TrackingPoint Announces Squad-Level M1400 Extreme Distance Precision-Guided Firearm

Long Distance Precision-Guided Firearm Engages Targets out to 1400 yards; Purpose Built to Give All U.S. Army and Marine Corps Squads Dominance at Extreme Distances

TrackingPoint M1400 338LM bolt-action rifle
TrackingPoint M1400 338LM bolt-action rifle

Pflugerville, TX -( TrackingPoint announced today its latest Precision-Guided Firearm. The squad-level M1400 338LM bolt-action rifle engages stationary and moving (up to 20 mph) targets out to 1400 yards.

The squad-level M1400 represents a breakthrough in performance, cost, and weight in comparison to TrackingPoint’s prior extreme distance precision-guided firearms. The squad-level M1400 is designed to provide unprecedented battle stand-off capabilities at the squad level. The M1400 gives every squad a precision shooting expertise at ranges beyond the capabilities of skilled snipers.

The squad-level M1400 announcement is part of a series of announcements that establish TrackingPoint as a primary advocate for all soldiers as they fight on today’s dynamic and chaotic battlefields. The squad-level M1400 is one of a series of products that super-charge today’s Army and Marine Corps squads. The company previously announced the M600 Service Rifle and the M800 Designated Marksman Rifle.

“The M1400 provides a clear advantage against any adversary in our current and future conflicts, including our current war on radical Islamic terrorism. Coupled with the M600 and M800, our Army and Marine Corps squads now can bring withering dominance to the field of battle,” said John McHale, TrackingPoint CEO. “Extreme distance lethality is no longer the exclusive domain of trained snipers. With minimal training, any soldier can reliably deliver lethality well beyond what is possible for today’s expert marksmen,” said McHale.

RapidLok Target Elimination Fire Control System

As a Soldier or Marine pulls the trigger, the target is automatically acquired and tracked. When trigger pull completes, the target is instantly eliminated. Total Time-To-Kill (TTK) is approximately 2.5 seconds. RapidLok Fire Control is image stabilized, enabling fighters to lock targets with relative ease. RapidLok has an auto-snap feature that automatically adjusts point-of-impact to target center of mass. Also, target velocity is instantly measured and calculated in the launch solution. RapidLok incorporates a laser-based Barrel Reference System that ensures shot-to-shot perfect zero eliminating error from shock, vibration, or environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Zero-Signature Lethality

The M1400 streams video to TrackingPoint’s ShotGlass wearable glasses. The Soldier or Marine can see the battlefield without putting his head behind the gun. He or she is completely unexposed and can see and eliminate targets exactly as if looking through the scope. Soldiers and Marines can shoot over berms and around corners with an extremely high hit rate on moving targets at extreme distances.

Availability and Pricing

The M1400 is $16,995 and is available for order now. Order shipments will begin shipping on September 1, 2016 to the United States Military, other United States organizations that can legally fight our adversaries, and qualified United States citizens. Besides its unique warfighting and force protection capabilities, the savings in training time and ammunition make the M1400 a very cost-effective weapon.

About TrackingPoint:

TrackingPoint, based in Austin, Texas, builds extreme weapons for an extreme world to supercharge the Infantry Soldier. Based on fighter jet technology, the company’s Precision-Guided Firearms deliver mission dominance, force multiplication, and remarkable battle overmatch in the war on radical Islamic terrorism.

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