G.P.S. Executive Backpack ~ Review

by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary
G.P.S. Executive Backpack ~ Test & Review

G.P.S. Executive Backpack
G.P.S. Executive Backpack : http://tiny.cc/v0i4by
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- This may be called the Executive Backpack, but for us, it is the ideal pistol shooter’s range pack. It has room for everything you might need and then some.

Is it a bit pricey? Yes it is. But, is it worth it? Absolutely, and the following will let you know why.

By sheer coincidence we agreed to test some new Sig Sauer pistol ammunition in four different calibers. The exec backpack was ideal for transporting all five of our pistols to the range along with 500 rounds of ammunition, extra clips and our laptop to be able to call up our ballistic program. Once on the firing line, we removed the foam cradle with the pistols and set them on the bench for convenient access. In case you are wondering, our “arsenal” included: Ruger P345, Colt Gold Cup M70, Sig P226, Springfield XD40 Match and Springfield XD9.

Each gun different sizes and shapes but they all fit securely in the foam cradle.

The G.P.S. Executive Backpack is constructed with the same strong materials used in high quality luggage. The rigid internal frame in this pack will stand up to being bounced about in the back of your car/truck, dropped on the ground, rained on and generally “beat up” at the range. When empty, it doesn’t collapse in a heap, even when wet, because of the internal frame.

This backpack (like all of the G-Outdoor products) is fitted with oversized lockable zippers with nylon pulls. The lockable zippers are essential if you live in California or other states which require handguns to be in locked cases during travel. The base-attachment points on the shoulder straps are box stitched and reinforced for strength. And, throughout the entire bag, nylon thread is used to prevent mildew and rot.

The G.P.S. Executive Backpack was obviously designed by a shooter for shooters, with “little” extras throughout to insure that it meets the demands of the most discriminating “executive”. There is a removable ammo dump cup to keep track of spent cases and a small plastic utility box for emergency tools. There are twin side pockets designed for storage of extra pistol magazines as well as additional pockets for extra ammo (which we used in our tests). And, as a first in ALL range backpacks, there is a padded pocket for your laptop or tablet.

The G.P.S. Executive Backpack is designed for maximum protection of your pistols and electronics.

The pockets for shooting glasses and ear protection are lined with velour for extra protection. There are pockets for your ear muffs, tape/pasters, a stapler, binoculars and more. A package of 16 Velcro backed-Visual ID icons is included with the backpack. This one allows you to decide where you will stash your stuff in the backpack and attach the appropriate icon. In that way, you can “customize” the G.P.S. Executive Backpack to your personal specifications and the equipment which you routinely take to the range.

G.P.S. Executive Backpack Visual ID Icons (Illustration courtesy of G-Outdoors, Inc.)
G.P.S. Executive Backpack Visual ID Icons (Illustration courtesy of G-Outdoors, Inc.)

All that remains now is to confirm that the G.P.S. Executive Backpack is comfortable to carry on your back…. and it is. Unless, you overload it as Jim did with 500 rounds of ammunition and his five pistols during his ammo tests for Sig Sauer.

Ok, that load wouldn’t bother me or many of you…. however, remember, Jim is an old guy (but, he is my “old guy” so I’ll keep him).

About Jim and Mary Clary:

Jim and Mary Clary have co-authored over three hundred and fifty articles, (and counting) on shooting and hunting. You can read many of them on AmmoLand News.

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rick klose

What kind of review does not include the price of the product? Decidedly uninformative & dissappointing…..

Chuck M

@Rick just click on the name in red, the gps executive back pack for the sticker shock, but ill save you the trouble. It costs 117.00 and change at amazon, and just south of thirteen bucks to ship it. Now don’t all you guys cause a stampede, and possibly shutting down the internet racing to get one. I have a zipper bag that holds five or six pistols, depending on size, along with 500 rnds of multi caliber ammo, with a carry handle, and shoulder strap I take to the range, or any where else I need to use it,… Read more »

Wild Bill

Leaving the price or the amount one paid for something is just plain old fashion manners. I thought that they were thorough, and if you are interested in buying, then the price is easily accessible.


None of the pistols tested used clips, they all had detachable magazines though.

Chuck M

It depends, maybe he wore them on his tie. lol