How the NRA’s Women on Target Is Slowly Changing California

By Don McDougall

Ladies ready to fire at an NRA Women on Target clinic.
Ladies ready to fire at an NRA Women on Target clinic.
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Fairfax, VA -( When you talk about California, you all miss the real issues. CA is not anti 2A or anti-gun.

Only the Democrats in power are, and they just want to destroy conservatives and keep the state a one party organization. From the AQMD (Air Quality Management District) closing manufacturing, to the issues with the snail darter, polar bears, destroying agribusiness, the goal of the left in CA has been to drive conservatives out, no matter the cost.

Ten business a week leave the Golden State and move to AZ, NV, and TX.

Every business they close means one less set of votes for the GOP and one less gun owner in the State, It means more control for them. Our gun rights are caught in the crossfire.

Quite literally the Democrat party in CA has destroyed the tax base and economy to assure that they alone would stay in power.

The Democrats are not forcing laws on gun shops, so the gun shop goes out of business, they create these laws to force the gun shop owners to move out of state. One less conservative vote. More importantly, one less business to support conservative causes. One less business owner to contribute to a conservative candidate. One less gun owner to vote in the upcoming election or call a legislator.

If gun owners all put “Hillary 2016” sticks on their doors’, they’d be getting grants from Sacramento instead of eviction notices.

A once proud, hi-tech and manufacturing base in Los Angles, made up of high-paid, union, workers has been replaced by service industry jobs for immigrant labor, making minimum wage, who are dependent on the Democrat party to protect their food stamps and welfare checks. The Black community, that was part of that hi-tech base, is forever trapped in a jobless cycle of poverty and use & abuse by the Democrat ruling class.

But what the heck, single party ruled and guaranteed electoral college votes for the ruling class. THAT”S WHAT MATERS, not lives!

So what does my rant have to do with the NRA’s Women on Target program?

Women’s shooting is exploding in California. For all of the gun bashing and rhetoric CA has more Women on Target courses than any other state. Florida has 10 registered classes, Georgia 10, New York 8 and California has 65!  Additionally, for many of these classes, there is a six-month waiting list.

NRA’s Women on Target Program
NRA’s Women on Target Program

This is from a Yelp Review by Sandy V; she does a far better job than I could in describing the event.

“I attended the Women on Target event hosted by Burro Canyon in Azusa, CA this past Saturday and had an AMAZING time. Women on Target travel throughout the USA hosting these types of events. There were 2 groups (AM and PM) of women, 50 for each time block. I was amazed at the amount of sponsorship, effort, and support from volunteers on this day. EVERYTHING was free, hats, tee-shirts, food, and ammo. For the AM group, we got breakfast, which included muffins, Starbucks coffee and orange juice.”

“Then we had a brief safety seminar, then went straight to shooting. Turners provided ALL of the guns, thanks to Ruger also, and ammo (10,000 rounds). After shooting about 50 rounds, we had lunch, also provided by the sponsors. Turners then raffled off the chance to buy the Ruger Mark III we shot for $180!!! (can’t say this will be true for all events) They worked super hard with Ruger to help with this with this event. The NRA, CRPA, and CalGuns paid for everything else. It was nice to be around all girls of all skill levels.”

“I, being a more experienced shooter, had a blast seeing the ear to ear smiles on even the most timid newbies. I even learned some great tricks to improve myself.”

“All the trainers were super educated and very helpful. Another fun thing to see was all the male volunteers that were on hand to reload our magazines. Who doesn’t wasn’t a cute guy reloading for them? I can’t think of any more words to describe this great event. Everyone involved was so nice, generous, and helpful. Highly recommended if you can attend an event put on by this group. SOOO generous.”

We – you and me – and every other gun owner is responsible to educate and help new shooters learn about our sport and our rights,

Here on the, aptly named, Left Coast, there is a growing and thriving shooting community. It is not happening by itself. Volunteers power it.  The Friend of the NRA supports these groups, so do manufacturers and ammunition suppliers. By providing education and giving of our time and effort, we are changing the face of California.

Now get out there and do your part!

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Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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