Honor Defense Launches The “All American, No Apologies” Campaign

Honor Defense Launches The "All American, No Apologies" Campaign
Honor Defense Launches The “All American, No Apologies” Campaign
Honor Defense LLC
Honor Defense LLC

Atlanta, GA -(AmmoLand.com)- Honor Defense is proud to announce a line of firearms that are 100% made in the USA. While other companies buy parts from foreign companies or produce their pistols in other countries, Honor Defense keeps all production in America.

So proud, in fact, that Honor Defense has launched its new “All American, No Apologies” campaign. The goal is to let everyone know that all Honor Defense pistols are made in the USA and assembled by veterans in Gainesville, Georgia, USA.

“Like the majority of Americans, we are offended by people that apologize for being an American. If they are embarrassed or ashamed of the USA, we ask that they buy another brand of firearms,” said Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense.

“We only partner with American owned companies with an American workforce. We also asked for input from professionals that have carried a firearm for a living. People with backgrounds from DevGru/(Navy SEALS), DEA, Army, Law Enforcement and civilian training. The firearms are built with more features than any other pistol in the size class and are truly American.”

Ramey adds, “We won’t apologize for that.”

Look for “All-American, No Apologies” advertisements and other marketing efforts in upcoming weeks and months.

HONOR GUARD 9mm Features:

  • Striker-fired design that can handle +P loads
  • Trigger has a wide face with a crisp 7lb pull
  • Short reset for quicker second shot and better control
  • Ambidextrous slide catch and magazine catch
  • Available with or without an ambidextrous manual safety lever
  • Modular system with stainless steel chassis
  • Custom texture design to provide better grip in all situations
  • Replaceable back straps to allow customization.

For more information, visit their Facebook page or website at www.honordefense.com.

About Honor Defense:

Honor Defense offers the finest American-made pistols-using only American partners and materials. Honor Defense pistols are built with more features and higher quality standards than other pistols in their size range. To create its pistols, Honor Defense secured input from a panel of professionals that have defended our nation or have extensive credentials in self-defense training.

For more information, please visit www.HonorDefense.com.

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Dean Pullman

I am just recently learning about honor defense after looking at a gun in field&stream.Beautiful gun with the American flag etched into it.So,I started researching the company to find out about them being 100% American made and built by veterans This research eventually led me to this site where I read all of the posts and I noticed that many of them had some stupid remarks one way or another. So, I would like to set it straight Mr Ramey,God Bless You.May the lord look over you and your family as you venture in your young business.May he also bless… Read more »

Honor Defense

Thank you sir. God bless you and your family as well. Yes, there are always people that are quick to criticize. The armchair quarterbacks are out there. Some of their ranting is sad and funny. There is one large group that is known for being hard on firearm companies, so we sent them pistols that had run flawlessly for other Reviewers. But true to their reputation, they said the guns didn’t work. It’s sad to say, but many “Reviewers” know little about firearms, but know alot about digital media and sensationalism. But the far majority of reviews are positive and… Read more »

Hank Firestone

Found the Honor Guard 9mm today here locally in Alabama. As a veteran I am proud to own it. Cleaning her up tonight and will be on the range tomorrow. Thanks Honor Defense. Especially love the trigger and sights.

Doug Constance

What is the latest forecast on availability of the ambi manual safety version?


As mentioned above, the “other” American company that is produced in Croatia makes a hell of a good pistol. I have several of those as I choose to have those over the over rated “most dependable” black brick handgun, you know what I’m talking about. I am all for American made products, the jobs of Americans are also important to me but that’s not a reason to bash a company or companies for there product as they have sold huge amounts of their products and are successful. I understand that Honor Defense is a new company just coming up and… Read more »

Gary Ramey

Thanks Don,
They do make a good pistol, not knocking their quality, and most folks don’t realize the product is made in Croatia.
We think it’s an important part of any purchase decision.
And lets be honest, many companies mis-lead consumers about this sort of thing.
We hope you get the opportunity to buy one of our firearms and your feedback!


Thanks gary, the honor defense pistols are great looking firearms. ive been researching and watching all the video reviews on them and I’m impressed. I cant wait to try one out for myself. they look like a good candidate for my wife to pack around as well. American jobs, American Veterans employed, it don’t get any better than that. good luck in the company and I look forward to having a few of these.

Michael Nussbaum

Mr. Ramey,

Thank you for being proud of America and putting American parts and pride into your pistols. It is an excellent pistol and I’m proud to have been part of the design team. Rock on and do your thing, ignore the uninformed noise.


Congrats to Honor Defense for keeping it all in American and most of all employing veterans!

Greg Reed

Single stack polymer/metal, 45acp/460 Rowland, striker fired, no safety, with chamber indicator, crisp 6lb short reset trigger, 4.5″ barrel. One 6 round flush magazine and one 9 round extended magazine. Keep the weight under 24 ounces. Adjustable metal sights, make them like kahrs “dot the i” style. Next make a double stack after your first $billion There, I even designed it for you!

Gary Ramey

That could be a pretty good pistol!
Now all we need is the $1 million for tooling, prototyping and development, and we could be ready in 24 months!
Yes, it takes that much money and time!

Greg Reed

Yeah, wish I could help you there. Now if your new pistol shows to be successful and you come up with a great go fund me idea…maybe I could help you. Good luck with your venture. No disrespect was intended.

John Evans

A company makes a pistol 100% in America and you criticize that?

You should be proud of that.
It’s easy to be on the sidelines and criticize someone else.

Gary Ramey

Hi Greg, Appreciate your note. What most people don’t realize is that 9mm is almost 50% of the firearm business. That’s where companies start and then expand from there. We’ll be adding .45 in the future. As for the other calibers you mentioned, seems like a waste of time and money for a pissant percentage of the market. Everyone has opinions about what sells, so if you’d like to kick in some money, we’ll even help you develop a firearm for that market. As for us, we’ll keep making the best 9mm single stack available. You also may not be… Read more »

Greg Reed

One gun, three calibers, a waste of time? Not to many alternatives to the wheel guns for woods protection. If a company (or several companies) can make money off of the .44, .454 and .50 cal wheel guns, seems like the perfect niche for a mass produced semi auto that can hang with the big boys in the woods and fit right at home and in the streets. An unique firearm, made in the USA for a particular market in the USA, that my friend would be American excetionalism. I hope the 9mm works out for you, but I already… Read more »

Gary Ramey

No worries, I have enjoyed the exchange.
Something about that word “niche” that makes it hard to hit volume.
We’ll leave that to the big guys.

Wild Bill

Welcome Mr. Ramey! I enjoyed your comments and look forward to reading more. I am always impressed when the president of some company takes time out of their busy schedule to answer some customer’s “missive”. Even if Honor Defense only made slingshots one hundred percent in America, I’d be happy about it. And after todays dismal jobs report, I am glad that there is any work to be had in America at all. I hope that you and your company do well, Mr Ramey. Oh, and uh, just out of curiosity who makes their pistols in Croatia and gets parts… Read more »


The made in Croatia gun is easily googled.
And by the way, they make a great and popular firearm, no knock on that at all!http://picturearchive.gunauction.com/946213703/13149425/dsc_1044.jpg_thumbnail0.jpg

As for foreign parts, Indo-Mim and Dasan provide many parts for many companies.
And they’ve opened up operations in the USA for some of the work.
Again, not a knock on quality, they provide quality parts for quality firearms.
We just prefer American companies and American craftsmanship.

Greg Reed

I want to see real American exceptionalism.. Make a gun that can shoot.45 acp, 45 Super and the 460 Rowland. Just so difficult to find a company that knows what “American Exceptionalism” really means. (Hint, It’s not follow the pack).