Rob Pincus Talks Fighting Back Against a Spree Killer Tonight on For The Record

Rob Pincus Talks About Fighting Back Against a Spree Killer Tonight on For The Record on The Blaze TV

Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus

What would you do if you found yourself face to face with an active shooter? Rob Pincus, Executive Director of Personal Defense Network, owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program will appear tonight at 9:00pm EST on For the Record (The Blaze TV) to show how anyone can be prepared and fight back against a spree killer.

Based on the evolution of the School Attacker Response Course, Pincus includes integration of potential armed responses for those who carry guns. The hosts quickly learn that without training, it is not as easy as they thought to use firearms in an active shooter situation.

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FTR “Fighting Back” Preview – Gun Rights and Gun Responsiblites During the filming of tonight’s episode, we visited a training class where concealed carry permit holders learn how to use their firearms in an active shooter situation. In short, we learned that without training, it’s not as easy as it looks. Watch our new episode “Fighting Back” tonight at 9PM ET on TheBlaze TV.

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