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Creedmoor Ammunition
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Anniston, AL -( Creedmoor Ammunition, made by Creedmoor Sports, Inc., is made from the highest-quality components available, yet sells for much less than ammunition of similar quality.

When you buy Creedmoor Ammunition, you get all new, top-shelf components, no cheap or reclaimed components. Every round is hand inspected, and the ammunition is loaded in new state-of-the-art loading machines.

Not only is Creedmoor made from top-quality components, but it is also offered at the lowest prices possible. Creedmoor sells directly to consumers-no distributors or middlemen to drive up prices.

For instance, the .308 Win Creedmoor Ammunition fires a167 gr. Lapua Scenar bullet (SKU AM308167). The brass is from Lapua. A quality CCI or Federal primer ignites the Vihtavuori N140 power, sending the bullet off at an optimum velocity of 2,660 fps at the muzzle.

“Your cost if you load it yourself, even based on higher-volume prices would be $1.46 per round,” said Dennis DeMille, General Manager of Creedmoor Sports, Inc. “And that doesn’t include shipping all of those components to your home. Granted, you’ll get multiple firings out of your brass, so the cost of you reloading goes down. But consider that once you buy and shoot our loaded round you’ll have a once-fired piece of Lapua brass to reload yourself or sell at a premium.”

DeMille continued, “We sell this round loaded for $1.04! That’s an unbelievable price for a round using arguably the best components available.”

Creedmoor Quality Control includes constantly checking concentricity and OAL (overall cartridge length), plus testing the first 10 rounds that come off each machine every day. Retests are run anytime the lot numbers of any component are changed or if Creedmoor opens a new can of gun powder, whether the powder’s the same as the lot number or not.

“Our room for shooting test loads is just 30 feet from the loading machines,” said DeMille. “We are very serious about giving shooters and hunters the best ammunition possible.”

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About Creedmoor Sports:

For over 35 years, Creedmoor Sports has been serving the high power competitive shooting community. Over that time, we have dedicated ourselves to manufacturing only the best products to give the shooter the confidence needed to win at every level of competition.

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