Interesting Threats a Bullet Proof Vest Can & Can’t Protect Against

Safeguard Armour Stealth Pro Vest
Safeguard Armour Stealth Pro Vest

Safeguard Armour

Rogersville, Mo. -( A bullet proof vest is designed for bullets. This may seem obvious, and it is true, yet a bulletproof vest can protect you against a wide range of threats.

Of course, protection against firearms is its main purpose, but some people will not feel that guns are a major threat, and will therefore not consider wearing a bulletproof vest.

However, the unique threats body armor can protect you against mean that anyone and everyone can benefit from a bullet proof vest.

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Sticks and Stones

Rocks, stones, and fists can all cause an immense amount of damage, and perhaps the easiest weapons to wield. Of course the range and power of each varies greatly, especially when it comes to fists, but all of them are capable of causing you an injury you may not be able to treat, particularly in the midst of an attack. Surprisingly, body armor can help protect you against these weapons, as the Kevlar in the vest will absorb and disperse the energy of the impact, significantly reducing the damage it causes.

Swords and Shields

Indeed, any handheld weapon with an edge or a spike, as humanity has proven over millennia, weapons like swords, axes, pikes, maces etc. can be used to deadly effect in even the most unskilled hands. These may be a rarity in modern society, but improvised weapons can mimic their design and purpose, and what they lack in range they more than make up for in damage. A bulletproof vest CANNOT protect you against these weapons, as they will bypass the protective fabric. However, by simply adding chainmail or plastic laminate, a stab/spike proof vest will help stop you from being injured.

Bows and Arrows

Similar to the previous category, these spiked weapons- and others like it, such as spears or even improvised paper crossbows– are well-known to be deadly, though they do require far more skill to be used to their full potential. Their advantage over swords and maces, of course, is their range. You could find yourself seriously injured by one of these weapons before you even knew you had been targeted. Just like the previous category, a bullet proof vest CANNOT protect you; though the Kevlar in protective clothing will mitigate some of the damage. Nevertheless, you will need a spike proof vest.

Claws and Teeth

It may seem ridiculous, but many attackers may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or simply desperate, and someone’s teeth can in fact cause a serious injury. Even without considering the risk of infection, a bite would be very powerful and potentially serious. Moreover, you may find yourself facing attacks from animals, and dogs in particular are extremely powerful and dangerous. While it is highly unlikely that you will choose to wear a stab proof vest specifically to protect against dogs and people’s teeth, it is useful to know that your body armor WILL help keep you safe against attacks like this. Kevlar vests can help protect you against the worst of these attacks, as the Kevlar can mitigate the impacts of attacks, while stab and spike proof vests will stop teeth, claws, and horns from penetrating.

About SafeGuard Armour:

Leading body armor manufacturers and premium body armor designers & has been established online for about 10 years. They specialize in combining soft Kevlar armor with hard armor plates to their carrier designs.

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Well, DUH. Is this a promo trying to get published as a news item ? A bullet proof vest is also useless against a garrote and a strong upward punch to the nose that pushed the nose bone into the skull. Even a plastic grocery bag over the head can overcome a bullet proof vest.


Idadho, “a strong upward punch to the nose” pushing the “nose bone into the skull” is a made up movie idea. It has been proven to not be lethal. In the case of my nose which has been broken at least five times. A strong upward punch to the nose is only going to water my eyes, might make my nose bleed, and seriously piss me off. There’s not just a whole lot of abuse this big ol’ beak of mine that’s called a nose hasn’t been through already.

Matt in Oklahoma

Plated armor is reasonable enough from infidel or AR500Armor that everyone should obtain it. Especially anyone dealing with, or believes they might deal with at some point, threats outside the normal realm of anything other than a handgun.