Green Box Ammo – The All New Monthly Ammo Subscription Company Now Open for Business

Green Box Ammo
Green Box Ammo
Green Box Ammo
Green Box Ammo

United States -( Green Box Ammo is a new company providing monthly ammunition subscription boxes.

Customers can choose what caliber they want and how many rounds a month they want to receive. The current offering includes 9mm, .40, .45, and .223. and customers can choose between 100, 200, or 500 rounds a month.

GB Ammo has officially opened the doors for pre-sales offering early supporters a 10% lifetime discount on their boxes until 3/20/2016. In addition, 10% of the profit from each box is donated to the Wounded Warriors Project.

The ammo used by Green Box is all re-manufactured by a family owned and operated business in Kyle, Texas. The ammunition is promised to be clean and reliable, holding up to the highest standards of re-manufacturing.

The company’s founder, Matthew Osborn, says, “I started this business for two reasons. First, I wanted to give regular shooters a convenient and hassle free way to get the ammo they need, when they need it. Secondly, I was tired of going to my local stores just to find the caliber I needed was out of stock, or the price was through the roof. This service delivers the calibers you need every month regardless of their availability in chain stores and keeps a consistent price month after month.”

Matthew says they currently only supply .223, 9mm, .40, and .45 calibers because they are the most widely used and requested. Although, if enough demand arises for another caliber they will be happy to add it to their current offering.

Green Box Ammo
Green Box Ammo

How do their prices compare to what you are able to get in stores? A 100 round box of 9mm will run you $29 a month plus shipping. Green Box Ammo offers free shipping on all orders with 200 or more rounds, giving you some additional savings.

While their prices end up being about average with the 10% discount, they are slightly higher then average at full price.

Matthew says there are a few reasons for this, “First, because we source our ammunition from a smaller business in Texas allowing us the ability to guarantee all our ammunition each month, the result is a loss of the major discounts that often come with the large manufacturers. Secondly, we offer the convenience of automated ordering, something not offered by your major retailers. Lastly, we wanted to do more then just supply ammunition, which is why we decided to donate 10% of all our profit to a cause we believe in and feel our customers will too knowing that part of their purchase is going towards a greater cause.”

The pre-sales will end on 3/20/2016 and the first boxes will go out April 15th. If you want to get on the list to receive the 10% lifetime discount, head over to  To check out their website first, head to

Green Box Ammo mainly uses Instagram for communication and updates – their page name is @greenboxammo.

About Green Box Ammo:

Green Box Ammo is a monthly ammunition subscription service located in Denver, Colorado. We pride ourselves in offering high quality re-loaded ammunition subscription boxes, shipped to the customer’s door.. If you’d like to get in contact with us, please send an email to: [email protected]

For more information, visit:

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Would be more serious if 12 guage was an option


Good idea, seriously overpriced.


Include 7.62×39