Canadian Self-Defense Law: Three Things You Absolutely Must Know

Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA)
Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA)
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Etobicoke, ON -( Self-defense in Canada is commonly misunderstood. Many people, including our mainstream media, believe Canadians have no right to defend themselves, no matter the circumstances.

They are wrong. The defense of person is the oldest natural right, a right that all living creatures possess. Virtually everyone, even misguided cerebral elites that believe humans only have the right to be victims, believe this obvious truth.

Here’s an example: Grab a squirrel with your bare hand. Your friends will tell you that you are an idiot – of course the squirrel is going to bite you – and you deserve it – because the squirrel is merely defending itself. DISCLAIMER: Kids, don’t try this at home!

Need another example? Try messing with a bear cub and watch what happens next. Will anyone cast recrimination on the momma bear? Nope, protecting her babies is what she does and once again, you are an idiot and completely to blame for your own stupidity. Her momma-bear right to defend herself and her cubs is absolutely proper, blameless and supersedes any foolishness written by people.

We all know these things to be true. Should they apply less to people? There are those Darwinian humans that self-righteously expound such ridiculous thought, believing themselves to be morally superior in their victimization. Most of us ignore these fools and go about our lives, content that if need dictates, we will rise in the defense of ourselves and those whose care we are responsible for.

Importantly, as a society we openly recognize this fact and provide defensive tools to those who may need protection as they carry out the state’s business, such as our police. (Remember this next time someone says handguns were only made to kill people. They were not. They were made to defend people.)

So without question, we have a natural right to defend our fragile bodies, and those of our loved ones too. If need arises, we will intuitively and unquestionably do so regardless of what statutes say. But what does it say?

Here then, are the three things you absolutely must know about self-defense laws in Canada.

Number One: Defending yourself, contrary to popular belief, is NOT against Canadian law. The Criminal Code of Canada very specifically allows self-defense and defense of property in Sections 34 and 35.

Number Two: Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position where you must defend yourself with deadly force, you will be arrested and charged with a crime. Crown prosecutors seemingly don’t like Canadians doing what is required to stay alive so you absolutely will go to trial on whatever charges are laid against you.

Number Three: Unless you’ve done something terribly wrong, the odds of you being convicted are on your side. The CSSA has dealt with many of these types of cases over the years, and in only one case was the individual convicted. To re-cap:

  • Yes, you will be charged with a very serious crime.
  • Yes, this will be the most stressful time of your life.
  • Yes, this entire process will cost you a lot of money.

However, at the end of it all, justice will usually prevail and you will not go to prison. More importantly, you and your loved ones will still be here.

You absolutely must understand the law and your responsibility under it once you engage the individual or individuals attempting to do harm to you and/or your loved ones.

There are things you cannot do or you will certainly go to prison. Your use of force must be “reasonable” in the totality of the circumstances and that reasonableness will be decided by a judge months or even years after the fact.

One high-profile case you’ve likely heard of is that of Ian Thomson from Port Colborne, Ontario. Multiple assailants lobbed Molotov cocktails at Thomson’s home in an attempt to burn it to the ground with Thomson inside.

Thomson, a firearms instructor, ran to his gun safe and pulled out a handgun. He loaded it and fired a couple of warning shots over the heads of the criminals intent on murdering him and, like the cowards they are, they ran for their lives.

Police arrived some time later after the fires were out and promptly charged Mr. Thomson with unsafe storage of a firearm and pointing a firearm. They eventually dropped the charge of pointing a firearm when they admitted they could not prove he pointed his gun at anyone.

The Crown prosecutor in this case, however, was so adamant that Thomson be convicted of something he attempted to convince the judge that Thomson’s gun safe was “too close” to his bedroom because of how fast Thomson was able to retrieve his firearm and defend his life. That Crown prosecutor would, presumably, prefer the burned dead body of a victim than a live defendant who did everything he could to stay alive. As bizarre as that sounds, the shameful ordeal the Crown put Ian Thomson through lasted over two and a half years.

Here, from the Criminal Code of Canada Section 34, is the self-defense provision in view:

34 (1) A person is not guilty of an offence if
(a) they believe on reasonable grounds that force is being used against them or another person or that a threat of force is being made against them or another person;
(b) the act that constitutes the offence is committed for the purpose of defending or protecting themselves or the other person from that use or threat of force; and
(c) the act committed is reasonable in the circumstances.

As you can see, the law is very clear. Canadians are NOT restricted from defending themselves. In fact, the law is quite clearly on their side even if police and Crown prosecutors, like the ones in Ian Thomson’s case, are not.

It is also important to note that in Ian Thomson’s case he was never charged under this section of law. He was charged with the only thing the vindictive Crown thought they could make stick: unsafe storage of firearms. Thankfully they failed in their persecution.

One reason Thomson was not charged with anything more severe may be Section 34 (2) of the Criminal Code of Canada, which speaks to what a judge must consider when a person does use force to defend themselves.

34 (2) In determining whether the act committed is reasonable in the circumstances, the court shall consider the relevant circumstances of the person, the other parties and the act, including, but not limited to, the following factors:

(a) the nature of the force or threat;
(b) the extent to which the use of force was imminent and whether there were other means available to respond to the potential use of force;
(c) the person’s role in the incident;
(d) whether any party to the incident used or threatened to use a weapon;
(e) the size, age, gender and physical capabilities of the parties to the incident;
(f) the nature, duration and history of any relationship between the parties to the incident, including any prior use or threat of force and the nature of that force or threat;
(f.1) any history of interaction or communication between the parties to the incident;
(g) the nature and proportionality of the person’s response to the use or threat of force; and
(h) whether the act committed was in response to a use or threat of force that the person knew was lawful.

Given the assailants were trying to burn down his home with him inside of it, Ian Thomson’s actions were entirely “reasonable” and defensible.

There are rare cases where no charges are laid but they are the exception, not the rule.

When Dievert’s Jewellers in Port Alberni was robbed at gunpoint, the owner, Dennis Galloway, retrieved his legally-owned and stored handgun from the store’s safe. He then shot one armed robber. The wounded thief’s accomplice fled for his life and was never apprehended.

The RCMP recommended Dennis Galloway be prosecuted for unsafe storage and careless use of a firearm. Thankfully, in this case, the Crown Prosecutor had more common sense than that, and Dennis never faced any criminal charges.

That case ended precisely the way it should have: with the actual criminals charged with crimes, and the innocent hero who defended himself and his wife left unmolested by the legal system.

His case is the exception, however, and that is important to understand. In almost every conceivable case, no matter how right you are, you will go to trial and tell your story to a judge.

“Better to be judged by twelve than buried by six” as the old saying goes. However, the responsibility we accept as lawful firearms owners includes the responsibility for every single projectile that leaves the barrel of our firearms. This is fitting and proper. Our community accepts that responsibility, and we proudly rise to it every day.

About CSSA:

The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities.

For more information, visit the website at

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Is it legal to carry and use firearm strictly for self defense in the Canadian wilderness ? let’s say you’re hiking, camping and exploring the wilderness / remote areas during your vacation any time in the year, can you carry a rifle or handgun just for that purpose, what type of licence you need ? my question is because I would love to hike, camp and explore the unexplored wilderness but I’m too scared from encounters with unwanted hungry or territorial black bears, wolves, or big cats mainly in northern Quebec where I am a resident, and also in northern… Read more »


A long gun can be carried for wilderness defense, provided you are not within Provincial or National Park boundaries, as parks generally restrict gun carry. While it’s theoretically possible to obtain a permit for wilderness handgun carry, in reality these are rarely issued and you’d be wasting your time and money applying for this permit. So now that we know you’re limited to non-restricted long gun carry for wilderness defense, all you would need to do is buy a non-restricted long gun, and to do that would require a non-restricted gun license (known as a PAL). How to obtain a… Read more »


It depends on the province. At no time are you entirely illegal with a non-restricted firearm as long as it is properly stored or secured. However discharging a firearm falls under provincial jurisdiction, and is drastically different from province to province. In Nova Scotia, for example, you can only discharge that firearm in conjunction with the hunting licence you hold. IE That big cat requires a predators licence, that rabid squirrel a nuisance licence and so on.


Hi. Let me start by saying this was a good and a sad read. I served in the Canadian military for 22 yrs. And when i read our stupid lame unconstitutional laws i puke in the back of my mouth. The shit I’ve seen over seas and now our government is opening our country to the same people who i sought to stop killing and harming in there country are taking up homes next door in ours. Makes me load all the guns i own.. i look at it like this we are being unwilling forced to sit back let… Read more »

Eugene Mellin

You sick ,liberal, Socialist run Canada what a disgrace you have become. My family comes from Quebec. (St. George de Laporte)
Thank God they moved to the U S. Liberalization is already destroying America – We ain’t there yet but we’re on our way..

mike walsh

Canada is not a Socialist country, the economy is not planned from the centre, and therefore does not meet the definition of socialism in any way. Adults don’t talk about Canada as a socialist country, because it simply isn’t true. We pay higher taxes because we get a better value for our money that way, its what we choose, we choose it because it works. The United States, as a country doesn’t not work. Debt per capita in the US is many many many times what it is here. We have a good country by any measure, its grotesque to… Read more »

Bay Guy

My, O My! Where do you live, man? Are you a government employee? Union member? How this is not socialist – do you want to tell us economy runs on pure competition? Lets the best win? BS! Just look at the big three Telcos, Air Canada, etc. protected by government. No competition at all – Canada pays highest Internet rates for the lowest speeds, air tickets, fees, fees and more fees! You are not allowed even to say what you think anymore – you will be appointed as hater, right wing activist or even arrested!


I don’t feel I get more value for my money. I believe I pay way to much in tax. Considering I give half or more of all the money I make to the government and can’t even have a decent road to drive in to work on… or that I have to pay full price for things like day care so some welfare meth head can have free childcare while they go get high… and now I have to pay even more tax just to gas up for my daily commute (like I didn’t already pay enough in federal and… Read more »


what is democratic in Canada when the Liberals control every aspect. If I feel there is a problem with our “democracy” I have to deal with the Minister of Democracy who is a Liberal. Elections Canada have no say when it comes to Trudeau changing voting rules – he just changes the laws to suit his purpose. He appointed the Governor General and the head of the R.C.M.P it goes on and on. You can figure out who is the real controller of these offices. He has changed laws steadily since taking office to suit his purpose not ours. This… Read more »

Nathalie H T Partica

EST 18:38 Monday, ’19 01 07 Better not to be judged at all. The bizarre antics of this divided Country we call Canada can kiss my *ss. It’s no big secret, our judicial system’s spine is out of alignment – it needs readjusting. I was once brutally assaulted resulting in a broken shoulder blade. Despite the testimony of half a dozen eyewitnessess, the cop refused to press charges on the assailant because he didn’t see it happen with his own eyes, I wanted to defend myself, the brutal beating came from a 400 lb fat cow [I’m only 115lbs], I… Read more »


just secretly carry a gun on you if you see her again unload that magazine.

Nathalie H T Partica

EDT 05:13 Monday, 2019/04/08 Dear God, [ ‘Dear God’ – lol 🙂 ] I wish I could do just that, unload a magazine into both her, her boyfriend AND the officials at City Hall down on Front Street in Belleville, Ontario. It’s her boyfriend’s fault she assaulted me. Synopsis: I was at a club downtown on Front Street where the city has spent millions of dollars trying to reinvent downtown Belleville, Ontario by giving it a facelift in hopes of whitewashing downtown Belleville’s nasty reputation of alcoholics, drug addicts, crime, and murder – YES MURDER, in a feeble attempt to… Read more »

Eugene Mellin

I’m ashamed to say my people come from Canada. Your country has been destroyed by the Progress, Liberal movement. The right to protect oneself is from the beginning of Creation — Only the sick Liberals could destroy our rights the way they have and are trying to do here in America.


eugene mellin…very well said, I agree 100% with you….next time it’s Canada day, I won’t raise our flag at my home and will probably use it to wipe my ass in case I run out of toilet paper……can’t even defend ourselves without owings an explanation to the justice system once you are a victim ???????????????

mike walsh

You bring shame to Quebec with your illiterate, foolish bigoted statements. If you think that its bad to be a Liberal, that means that you don’t believe in Liberty. You are not a Canadian you deserve to have no land and no people. Shame on you.


Fuck Queerbec!!

Calico. GUY

Love… you fucken quebequers who mouch on this country for money. We fucken pay your day homes for your kids. We pay for your free university.

Shut the fuck up you stupid tabernacle. Calice.


You bring shame to the concept of Liberty. Liberals are taking more rights AWAY from you right now than other other political party in Canada. Liberals are SJW socialist wannabes thought up and run by children.

George Clemens

@Mike walsh. So, what about the part where he talked about the right to defend yourself as a victim of a crime? The Liberal standpoint is that you are not allowed to use lethal force. If you kill someone who breaks into your house, you’re going to jail. Tell me again how this is justice? The liberals have created these legal bars for us. What is the point? P.S. Not all of us are vagina hat wearing Liberal socialist/communist lovers. How is it believing in liberty, when you can’t even defend yourself by killing someone who illegally breaks into your… Read more »

mike walsh

Your lack of literacy goes along with your lack of ability to think about things properly in general. This is not the most “liberal” liberal government that Canada has ever had. Canada’s best ever prime minister was this man’s father. Canada has always been like it is today. They are not interested in destroying your rights, they are interested in reducing violent crime, and as a nation we have been very successful. All Canadians are proud of this. We are simply a more civilized nation, we don’t have sick right wing ideologies here about gun control, we don’t have these… Read more »


Um nope….. you are mistaken (A) Liberal In the political context is no way related to or supportive of Liberty…. that would be libertarian.
(B) The Liberal party is no longer Liberal. The Leftists overran the Liberal party long ago ( under the Marxist pig Trudeau ).
If you don’t understand the difference between leftist and liberal then that is your first problem. The Leftist are to liberalism what Far /alt right is to conservatism….. only worse.

The Don

That may be the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. Of course liberal and liberty are related, they both come from the Latin word for freedom. You’ll literally find the word ‘liberty’ in a dictionary definition of the word ‘liberal’.


Liberty 100% yes, the Liberal Party of Canada has not even the slightest clue what Liberty even is or stands for. They really need to change their name to lets say the “Socialist Alliance Party” or something like that, they wouldn’t know liberalism if it was smeared on their faces!


Mr. Mike walsh, you are obviously the stereotypical Canadian nutter (no offense to the other intelligent Canadian conservatives posting on this site). You are obviously a nut who has no clue what is going on around him, similar to an ignorant ostrich with their head buried in the sand, while the place is being burned down! The reason I’ve visited this website today is because of all the shootings and violent, violent stuff that is happening in Toronto and the general Greater Toronto Area. Armed robberies and whatnot. It seems even the wealthy/upper middle class neighborhoods are not being spared!… Read more »

Jay c

On point I’m canadian and what the liberal party is doing is disintegrating what little rights and freedoms we have left I’ll suffer the consequences if some idiot breaks into my home and I kill the pos but what’s more of an injustice is the fact that I would most certainly go to jail and why for defending not only my own life but the life of my 5 year old son!!! Just the notion that I’m supposed to hunker down call the police and wait for them is absurd by the time that door is busted open it’s too… Read more »

Jason Gavel

The best leader this country ever had was Harper. All the rest are there for themselves and Quebec. I believe in Canada that we should have the right to bare arms


just roll up your sleeves then.

Roy D.

Canadians are like the retarded cousins you have to put up with because they are related to you and more importantly happen to own and live on the land directly adjacent to you.


God forbids nothing will happen to u or your family. Just think about that.


I really hope someone breaks into your home. This may teach you a few things about LIBERTY, RIGHTS, and FREEDOM.


Yes I’m ashamed to be a Canadian as well!
This is a phony Democracy and a full fledged Zionist Country!!!!!
This is a Nation in Distress and there is no such thing as Patriotism anymore!

perry b

cant say what id do in a situation when 1 or more are trying to harm my family I do know law or no law id do everything in my power to make sure the offender never does it again still not sure why people shoot warning shots If I was able to get my guns out of the safe all shots would be at the largest parts of the body and if they touched my wife or kids wouldn’t matter if they were running away that’s my feeling but who knows a person may just run and hide under… Read more »


Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!!


I think when Canadians comment that we have no right to self defense what they are really saying is that it is a very high bar to jump over. Yes you do but in may cases you may well wish your attackers killed you to end the pain of being dragged through our laws and courts to prove your innocence.
Given the that you might as well not have the right to self defense.


I am a woman living in Canada and always carry a pen in my pocket in case I need to write something down on my notebook. I am not very strong. What if someone attacked me and I stabbed them with the pen in the neck, would I be charged? What about if I took a self defense course and hurt them with my knees or punched them in the throat, could I be charged with that if I do it in self defense? I believe Canadian laws need to change as well. People should be able to defend themselves… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Michelle, You are asking the wrong people about will you be charged. You have to ask the prosecutor that has jurisdiction over you.


The laws in Canada are Bullshit.The chance of getting killed in your own bed is getting higher then ever.With all the Gang shit going on they have to do something about the locking all your guns in the gun safe and the ammo in another safe. By the time you get every thing unlocred and Loaded every one in the house is dead.You should be allowed faster achess to at least 1 gun? Maybe we have to trade Treudo Dum Dum for Mr Trump? At least trump believes in Protecting your Family and Country. I doneed believe I am saying… Read more »

Mike Arsenault

@ Neil,there is no law that says you have to have guns locked in a safe. also,you do not have to lock up ammo,or have it in a safe. If you are going to express an opinion,make it based on facts……by the way,if you are in the home with the gun,it does not require a locking device.


Well how about you tell that to Ian Thomson, Did you not read the article posted. One high-profile case you’ve likely heard of is that of Ian Thomson from Port Colborne, Ontario. Multiple assailants lobbed Molotov cocktails at Thomson’s home in an attempt to burn it to the ground with Thomson inside. Thomson, a firearms instructor, ran to his gun safe and pulled out a handgun. He loaded it and fired a couple of warning shots over the heads of the criminals intent on murdering him and, like the cowards they are, they ran for their lives. Police arrived some… Read more »


Yes the laws in Canada are Bullshit.The chance of getting killed in your own bed is getting higher then ever.With all the Gang shit going on they had better rethink the self defence law. Maybe we should trade Treudo Bum Dum for Mr Trump he seems to think that self defence of your self or your country is a smart thing and way to go!,! I am sorry to say this but I AGREE WITH TRUMP ?


Is it legal to carry around in ones purse some sort of self defense object in canada. There are more and more murders and kidnappings happening around here and I want to be able to defend myself in the event something happens to me or someone with me. There are alot of women being kidnapped to be pimped out and I never want to become a victem. I googled pocket knife and pepper spray and came up that it’s illegal, is this true. Any suggestions on something I can carry that’s small to fit in my purse only in the… Read more »


You are able to carry a pocket knife,but not if it is concealed… I carry a pocket knife daily,and never once been scrutinized by law enforcement for doing so….most law enforcement are not interested in searching you or your possessions unless they have probable cause to do so. If you are brandishing a weapon,expect to attract attention. In todays day and age, it is the responsibility to protect ones self,but that does not mean placing yourself in risky environments,nor does it mean looking for trouble either…discernment is the best defensive measure you can take, walking in pairs, being self aware,and… Read more »

George Clemens

It’s great to be literate, but you’ve got some holes in your logic there, bud. And literacy without logic, temperament, and critical thinking skills is outright dangerous. You see, Pierre Trudeau started out as a Marxist. He couldn’t even finish his studies at Harvard, because of his ideologies. He then adopted the teachings of Emmanuel Mounier, who was actually a personalist. Canada has NOT always been like it is today. When I was growing up, it was heavily encouraged that boys play with realistic looking firearms, so that they’d get used to them when time came for them to use… Read more »

pierre lacorde

Answer to your question about what you can carry in your purse; i would recommend a tactical flashlight that will set off a high intensity strobe. that will disorient the attacker just long enough for you to get away. Also, use what you have; a pen, your heels,, take a self defence course; go for the eyes, throat, anything to get away. Also, i would recommend a tactical flashlight adjacent to the bed.


I could not believe it when i read in some states theykeep a bucket of rocks as a defensive measure in some “states”….in canada,they suggest calling law enforcement


Get bear spray. Not intended for people so u are not carrying it with intent to use on people, its for those walks in the bush to keep bears away. However, its verrrrey effective on people should something happen and u have to use it on a person.


I live in a rural area, a neighbour threatened to kill me that night over an earlier disput. I called police, they attended and the individual confessed to the threat. Police arrested and charged him, crown counsel wouldn’t proceed with charged? Figured the individual never really meant it. Since then, gun fire from the residences where or beside, that same individual resides. Completely illegal and heard by others. Today, assaulted on my property, which again is rural, not many neighbours immediately next door, by TWO not just one individual. If my wife hadn’t come outside because of yelling, who knows… Read more »


Being that you have had your life threatened,been assaulted and all of this is registered with the police,you should apply for a concealed carry permit. Contrary to belief,canadians are legally allowed to apply for a concealed carry permit, providing there are proper grounds and is necessary to protect yourself from harm. Being a law-abiding licensed firearms owner,i would suggest following laws,in your jurisdiction,do NOT take the law into your own hands!!!…contact the proper authorities,fill out and provide the proper documents and apply for a ccp. If law enforcement has a record of your particular case,do the necessary research,speak to your… Read more »


Sure, concealed carry permits exist. But they are made so impossible to get that they might as well not exist. Same with a wilderness carry permit for occupations such as trapping. Might as well not even have the law when it’s at the sole discretion of a CFO who believes ‘only the police and military should have guns’ and uses his unlimited and unchallengeable powers to just stick a ‘deny’ stamp on everything that comes across his desk.


Besides, you shouldn’t need a concealed carry permit to use your perfectly legal firearms for self defence on your own property.

Andrew Lee

Gotta be clever dude. Run him over if given a good chance. Oops.

darrell langille

i was in a postion that i had to defend against two people who were in my home with my young child and my gf , i stabbed one assailant in the neck and was never charged as i had done everything possible to diffuse the situation ,had i been excessive in my defending my family , ie stabbing him repeatedly , i would have been charged so the amount of force used is definately a factor in defense


I am thinking of moving to the States, Canadian law is always working for the criminals. Although I would go to jail, I would prefer a living family

Jeffrey Benninger

I am not affraid to go to jail for defending my family , or myself form a preditor who could potentaily bring great harm to any one. As far as pepper spray goes I personaly think that this is one of the best ways to protect your family from these idiots trying to intimidate and hurt us or some one. This country we call Ontario might be safe when it comes to guns , hand guns in particular. I would not want hand guns being legal. But it is really pathetic how are government wants to control us and tell… Read more »

Nathalie H T Partica

EDT 19:03 Wednesday, 2019/04/10 Update: EDT 05:13 Monday, 2019/04/08 I responded to a post time and date stamped 01:02 Wednesday, 2019/02/27 by ‘God’ in regard to ‘God’s’ reply to my post time and date stamped EST 18:38 Monday, 2019/01/07 Due to my reply EDT 05:13 Monday, 2019/04/08: Yesterday, at approximately 21:00 Tuesday, 2019/04/09 Belleville Police Services came to my RESIDENCE and knocked on my apartment door [IP ADDRESS], to question me all because my second post contained > FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ‘I WISH I COULD DO JUST THAT’ < referring to the undesirables at Belleville, Ontario City Hall and the… Read more »

Jan Simpson

Jack Berg – Bullying is a psychological assault on a person. Self defense deals with someone physically harming you. Do you see the difference? Standing up to bullies verbally is usually all it takes, and developing a healthy self attitude – because bullies don’t bother self-confident people, they only affect the weak-minded.
Suicide is self-imposed. Killing a bully doesn’t solve the problem, because unless the victim changes their mental health they will attract another bully. I imagine there are plenty in jail, which is where they would end up if they killed someone for bullying them.


Blame the victim moron.

kevin henry

Im right along side of you! Predators prey on the weak and vulnerable!
I may be one of those that go to jail for standing my ground. A person can only take so much, before they become unhinged.
I’ve considered suicide for many years, but they’d like that too much. It’s me or them, fight or flight, from this day on!!!

Caroline Crompton-Griffith

I just wanted to point out a small thing. You made a comment about the Darwinian crowd feeling superior in their victimization. That’s actually extremely anti-Darwinian as Darwinism holds to the idea of “the survival of the fittest” and therefore protecting oneself and one’s progeny (such as the squirrel fighting back, or the mother bear tearing you to shreds for approaching her cub) is the very definition of Darwinism.

Foster J

I agree…thought it was an odd statement.

Tanker TDG

I would think the sound of a pump action racking would be enough to deter most intruders. If you are creative, plan ahead, and read storage laws, you can legally store nr firearms and have access to them. They can be put in a state of readiness, reasonably quickly. I’m not saying you should go charging out your front door with a scattergun when a cat knocks over your garbage can, but you could be armed in the time it takes to pry open your door. Be advised you will likely be charged with something if you did this, even… Read more »

Samantha St-Louis

I have a question. One of my neighbours was recently attacked in her home by two men. The robbers kicked down her door and went straight up to her room, threw her on the ground and chocked and battered her for money. Thank god she managed to run and a naighbour saved her. So, lets say a man breaks into my house when my car is in fromt so he knows I am there and I have kids in the house so in an attempt to get him out I yell or use bear spray and he gets angry and… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Samantha, Yes, thank God that she “managed to run”. As to your hypotheticals, no one here can help you. You have to ask the governmental employees that are in charge of you.

Jack Findlay

There is no government in charge of me, I can not be owned. Neither can you . If you think you are than your a fool.

Nathalie H T Partica

EDT 05:18 Monday, 2019/04/08

Amen to that.

Reverend Griffin

Defend your self and your precious kids. Don’t wait or like you said it will already be late.
Reverend Griffin

Amine Benz

in my opinion, as soon as someone attempted to enter your home you are automatically in a 10/10 situation of self-defense. this may cause damages to the attacker, but I don’t think you’ll go to jail for that even if he has serious injuries (including death). the only complications I can see is if they see that the attacker was hit from behind because this could be interpreted as if he was running away which means you are not in great danger and could let him run! I think things get more complicated if you are attacked in the street… Read more »


You don’t need to wait, just be threatened with grievous bodily injury or death

“in response to a use or threat of force”


I’ll do anything it takes to protect my family.If that means ending someone,then it is what is.Liberals have f**ed Canada over.I refuse to be the victim.

Dainith Toulouse

It’s only been a few hundred years since my people were eradicated when europeans appeared, people forget that senseless slaughter always existed, it’s inevitable. The world’s population is getting bigger everyday, maybe a better government needs to be formed, instead of the divided world we live in today. Equal rights needs to be justified.


On one hand you acknowledge that fighting amongst themselves is an inevitable hallmark of humans. On the other, you single out the period after europeans arrived for special mention. What about what happened to the Hurons and other now-forgotten tribes? Your people were not just sitting around singing Kumbaya when Europeans arrived. Tribal warfare did happen. What about the natives in Central and South America? The Aztecs were adept at subduing their neighbours and they didn’t do it with cookies and milk. Every tribe, race, and region on earth has some degree of violence and war in their histories. Some… Read more »


He did not say anything about tribal warfare not existing. He simply used it as an example as it was something which he could relate to.

Roy D.

Your “people were eradicated” and yet here you are posting on Ammoland. I guess those evil Europeans weren’t as efficient as you allege. My wife is one eighth Choctaw which makes my children one sixteenth and my grandchildren something more than 1/32th because there is Indian blood on their mother’s side also. Suck it up buttercup and live your life.


Get a crossbow it doesn’t have to be locked in a safe quick load and will do the job of defence of your wife and children

mike walsh

you do know that it would be way way way way way way more likely that your kid is going to shoot himself or someone else with it right? This is Canada. Odds are you don’t need to worry about this type of thing. Maybe in rural areas more, but those people all have guns already and everyone knows that.


That’s exactly what a castrated cuckold would say. How does it feel to be a woman?


NOT a very intelligent comeback Daniel . . . you might want to rethink it or crawl back under your rock. Signed from a woman who knows unarmed combat

Wild Bill

@Pam, No, Daniel has it correct. You and Mike are subjects of the government. You are programed to be subjects. Sovereignty resides in the Canadian government, not you. Your mistake is thinking that you are people, with rights. You are not. You are both subjects. Go look it up.

Roy D.

Pam, Wild Bill is right you know. Enjoy your chains.


Mike i have read your post and I think you have a way more trust in your fellow humens then most .I hope that you don’t wake up some night with a home invasion on your hands and you are not prepared.Because I am sure that most people who do have a home invastion have all ways thought that it won’t happen to us. But that’s just my opinion.


I am canadian and i agree the defence laws need to change however, atleast in canada you can be gay or colored or both and trans or whoever you are or want to be. Also people for get a deadlyforce defence situation is extremely rare aslong as your aware of your surroundings and take regular precautions. Also if you have to go to court and then become broke claim bankrupsy and get your money back.


I dont think bankruptcy works like that…i may be wrong but i am pretty sure once you are bankrupt, you are bankrupt… I may misunderstand your point?, the laws need to be adjusted,but this will be unlikely, considering the fools in power at the moment… At least harper had a head on his shoulders, some education to be able to mitigate, and a proper social understanding… Instead of dancing at a pride event, travelling to other countries for a holiday with his family(on taxpayers money) and having the media follow his socks rather than his lack of qualifications…Canadians are in… Read more »


very well said


Had the TX Church shooter “good guy” incident happened anywhere in Canada, I think his response might have been “My goodness, after just reading the article on ammoland, and the comments, I had better go back in my house and pretend I did not see or hear anything. If protecting my own life has such serious consequences, imagine what the injustice system could do to me for sticking my nose into something that was not directly endangering my security. Anyway, those Church people were always making so much noise on Sundays.”

Peter Wilson, CD.

Smart move, Chuck. Always remember: No good deed goes unpunished!

Roland Zerebeski

Case in Wakaw, Saskatchewan several years ago: A man in his 70’s had been repeatedly robbed and beaten on his farm by thugs. When they returned and tried again, he shot them dead. His charges were dropped. I am going on memory alone of the news reports, so check the facts. I didn’t know him personally.

Ali Yusuf

That is Saskatchewan, and he is 70. What if yo uare being harrassed by criminals, they break into your house with the intention of brutally beating you with baseball bat, and you know that they might have a gun. You are all alone, but you suspect they will come in a group, you somehow find a gun and place it under your pillow in case this happens. One day, or night, they break in while you are lying on the couch, 4 of them have baseball bats. You kill them? In the United States, you wouldn’t even be charged, but… Read more »

Steve Boissoin

This has some good info. Some is a little off though. The Self Defence and Citizens Arrest Act didn’t exist yet with Galloway or Thompson. In the end, due to the Firearms Act and Sec 34 and 35 you most likely will be charged but like it says get off if it was clear you were defending yourself with reasonable force. You will most likely be charged because of the firearms act not because of defending yourself even with lethal force. If the Crown determined there has been a crime committed by you or that the events are questionable they… Read more »


Excellent advise…thankyou


What good is the right to self defense, or even the certitude of being cleared of the charges that will certainly atise if you do so, when you will be financially ruined by your legal costs. The government have made it financially ruinous to defend yourself.


No witness,no problems……

Mark Mucus

First of all, I really need to get my PAL and a gun! Too many lunatics around these days and I have two young kids! For now I just have a knife (and know how to use it, and wouldn’t show it off to scare someone away or hesitate. By the time the robber sees it, its almost in his gut) I couldnt care less what some book allows me to defend myself with. As far as the cops are concerned, since I’m an electrician, my knife is for stripping wire. But I’d still stab someone trying to rob me.… Read more »

Neil Batchelor

You just did. On a public forum. Good thinking.


i figured out my firearms of choice by going to open range days where one pays to shoot an assortment of calibers. in two weeks i shot 17 hmr, 22 cal, 223, 9 mil, and 308 cal. and for something different a 50 cal black powder rifle… also tried crossbow… i have a 22, shopping list is 9 mil and 223…


It takes a certain type of individual, to be able to “stab” someone…this isn’t a regular means of defense. I would choose to make some distance, so i could let the assailant “see” the blade…hopefully, most “normal” human beings(even criminals) are not interested in tangling with a blade…that being said,there are psychotic “people” out there, that have no value for life… The best means of defense, is to make distance, and get out of dodge….some circumstances just simply don’t allow an individual to run….concealing a knife is illegal, And carrying a 10” blade on your hip will surely attract unwanted… Read more »

Raymond Miller

Do I have to leave them laying on my living room rug to bleed out ? Why can’t I drag them into the bath room and dump them in the tub ?

Wild Bill

@Ray Miller, Blood spatter patterns.


If you have to use lethal force to defend yourself or your family………… make sure you actually KILL the attacker…………. dead men don’t sue. Also, if a wounded attacker attempts to get away, make sure you get them back inside and keep them there while police are summoned. They have a lot of ‘splaining to do if they are illegally in your place of residence. You are under ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to offer ANY medical aid to a wounded attacker…………………. let ’em bleed out……………NOT YOUR PROBLEM

Wild Bill

@Lee, I do not like to criticize the advice of other honest, conservative persons who post here. Today I make the exception. Dead men do not sue, but their relatives do. As for,”…if a wounded attacker attempts to get away, make sure you get them back inside and keep them there…” That is really on the verge of kidnap… a felony. And would create a lot of evidence to be used against you at your two state level trials and the federal prosecution against you.


Here in Canada, stopping and detaining someone in the process of committing a crime is called a CITIZEN’S ARREST…………… is PERFECTLY LEGAL…………..NOT a felony, NOT any kind of a crime. You re simply doing your civic duty……………. and as for the dipshit relatives suing?????………………. that is a game for any number of players……….

Wild Bill

@Lee, My trial venue is Texas, and your trial venue is Canada. So I supposed that there some differences, but even in Texas ,” … if a wounded attacker attempts to get away, make sure you get them back inside…” Then you may have committed kidnap , may tampered with evidence, and may have denied the wounded person the ability to seek medical help (depending upon how the jury finds).
Changing now to Canadian law. The other people commenting here on Canadian justice do not seem to share your confidence. Curious.


Self defense in canada regardless of laws, beliefs or criminal codes, self defence is, was, and will in all time past present or future will be you have the right to run away or hide under your bed, that is self defence in canada.
The biggest right we have in these cases is to be a victim and victim only and never expect to be compensated for being victimized.
We are like socialized dogs keep taking the broom to the ass and we all know what happens to the dog when it shows aggression back …to defend its self…….


Well my husband just told me about a friend of his who defended his wife outside their house from 4 men who were attempting to rape her. Three of these men had a history of rape and one of assaulting a woman! He came home to find an assault in progress so he obviously went to defend her and one guy pulled a knife on him. He managed to knock the knife out of his hand and instantly stabbed him. He then told his wife to call the Police and ambulance but the man died. To my shock he was… Read more »


I believe this. I was not only blamed for my vicious rape in Canada but told by an assault clinic that I would be charged if I had defended myself and end up penniless. Safe in Canada? For women? Are you kidding? As a woman in Canada (especially without a man), you just have to get used to abuse. Stalking. Harassment. I’m returning to the USA but as for now, we don’t allow any Canadian men inside our home. That’s consenting to sex as far as the courts will decide and defending yourself could cause you to go to prison.


The retarded monkeys in Canada are running the zoo.
Throw a banana off a nearby cliff.


Yes it is better to be judged by 12 than to be carried out by 6

david ward

better to be judged by 12 than to be carried out by 6

Michael G

I live in Canada, and these laws are a joke. Of course I’d blow the head off anyone invading my home at night… Its either the creep charging up the stairs after kicking in the door with god knows what intention, or my wife and 7 year old son and 3mo. old daughter. Even if they send me to jail for the rest of my life it would be worth it.


I am saddened that you would have to consider spending the rest of your life in jail for defending your family. What an indictment of the Canadian injustice system. Even pepper spraying your attacker could bring you a stiff prison sentence. How can you claim to live in a free country when the police and the courts are on the side of the criminals.


I agree, they should change the laws


Yea, they should change a few laws here. Police:”Oh, A guy broke into your house and tried to kill you, but you shot him with a firearm! Well, your going to jail!” Me:”Why, the hell would i have to go to jail for defending myself in my own house against a criminal!” (This is just how i see it, this did not happen, obviously)


There is no “castle defence” legislation to support this hypothetical situation…i agree, the laws need to change,so as to be able to defend your loved ones and property…the best we can do is write to our particular mla or representative and ask for changes to legislation


well that’s why most people rely on Stun Batons in Canada


@ Michael G. I agree totally. If I had to go to jail for protecting my family so be it. At the end of the day, it’s not about being American, Canadian or from any other country. When push comes to shove if one is being attacked or defending someone, we are not going to stop and think about laws etc. Primal défense mechanisms take over. It is unfortunate in the aftermath how the victim or those defending are handled. For those that enjoy the “freedom” of gun ownership and the toting of said weapons, just remember, live by the… Read more »


Hopefully someone like me would be on the jury. You wouldn’t see the inside of a jail cell, that’s for sure.

Christopher Wilson MD

Thank God I live in Texas, no wonder we have so many Canadians living down here.

Peter Wilson, CD.

Unfortunately, except in very rare circumstances stated in this article, you will no doubt go to jail regardless. That is until your trial date. You will be held in custody until your bail hearing. Your bail, should you qualify, will be prohibitive to the average Joe. There is justice and then there is ‘just us’
Oh, Canada!.

W. Cushman

Not my circus, not my monkeys (thank God}


Another problem is we have been socialized , most Canadians do not even know our own constitution and how it works. People in Canada believe it’s okay for the RCMP to tell people what they can’t do. Reality is the RCMP work for the citizens , unholding the law. Instead the RCMP think they are the law. Totally false legislative assembly create law that then gets voted on , RCMP can not tell you what you can and cannot do. RCMP do not make laws.


They do run the law,they decide classification of firearms without senate being involved or voting…they pick and chose what firearms are what…they decide who is justified in self defence and who isnt…
Now,they do provide evidence to crown to determine if the “offense”
Is deemed indictable or not…that on its own,appears to me to be rule of law…does it not?!?

Capn Jack

One of the main problems here is the RCMP is trying to run the system
not working under it.

Gene Ralno

Not very complimentary of Canadian law and sounds innately dangerous for firearms owners. Personally, I prefer the “stand your ground” laws in a number of U.S. states.

M. Blake

One of the specific uses of “deadly force” that is allowed under Arkansas law is arson. Several years ago, over coffee, our local prosecutor told me about an incident where a homeowner shot and killed a thug trying to set fire to his car in the driveway. No charges were filed.
It was gorgeous, but I don’t think I’ll visit Canada again. Will stick with vacationing in conservative US free states. (obviously excluding California, DC, NY…)

Raymond Miller

That Crown Prosecutor could get a job in the N.J. government. Maybe that’s where Trenton and the Jersey politicians get their ideas from.


what about if you use rubber bullets to protect your self from harm to defend your family in your house from an aggressive intruder in Canada ?


Rubber or bean bag rounds are lethal within a certain distance…im not sure about how lethal, at what distance, but if you kill someone, it is the same charge as a lethal round. Chances are, you will still undergo the same type of indictment even though a non-lethal round was used…even if you shoot someone with non-lethal and they survive…you will still have your firearms confiscated, still undergo scrutiny, have to pay a retainer, and still have a court date assigned…the problem doesn’t lie in the action of lethal or non-lethal, the problem lies within the law and being canadian… Read more »

Jack Berg

Here’s a debate question or secenario in the adult world bulling does exists and can’t be denied that it doesn’t happen.
It has also been proven that bulling causes depression, anxiety, and Suicidal thoughts.
Adults have committed suicide from being constantly bullied and harassed.
If our laws claim self defense is legal , would a person who is complemeting suicide from being bullied and harassed
Have the right to self defense to protect themselves from committing suicide ???

Rick Owens

Because suicide is a personal choice dumbass. Nobody can commit suicide but you and you can walk away from harrasment. Be a fucking man.


My God…did i missunderstand what Jack said?… would he like the opportunity to kill someone because he was bullied at work or at the cornerstore??…
No wonder we have an over abundance of useless laws, and are unable to “lawfully” protect ourselves, if the need ever arises…

Jack Berg

No not looking to kill anyone over harassment or bulling apologizes if misunderstood by others and I’m not a dumbass! I also see here being a man is to call others names such as dumbass could be defined as child like bulling I used the words self defense not killing another human over a one off mouth piece at a corner store Or being bullied at work however if a man has a big mouth should the person be able to say maybe put a fist into the mouth of the bully to shut it up and not be charged… Read more »


I dont agree with name calling,that being said,if being harrassed or bullied, is no reason to assault anyone!!!…if someone is targeting you for a particular reason,i would hope one finds other means of solving the issue other than suicide. It is an unfortunate circumstance that an individual feels no way out, other than suicide. We should be compassionate to each other, we should also acknowledge some people carry a great deal of mental and emotional trauma…some have to deal with this problem, their whole lives…this is an unfortunate byproduct of being a human… Some seem to only value status, some… Read more »

Jack Berg

I am not considering suicide myself and apologize for my writing creating a misunderstanding ,I will try again. I have been a mental health advocate for close to 40 yrs and have become completely disgusted with what bulling and harrasment creates in our society and in people’s lives. My advocating began as a teenager as I helplessly watched a school aquaintance who was relentisly bullied and harrased daily over his preceivied sexuality which in turn may have caused him to retrieve his father’s shot gun from the gun cabinet He is no longer with us and the teenage bullies are… Read more »

Jan Simpson

Jack Berg – Bullying is a psychological assault on a person. Self defense deals with someone physically harming you. Do you see the difference? Standing up to bullies verbally is usually all it takes, and developing a healthy self attitude – because bullies don’t bother self-confident people, they only affect the weak-minded.
Suicide is self-imposed. Killing a bully doesn’t solve the problem, because unless the victim changes their mental health they will attract another bully. I imagine there are plenty in jail, which is where they would end up if they killed someone for bullying them.


I heard that if you tell would be criminal that you have called the police and they are under arrest and you have a gun and they keep coming you can shoot. Anyone know if that’s true?


No, being canadian, we are NOT permitted to carry a firearm, under any circumstance, other than attending shooting ranges, purchase to home, home to gunsmith or hunting…most of these used to require ATT(some still do). If you are at home and being robbed,you call the police,you retrieve a legally owned firearm from your locked gunsafe, retrieve ammuntion from a separate locked enclosure, and inform the said criminal you have a firearm, then shoot him as he approaches you or your loved ones….you will be indicted for a number of numerous offenses. As read above, Ian Thomson was in this particular… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Mike, Permitted? Here let me fix it for you: No, being slaves, we are NOT permitted to carry a firearm,…
I sure feel sorry for you.


Me too….one of the perks of being RULED by the “queen”


What other recourse do Canadians have?….
Until our”gov’t” decides to do other,i dont see another way….but what would you suggest?..,


No comment?, please offer a suggestion


If you read up on the law you would realize that ammunition and firearms do not have to be stored in separately locked enclosures. As long as they are of the non-restricted class, firearms can be stored with their ammunition in a secure storage container (I.e. gun cabinet or safe) or a room that is difficult to break in to. If they are stored in this manner, no other locking device is required (trigger lock, cable lock, removal of bolt, etc.). The only thing is that they cannot be loaded with said ammunition. If you don’t believe me in regards… Read more »


That is correct and many people in Canada are unaware of this.
Also consider that a restricted firearm can be stored (with trigger lock or cable) in a locked cabinet WITH the ammunition. This means you can have a full magazine in the safe near the restricted but not loaded. (6.C)
If the force is reasonable under the circumstances, while you may still be charged, the chance of conviction is low. Regardless, I’d much rather face the consequences than face the loss of family, bodily harm, or death. It’s a no-brainer really.


lastly, those animal references are so problematic for so many reasons. One, we are hopefully more advanced than animals, two those animals are using their own physical ability, not a fire arm. and thirdly, it really just exposed the lack of education this author has.


I’m pretty sure if you offered a gun to a squirrel to defend itself from a coyote, and it has the intelligence to understand how to use a firearm. That squirrel will accept the gun, and will use it to defend itself, and it’s family.




No they are not problematic. If a Gorilla throws a rock does that mean it’s cheating? Humans do not have claws, or speed, or strength,or horns, or antlers,and the bite we do have is not extremely effective. The only “natural” defense we have is our intelligence. If I decide to acquire a club, a spear, a knife, or a gun it is irrelevant, because I used my intelligence to acquire it.


ok seriously though, there is such a low chance that you could “defend yourself” with a firearm by lethally eliminating your threat and not face jail time/major consequences. This is Canada, not the United States. You can overpower your threat and wait for the police, pretty much it.

Wild Bill

@Reality, the solution is so simple: Don’t go to Canada.

mike walsh

Its funny, I was just talking to my dad about how I can’t go to the states, its too dangerous. Everyone has a gun. We don’t have anywhere near the rate of violent crime, you really don’t need a gun in Canada, its not an argument, its a fact that you’re more likely to hurt yourself then defend yourself. Canadians are generally better educated, and we don’t have this crazy gun nut ideology. Its a better country in every single way, so the fact is that what you should do is leave the US immediately and try to get into… Read more »


I think you need to educate yourself about guns maybe go out and shoot some realize that guns are not the problem they are just tools they are passive maybe then you would change your mind and think differently


The problem with that is the simple fact…they would have to lay blame on a broken system ,the same system should and would be held criminally responsible, since it is the very system that causes the problem in the first place!…not to mention the lack of actual health programs to tackle the rising threat of mentally ill throughout the world in general, never mind canada Just look at the garbage we allow our politicians to feed us….trudeau spent a couple hundred thousand on his trip to india…how many families could he have helped?…the answer is simple…NONE, he could care less… Read more »


Reality, Overpower your threat? You are obviously don’t have anything “up there”! So, you’re saying that my frail 75 year old grandpa is going to overpower a 6 foot 4 inch, 250 lb ripped guy, and then wait for the police? Maybe you should just take a second to reflect on the complete and total absurdity of your nutty statement?


Wow whoever wrote this is an idiot number one you have the right number two and three are GOOD LUCK WITH NUMBER ONE This article is some kind of joke because you ARE going to be charged and financially lose everything you ever had isn’t that just short OF CONVICTED !!! a SAPPY ARTICLE WRITTEN BY A SAP

Lisa Heideman

think id rather be broke then dead or my family dead because I didn’t defend myself ….. are you telling me that if you or your loved ones were being attacked and their life or yours iwas on the line youd be thinking ‘let them kill me cause I will be broke and might have two years of court dates?’ This article was written to explain our law and what will happen …. and I sure as hell would give EVERYTHING to be able to see my kids grow up or see another tomorrow .I cant blame the person who… Read more »


Well said Lisa


Better to be judged by twelve…than careied by six!…

Rick Dubowits

Our laws are ridiculous… that is what this article is showing. Although you have a right to defend yourself, our socialized system will make you pay everything for it. What I find unfair, is when a cop uses lethal (or even less lethal) force, the first thing that is done is an investigation is conducted to determine if the use of this force was justified or not (its usually justified). If it’s justified that is all there is to it… why are the rest of us denied this? If I hurt or kill someone in self defence, should not the… Read more »