then these are the laws you want in your state.


No they will not. By even thinking of having our current Atty General run as a governor and people vote for
her. This state is going into the toilet. If I can get out of here, I am gone.


The United States is bankrupt that’s why Obummer keeps upping the national dept. More programs more free stuff to win elections the faster we Learn the Chinese Language or Russian.


CA will be bankrupt within six years or less.


I haven’t read all the comments so forgive me if its already been said.
All hard working people with a brain please leave California now so the non working people will have to go to work and maybe CA will figure it out !!!!!!


I live in California and the politics of this State are in need of fixing. For sure.

But, don’t think that if you live in a different State that California’s problems are not your problems.

A lot of good men, women, and children died to make and keep this Country.

It’s our problem as Americans.

And there is a saying which goes “As California goes, so goes the Country.

Ron Petrich

Hey Rob, stop indicting all of us gun owners here in California. I grew up in Chicago. I know oppression. And I vote…and vote often. And I do it even though I am outnumbered, in my neighborhood and in my family.


Rob Morse,
Thanks for this article. It accurately reflects the stupidity of democrat politicians in my state.
But, it could be better:
Please include the names, numbers and links for the bills you have discussed. This is rarely done by reporters, and yet it is essential information. Your readers need to be able to easily find and read these bad bills. They also need to be able to write letters to their representatives. Having the bill number easily available makes those actions much easier to do and more likely to happen.

Willard Walker

I am a gun owner in kommifornia. I vote like every other gun owner I know. The problem is not with the majority of the state the problem is with Slam Francisco, Lost Angeles and Suckatamato. With the exception of these three areas most of the state is republican the problem is we don’t have the population of the big three to be able to vote the treasonous bastards out. He’s bleeding fucking heart liberals have given the right to vote to Cit these bleeding fucking heart liberals have given the right to vote to illegal immigrants and refugees to… Read more »


I grew up and lived in NOCAL from ’62 to the ’99. Sometime in the 90’s, CA had a ballot initiative to split the state in two. I voted for it and so did the majority of CA voters, but nothing ever happened. Then just recently (a couple of years ago), heard from a buddy of mine that still resides in CA. He made me aware of another plan being floated that would create the 51st state of Jefferson. To my understanding, Jefferson would consist of most of the state of CA excluding the SF Bay Area and everything east… Read more »

Al Schmidt

I arrived in CA Nov. 1959 at age 18. I considered myself to being Liberal. At that time you had to be 21 to vote. By the middle of 1960, I had seen how the then Governor, Pat Brown was enslaving Blacks & some whites as well. He did not want those people to get ahead in life. Well he succeeded! I now live in Pahrump, NV where it is not uncommon to see people in banks open carrying a side arm. I left CA many years ago for many reasons. Too many to list here!

Tyler The Anarchist

Yes I agree with everything the author says until he mentioned illegal aliens. I always say “I like my immigrants how I like my guns. Undocumented.” Fact is most illegal immigrants are actually pro gun. We should capitalize on that and get them to vote against gun regulations.


what can you expect from a state swayed by people who don’t know an ass from an elbow. A state that makes it illegal to eat goose liver. a state where politicians don’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine. yet it’s ok for them to have heavily armed bodyguards . the gov is a pussy and won’t stand up to PC groups


Born and raised CA. After 48 years we left for TN, that was about 8 years ago. I’ll give CA the same thing now I gave when we left. My middle finger.


Actually, and the reason I fled CaliLand over 20 years ago, is they want you to be a victim. With high crime comes the need for large police forces, which means bigger budgets, which means more taxes that can be appropriated for pet projects. Crime and punishment is also a revolving door there, and the criminals know that they’ll be released early due to over-crowding, so they have no fear of getting caught. My best advice is to flee that state, for if you stay, you will be a victim at some point.


I’m from California —Everything I’ve read here on this post is 100 percent Accurate –But, Its takes more than an Individual to vote to change law , It takes Everybody who cares about their rights to also vote -Its the American way–Until then, there will be no change–Why should one have to leave their State of residence , when the whole Country belongs to all Americans —–We elect these people under good faith to represent us & they undermine us & the rule of law for their own personal gain—Who can we turn to legally, when the law, breaks the… Read more »


I continue to see an automatic weapon defined as one shot fired for one trigger pull which is also true of a revolver. The action of ejecting a spent cartridge case upon detonation prior to making another round in the load path available seems to be dropped from the verbiage in favor of an implied understanding. We would all like to think we’re all adults, right? At what point will California realize that by conveniently dropping a few key words, a revolver magically becomes an evil automatic and upon subtraction of just a few more IQ points, the dreaded assault… Read more »


Kalifornia is one of only five states that don’t have a State Constitution that protects their 2A freedoms and rights. That’s why the gungrabbing liberals are running rough shod over the people who want to remain there.

Capt Phil

Actually, Art I, Sec 1 of the California Constitution reads, “All people are by nature free and independent and have
inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and
liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing
and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.” This language, if applied as intended, clearly implies the right to use whatever weapons would be most effective in “defending life” and “protecting property”. All the people of California need do, is enforce their own Constitution on their arrogantly uninformed politicians and bureaucrats.


It seems they want to protect the criminals that are moving the drugs and stealing from honest folks.


No need for me to go to California at all


I escaped from that loony-bin in ‘99 after seeing the writing on the wall. Since then, I’ve studied up on the law because someone once said that: ‘If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.’ Truer words were never spoken and the government will railroad you if you don’t know and exercise your rights. The Second Amendment (2A) is short and simple to understand. It guarantees “the people” the personal and fundamental right (Heller v. D.C.) to “keep” (own) and “bear” (carry) “arms”. Nowhere in it does it differentiate the types of “arms” or any that are prohibited.… Read more »


All California office holders take an oath to uphold the state and US Constitution. Unfortunately, I read there’s a case law that exempts then from being sued and liable from passing unconstitutional laws.


Eric_CA, I cited Title 18 sections 241 & 242 of federal law that trumps any state statutes that they enact that violate OUR constitutional guarantees and criminally hold any judges or legislators responsible for their usurpations of OUR constitutional guarantees. They were placed in the USC for that exact reason. Google and read them. If you can prove that you have a right and that the state is infringing on it, it’s some of what you need to defend yourself against such governmental tyranny. These sections are however how we deal with them criminally, not civilly. For that we use:… Read more »


B.Zerker, Thank you for taking the time to post a well thought our reply. I appreciate it and your citations. I will read up on them and take a look at the YouTube videos you cited. I understand your position in regards to accountability. However, who or how can these statues be enforced? For example, when the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals issued rulings that clearly contradict or non conform to the US Supreme Court legal precedence, how does one pursue accountability? How does one rectify these injustices? In closing, I’m sure once I read up on the your… Read more »


You’re very welcome Eric. Mr. Miller’s videos touch on what you asked. (Be ready, because they’re almost 6 hrs. long in total.) Me personally, if I was ever dragged into court for an “arms” violation, something that a state or the fed govts. had unconstitutionally made illegal. First, I would request the presence of a U.S. Marshal during my arraignment and as soon as the prosecutor read the charge, I’d object, charge him/her with a violation of Title 18, Sec. 242 and have him/her arrested. Then I’d put the court on notice that if it proceeded with it’s action against… Read more »


“All this might change if California gun owners would vote. Illegal aliens vote in California, but gun owners can’t be bothered.”
Wait… what?

Are you saying that gun owners can vote pro-gun in California? My God, why didn’t anyone think of this before? You’re a freaking genius! Praise the Lord, we’re saved!

Andrew Whitehead

California, where I currently reside, is an interesting place. Illegals are gods, in human form. Yes, they do vote and they vote for the party that supports them; democrats. The people who own firearms do vote, your very obvious sarcasm notwithstanding. However, the legislature is stacked with democrats who are very willing to collect bribes for passing legislation, which is one reason why illegals in California receive more benefits than do American citizens from other states, even though citizens pay taxes that illegals are exempt from. Public employees work for 30 years and receive 90% of pay, which is “topped… Read more »


You know what is meant ! Try voting for the candidate with the (R) before its name !


Maybe the rest of the country will get lucky and the hippy gov. Brown will build that wall around California like he threatened to do if Trump was elected. Let CA keep it’s commie politics in CA. Better yet, let’s hope the fault line finally lets go and the whole state falls into the sea.

The Harp

The whole issue has nothing to do with preventing criminals from getting firearms or preventing crime. There is a very simple reason politicians want a disarmed “law abiding” citizenry, and it was explained very directly long ago.
“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms; history shows all conquerors who have allowed the subjected people to carry arms have prepared their own fall.” Adolf Hitler


California’s polls are owned by the masses of people living in the big three, San Francisco, Sacramento, and lost angles. the rest of the state repeatedly votes pro-gun.
Oregon and Washington states are the same, with portland and seattle as their centers for this egregious anti-freedom mentality.
not enough legal gun owners live in the cities that shape the state’s legislature.


It’s all about disarming the lawful society , then oppressing them into slavery , halfway there now look at your paycheck and then look at your bank account.


As soon as Clinton is elected you can kiss your bank account your safety and your country good-by. Here is an idea, move the White House to Mexico, most of the country is there or going there, the president should feel at home among the U.S. Company’s. Put right in the middle of Nabisco and Ford.


As soon a Clinton is elected ? For what ?


I’m hoping she coughs up a lung during one of her fits and never makes it. Once she stops being a contender maybe they will put her huge ass in prison.


cell block captain in the new digs she should soon be calling “home”.


I didn’t leave California for Montana, after almost half my life in SoCal, because of the insane gun laws; the regular California insanity was reason enough. But, bit by bit, California politicians take away any reason to stay. Politicians take pride in the oddest things. Once my mother dies there won’t even be a reason to visit the state. I hope the Pols are as happy about that as I am.


We are doing everything we can to get to Texas to be sure we live in an area where guns are protected. We moved to Pennsylvania from Wyoming for my health reasons (little oxygen up there) PA being my home state but things are heating up here like everyplace else and the taxes are going through the roof. For some reason if you’re running for government here, you’re success is saying you’ll raise taxes, IDIOTS. SO PA recently opened a new government office to try and keep people in the state…more tax money pissed away. They will never learn, when… Read more »


dilemma is how do you stop a majority with an agenda? Won’t happen until the Feds step in.

Rob Morse

You think the judges will step in the way of elected officials?


….and they still keep electing this scum over and over and ov….Kali is so far gone only a revolution might save them poor pitiful bastards !

Pistol Pete

They have sold their souls for a welfare check and food stamp card
so they get want they ask for!


The king of California is “WELFARE”. “Long live the King”. Minimum wage is so far below the average welfare amount, why would they work? More kids means more welfare money. If gun sales equated to votes there would be no gun laws. If four or five counties in California were suddenly out of the mix then the state would be more like New Mexico on the gun issues. If there were short term limits in place for the elected officials in California that would help stabilize the long term stupidity there. If you cannot afford to take care of your… Read more »


One can ONLY hope.

I would love to live in California but if there…I could never live!

Todd Junker

Actually, California is gerrymandered to favor Democrats. It is next to impossible to even get a Republican candidate on the ballot. The voter registration cards that just came out won;t allow you to register as a Republican (doesn’t even exist as a check off on the “select your party” portion of the registration card…

Sanson 57

The reazon Californians vote for Democrats is Republicans fault. They dont care about this state. Just an example, during the present elections; when you hear Trump, Cruz, or Rubio campaigned here in Ca. Allways they worry about the rest of the tiny small states back east. Talking in front of small groups of people in those states. California is the number one state who support the federal goverment with over 38% of the TBI and when they took the time to campaign here? Rarely if that’s the case. They prefer traveling those rural countries convincing people to vote for them… Read more »