Marco Rubio Has a Second Amendment Problem

Who is Not Telling the Truth About Their Gun Control Record?

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Springfield, VA -( When Marco Rubio was a local commissioner in Florida in 1999, he voted to ban guns from local parks.

Now, politicians make mistakes. And honest politicians “fess up” and move on. Rubio’s problem is that, when Senator Ted Cruz called attention to Rubio’s anti-gun vote, Marco’s response was to call Ted a “liar.”

This was part of a larger narrative in which Donald Trump and Rubio were hurling “pants on fire” insults at Cruz. But when Rubio disavowed his 1999 anti-gun vote — falsely accusing Ted Cruz of Rubio’s own sins — he made a serious mistake. Because it turns out that Breitbart had a videotape of Rubio casting the anti-gun vote which he was denying.

And not only was Rubio caught red-handed in a lie — about a significant and unambiguous misrepresentation — he was caught accusing others of “lying,” when in fact, it was Rubio himself who was not telling the truth.

As we said, politicians make mistakes. And Marco Rubio’s misrepresentation won’t be the worst mistake he’s made this week. (His worst mistake would be continuing his campaign in a context where the only conceivable outcome would be to prevent the pro-gun Cruz from seizing the nomination.)

But, just as Ted Cruz fired a top staffer in order to maintain the reality and appearance of scrupulous honestly, we do believe that Rubio owes Cruz an apology for his undeniable and conspicuous lie against him.

Incidentally, Cruz’ scrupulous honesty — in the face of child-like, baseless, repeated accusations — reaffirms Gun Owners of America in our decision to endorse Ted Cruz as, frankly, “the only adult in room” in a field of Republican candidates who appear, increasingly, like playground bullies.


Tim Macy
Gun Owners of America

About Gun Owners of America (GOA):

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul.

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I have a MarcHO RubiHO Problem. Do not like him . Will not Vote or support him


Tim your closing statement about “The only adult in the room” is not only debatable, it is wrong. The only Candidate remaining that has not been involved in this ridiculous, finger pointing, name calling, insulting diatribe of a Republican campaign has been and still is Governor Kasich. Governor Kasich is also by far the most qualified Republican Candidate He has served on the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee and Budget Committee (they actually balanced a budget). He is a successful Governor Ohio. Governor Kasich is the most presidential candidate available.


He’s still a politician!


Rubio is about to lose Florida,he’s done !


I cannot in good conscience vote for Rubio. He is pro-illegal alien (killing jobs for the 95 million un and underemployed US citizens), his immoral homosexual background, his lying to suit his needs and now his anti-second amendment stance. He is nothing but Hillary light. Because of Ted Cruz’s lies, and his pro-illegal alien stance, I will not vote for him either. Neither of these politicians has done anything for their constituents or the country or stop Obama from it’s destruction. The only hope for the USA is Donald Trump. God help America.




Marco! (Over Here) ———-> Polo! (Over There) LOL


Rubio was born to lie. He was not only a member of the Gang of Eight fiasco, he was the architect. He let the other libtard members of the committee talk him into it. He’s an open borders fish and way in over his head. After watching his last performance last night, I’ve decided he is a mannerless SOB to boot.


Yup. All of Rubio’s “problems” can be directly traced back to a single character flaw………..DISHONESTY!!!!! Just take a look at how popular he is with Floridians, those who know him best. Or, just read some of the articles by A.J. Delgado, a conservative writer of cuban descent from Florida. I almost fell over in my own home when a Rubio ad came on television where he states that “Some people will say anything to get themselves elected”. Yeah, Marco, you.


Carson was the only true conservative outsider, and we let the media kill him off.


Carson is/was a total idiot ! Plus,the last thing we need is another black idiot in the White House !


Be careful, Tex!

Very few individuals who become successful neurosurgeons are idiots. Very few.

Admittedly, Carson is a bit naive. And he would likely only fare about as well as Carter (a good man who hoped to be a good influence on Washington, but who was instead victimized by the bad influence of politics/politicians). But Carson is indeed a genius, a dedicated family man, and a patriot. Don’t sell him short.

I do, however, fully agree that we do NOT need another idiot (of ANY color, age, stripe, polkadots, or gender) in the White House.


One more reason to reject the ineligible Cuban “anchor baby.”


Durabo? Does it hurt when you think? Cruz does the right thing- fires his staffer and you’re justifying Rubio’s lying?

Which shows just exactly who you are- a RINO Clinton follower.

Wild Bill

Aren’t Cruz and Rubio both of Cuban descent and ineligible to be POTUS because neither are natural born citizens as required by our Constitution? Yeah, I think so!


WildBill… stop that ridiculous lie! The Constitution does NOT define “natural-born” as being limited to any specific geographic location. Anyone who truly thinks that a child born, for instance, to a Kansas couple while they vacation on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico is somehow not an American citizen, is so full of manure the whites of their eyes are turning brown. The only salient point is that Cruz was born to an American Citizen mother. Regardless of the location of birth (Harrison, Arkansas… on a cruise ship in the Bahamas… in a taxicab in New York City…… Read more »


Joe, that question has not been settled by any court as of yet (natural born clause of the Constitution). Here is a video explanation and the detailed Laws used by the Founders for the basis of that clause. It’s from the books called Vattel’s Laws of Nations and if you can’t read the Roman numerals at the bottom, it was printed in 1789. This IS what the Founders MEANT when they said “NONE BUT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” in our Constitution. I hope this puts an end to this discussion about whom is and is NOT eligible to our President!… Read more »

Larry B.

[In the extreme example of] any child born to a vacationing couple who knowingly risks childbirth “on a cruse ship in the Bahamas” should be barred from from the presidency due to being from a mentally deficient gene pool.

Long time former INS Agent

Read the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. The question is not of citizenship, but how he acquired it. It specifically states that a person has to be born IN the U.S. or certain territories to be considered a native born eligible to be POTUS. Don’t quote case law when you are not familiar with it. If Cruz gets the nomination the first thing the Democratic candidate will do is sue because he is not eligible. That is why nothing is being said at this time.