Lawmakers Push Back Against Lawless Gun Ban by AG Healy

By Dean WeingartenMaura Healy AG Massachusetts

Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy's unconstitutional gun ban last  week may have played well to the gun ban crowd in the Democrat party.  She took a moment of national anger over the assassinations of police officers to push her personal anti-Second Amendment policies, while the legislature was not in session.  Dozens of legislators were not amused.  From

Angered by her announcement last week that her office will step up its enforcement of the state's assault weapons ban, a bipartisan group of 58 lawmakers sent Attorney General Maura Healey a letter over the weekend opposing “in the strongest possible terms” her decision and the way she announced it.

Healey last week announced that she will crack down on enforcement of the state's 1998 assault weapons ban, specifically focusing on what she called “copycat” versions or duplicates of firearms banned under that law.

This is partly how checks and balances are supposed to work.  The legislators are jealous of their power.  They openly say so.  They say that if Healy had come to them, acknowledged their power, and asked, they might well have accommodated her.

But, that is not the way she wanted to work it.

Healy's diktat is a completely new “interpretation” of settled law that has been in place for 18 years, 22 years if you include the Clinton “assault weapon” law the Massachusetts law mirrored, before the Clinton national ban sun set.

AG Healy created a whole new set of gun bans.  She set off a frenzy of buying of the very rifles she claims are so dangerous.  Massachusetts dealers reported record levels of rifle buying. From

According to data from the state Firearms Records Bureau, gun enthusiasts bought 2,549 rifles on Wednesday, the same day Healey announced that her office would rigidly enforce a 1998 law that prohibits the sale of specific semi-automatic guns such as AK-47s and AR-15s, as well as “copies or duplicates of the weapons.” By contrast, 132 of the guns were sold on Tuesday and just 51 on Monday. About 10,000 of the guns were sold in 2015.

The purchases were in defiance of an order issued by Healey that none of the guns could be sold in Massachusetts after Tuesday. Now Healey, whose intent was to get rid of the weapons, finds herself in the awkward position of trying to undo a run on what she has called “weapons of war” after they’ve already been sold.

It appears that Second Amendment supporters did some voting with their pocket books.  Hundreds also appeared at the state capitol, protesting the dictatorial conduct by Healy.  That might have added a bit to the legislative zeal.

Legislators do not like to be treated as if they are irrelevant.  It will be interesting to see if the legislators find a creative way to let their displeasure be known.

They could always cut her budget.

Unfortunately, there are a number of anti-Second Amendment “progressives” in Massachusetts who think that AG Healy's trampling on the rule of law and the Constitution, is exactly the kind of government they want.

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About Dean Weingarten;

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

  • 51 thoughts on “Lawmakers Push Back Against Lawless Gun Ban by AG Healy

    1. As of August 1st, not a damn thing is being done to fix this mess. Some politicians, like Don Humanson, have tried but because of Healey’s carefully timed announcement of her new “Law”, its too late for the legislature to do anything. Won’t even bring it up for discussion. Latest report I read said it would probably have to be heard in court, which means in Ma. gun owners lose their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS. You can say all you want “Its unconstitutional” but it does no good. I’ve already been doing that since she made this announcement.
      We the people in Ma. have ZERO say about anything any more because there are too few politicians that will fight for the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and would rather go against the oath of office that they swore to and try to disarm law abiding people while not doing a GOD DAMN thing to disarm criminals or mentally ill people or keep criminals in jail.
      I can count on one hand the number of people who have been convicted and sentenced to the “Mandatory” one year sentence for possessing a gun illegally and that was passed decades ago. Cons can get numerous Paroles for each sentence. I know one careet criminal who has had at least 4 chances on Parole. He keeps re-offending. Thats one law that needs to be changed. Only ONE parole per con for a lifetime. And that’s just for starters.

    2. To: Gregory Romeu
      There were a lot of people who weren’t real marines that the Corps make Honorary Marines that were the BEST because their actions stood out above all, real heroes. One that always can make you really feel humble is Lon Chaney Sr. known as the man with a Thousand faces. He made a lot of silent movies and one was about a marine on sea duty. He died broke and not enough money for his funeral. The Corps Made him an Honorary Marine before he died and the Corps paid for his funeral. The U.S. Marine Corps provided a chaplain and Honor Guard for his funeral. Honorary Marine is a title that has been given to various people by the United States Marine … Lon Chaney, Sr. was made an honorary member of the Corps for his portrayal of a Marine sergeant in the 1926 film Tell It to the Marines. “Honorary Marine” is a title that has been given to various people by the United States Marine Corps. It’s a distinction that is currently bestowed solely by the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps to “individuals in the civilian community who have made extraordinary contributions to the Marine Corps.” If you want to know more go to….
      You would be surprised that were a lot of outstanding people who received this honor.
      >>> Old Marine

    3. To: Gregory Romeu
      A name is a name real or otherwise just a sound. Names don”t mean anything when SHTF and only actions count so leave the name thing alone. Let Americans be. Freedom has a lot of meanings and using A screen name can some times indicate a personal trait. Names can hold some important but like many words will change through life that is one reason some people legally change their name to fit their character. Give Americas some slack before your brain overloads your ass.
      >>> Old Marine

    4. Marines don’t need to hide behind fantasy screen names. Period.
      “Funny how some people achieve stardom and celebrity, in the end take more pride in being a Marine. Lee Marvin chose to be memorialized as a PFC.”

    5. TO: Rattlerjake
      What’s this thing about wanting to know real names???
      You sound more and more like a Government person, This is America and you should read the 1st amendment and not go after the bloggers….its their right to say what they want no matter what you think of their opinion. Remember there are at least four different points of view of anything done or said. If they want to use a screen name it is NO business of yours. If they are enemies of yours then you are playing Russian Roulette with your future. Be a good American and don’t harass them. You live in a glass house and there are rocks everywhere.
      >>> Old Marine says …. Try to be friends, you will live longer.

      1. My good friend always signs as “Master Sergeant of Marines” not just MSgt.
        Kinda figured that. My guys at the AMVETS always tell me;
        U.S. Marine your best friend or your worst enemy! I always try to stay on the friend side of that. 🙂
        Again Welcome Home

    6. Its going to come down to a use of force.Once un Constitutional dead of night no knock warrants start. One house @ a time. HRC as Potus guarantees it. Armed civil disobedience ,nullification are just weak willed holding actions. They will Lavoy Finnicum all who hold dear that wrinkled waded Constitution & Bill of Rights. We with our inaction let the District of Criminals get too far.Run to another state. Progressives are like cancer that has over run every major organ in the human body. Most have family and a house .They will willingly genuflect like sheep being shorn or slaughtered.

    7. I don’t Call any one Names … Read what I Said … All about breaking the Law and Placing charges against people who commit crimes. There should be more Grand Jury investigations into politicians and so called public servants. If you can’t understand what I say then I would be grad to give you a lesson in communications. Simple… OBEY THE LAW ( if it is not against the constitution ) . It is a crime to be a traitor or to commit a seditious act against the constitution. If this situation would have existed in the 40s or 50s there would be a lot of people on trial. crimes against the people are unforgivable. History is in the Past ,gone ,but not forgotten and it tells us evil never really lasts because of the human mind will not tolerate but so much pushing against FREEDOM.
      Old Marine …. who wants to know my name sounds like you want to hunt me down…. SURPRISE …..I’m really old and just as mean as ever, to old to care. If you are my friend you know my name, otherwise you sound like a Government person I can’t trust.
      Old Marine….Semper Fi 1953 to 1973

        1. P.S. If we actually did something about treason our old ‘friend’ Ms. Fonda would have been in an orange pants suit long ago.

    8. Charge her with being a Traitor and Sedition get her in court to explain her actions. Wish I had enough money for good Constitutional Lawyers. She is one of those criminals against the Law herself. Charge her get her into court.
      Old Marine

      1. The state of Massachusetts Constitution should have the remedy for the citizens to remove corrupt officials from office buy use of grand jury investigation and indictment. Probably for Willful. Neglect of Statutory Duty as per their Oath of Office.

        Many people do not understand and realize that for every law on the books there’s a penalty for breaking that law and the oath of office is a law and to break that oath, there is a penalty for such.

        The process generally starts with a written complaint from a citizen to the perpetrator and copies handed over to the grand jury Foreman allowing them at that point to investigatem indict as necessary.

        Read your state constitution find the mechanism and utilize it.

        Semper Fi Mac!

    9. Her actions makes her a felon criminal by attacking the Constitution of the US. She is also committing a Seditious and traitorous act by speaking out against the Constitution and is logically a stupid person also by thinking taking away guns from citizens will in any way help pr event crime, it does just the opposite. When will she go after the criminals? What does she not understand about “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” Who ever put her in as Attorney General needs to be fired and prohibited from Public office.
      She needs to go back to school and learn the Constitution. Politicians will never overcome the people because of Human Nature. In time People will take revenge on those who ignore the Constitution.
      >>> Old Marine

      1. Unfortunately she is not appointed. She won with almost 70% of the vote. See my comments about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts above. Massachusetts is a lost cause. So far left that it is incomprehensible that the Revolutionary War had its beginnings there with the Sons of Liberty and the Adams cousins.

        That is why calling Mitt Romney a Republican is a true oxymoron. A Republican from Massachusetts? When donkeys fly!!

        Gear up Marine your skills may be needed sooner than you think.

        Semper Fi! from a USAF flyboy. 🙂

        1. Elected or appointed makes no difference you raise the hand you take the oath you’re in, you break the oath you break the law.

          From that point it’s up to the ciitizen to use the powers granted in the state constitution to move toward inviting the perpetrator to the grand jury investigation and indictment.

          And the citizens sit on your butt and do nothing, they have nothing to complain about.

    10. Wake up people, the Democratic Party politicians are not your friends! neither are the Media nor Hollywood fruitcakes, its time to shut these people down, vote first, appeal second, violence last except when they start it!

      1. I think they are doing a good job of self-destruct all by themselves and none too soon. Google the reaction and tweets that are now besieging Axelrod for his suggestion that the slain police officers wives should have been at DNC too.

        One tweet went so far as to charge that his tweet was a ‘thinly veiled, all lives matter’ statement. So there you have it fruitcakes is an understatement. I guess all lives do not matter.

        The ‘new Democratic Party’ is now fracturing into two factions of almost equal strength: the ‘semi-sane’ party of Bill Clinton’s era and the new nut-case millennial progressives.

        This is going to get really interesting to watch. At some point we may have a secession. We will end up with most of America as ‘red’ and a few isolated city-states: New York, Chicago, LA, Detroit, Baltimore, SF. What was that movie where NYC was a prison? LOL

    11. This country, once the greatest in the world is really going down the drain in so many ways and at an alarming rate. If things continue at the current rate, this nation will fail and fail hard and it’s going to be really ugly! We have got to stand up for our rights. I would suggest you purchase any firearms you may want now before our so called gov’t prevents us from buying a .22 pistol for pete’s sake. . .

      1. Or just relocate to a state that has a strong state constitution and recognizes the Constitution. I would mention the state I moved to but then irontiger65 might get on ‘freedom bus’ and try to ‘save’ us again. 🙁

    12. What a clown you are Dean-dozens? hardly-just a few whack-jobs that we have to put up with, most from where most whack-jobs come from, Western Mass where inbreeding has taken it’s toll.

      There is no increase in crime, random acts by terrorists although ugly, repulsive affairs are not major wars like say, the big one that really threatened America.

      All you are really is a shill for the gun companies who are worried about lagging sales, despite the big upticks occasioned by racist fear, sales are not what they want them to be. Sell-out!

      1. Yes, a huge uptick in crime it’s not a lie. Been in Law enforcement 20 years and this is the worst. And the AG’s gun ban does nothing to address any crime. Why doesn’t she do something g about the constant plea baraining out of the mandatory gun charges when gang bangers are arrested? Or Person charged with Home invasion and 9 other charges released after only 6 months in jail and on home confinement with a kle bracelet to a apartment he doesn’t have a lease for or belong to.

        1. All gun control laws do nothing to reduce crime. There are already laws to address crime. Gun control laws only effect law abiding citizens.

      2. What an incredibly childlike rant! This post could be a MS Word template for the left wing ‘thought’ process. So Irontiger 65 you are just throwing a ‘terrible two’s’ tantrum so typical of the leftist?

        ‘What a clown you are Dean-dozens? hardly-just a few whack-jobs that we have to put up with, most from where most whack-jobs come from, Western Mass where inbreeding has taken it’s toll.’

        Rational people do not resort to ‘ad hominem’ attacks on people particularly those they do not know personally. Inbreeding, really? Very very childish and vicious’ is this attack. You know this how? Put up with? How noble of you! Condescending fool! 🙁

        ‘There is no increase in crime, random acts by terrorists although ugly, repulsive affairs are not major wars like say, the big one that really threatened America.’

        This is so a fallacious comment as to even begin to be classified as logic. The right to buy/own a weapon should rise and fall with ‘crime statistics?’ YGBSM

        ‘All you are really is a shill for the gun companies who are worried about lagging sales, despite the big upticks occasioned by racist fear, sales are not what they want them to be. Sell-out!’

        Your left wing irrational fears and biases are really showing here. it is usually referred to as projection. Projection: ascribing to others the thoughts and motives which are the core of the person casting the aspersion.

        For the first part gun sales have been up for ten years which, of course, greatly upsets the left as they as see that their efforts at control are failing. Moreover, as usual, we have the left wing prime example of the lexicon of useless ‘isms’ – to wit ‘racism.’ “Racism’ – an all purpose word to demonize my opponent and deflect the argument from issues and facts.

        I actually grew up in Massachusetts in the 60’s when it was still part of the United States. I watched the complete radicalization of the Commonwealth over the years. It has been interesting, albeit sad, to see the move left beginning with the ‘Clam Shell Alliance.’

        I now live in a state with a strong state constitution and which recognizes the Constitution. It will not divulge it lest you try move here and ‘reform and save us.’ Please stay where you are and continue to ‘drink your own bathwater.’

        It is sad to see what was once the “cradle of Liberty,’ become the “cradle of Corruption’ (Taxachussetts the fore-runner of the Clinton Foundation at the state level), and now the ‘cradle of Communism.’

        Samuel and John Adams must be spinning in their graves to see what has happened in their home. How sad.

        You appear to be the archetypal example of the ‘new propaganda re-education’ system. How much is/was your student debt in order to finance your indoctrination?

        I would urge you to actually educate yourself but everyone who is addicted is in self-denial. Left wing propaganda and denial are two of the strongest addictions to break.

        God help you.

        1. Just an observation, if you are so eager to trounce on someone else’s ranting, why don’t you use your real name for your screen name?

          1. Probably for the same reason irontiger65, old marine, kpa , Eric_CA and most others use a screen name. You can use your name if that is your wish that is your prerogative.

            Did I miss something of value in that post? By that I mean other than the immediate name calling without substance? Clown, whack-job, in-breeding, shill. sell out and racist – that is a rational debate? Would you like to posit a defense for all the name calling?

            I think not. Does any of the name calling and demonizing shed light or reason on anything?

            Presumably irontiger65 can come to his own defense, unless, of course, you are he? Which, of course, would lead to entirely different follow on question.

            And yes, I do occasionally jump on personal attacks such as these which are so typical of people who do not seem to be able to argue (debate) their case with facts and without resorting to childish name calling and baseless insinuations. I don’t always, but in this case – yep the devil made me do it.

            In the whole post there was only one statement that was not a personal attack. Moreover that statement would probably be difficult to support, in fact.

            Most people on this site do not resort to such tantrums and baseless demonizing.

            I will converse civilly with anyone who wants to argue with some basis in reality and refrain from denigrating people they know nothing about.

            For the others who rant and attack on a personal level , ‘Phantom Phlyer is rolling in from the east, all weapons are armed and green. Cleared hot.’

          2. So what makes you think that anyone believes that your name is Gregory Romeu? Idiots like you really have nothing to say because your mind is empty, so complaining about a screen name gives you something to do!

            1. A person with the lowest level of education and a molecule of common sense would just Google the name?

          3. [A person with the lowest level of education and a molecule of common sense would just Google the name?]
            Are you really that simple minded? I can google most names and there are dozens, even hundreds of responses. So which one do you choose? The pedophile with the same name, the muslime or BLM supporter with the same name, oh, must be the “good guy” with the same name. You have no picture for an avatar, so how do you match up to the list of people provided. Besides that, none of the search engine give you EVERY SINGLE match!

            [Again, and you prove my point to come out from behind your screen name and use your real name. As the author is addressing an extreme problem we have in this country, likewise we need to come up from behind the hidden and attack these problems head-on as real people.

            I highly doubt bv using Phantom Pflyer in a Notice and Demand against the Massachusetts state AG in a grand jury indictment process would really hold much weight toward obtaining a solution in this matter?]

            This is nothing but comments on a website, moron. None of these comments are worth the time it took to write them. When it comes time to deal in actual legal processes, it’s done in real names. Does your mother know you are on the computer?

            1. I am pretty sure that the author intended his information-sharing through his writings to reach a higher caliber of readers that actually take his information to heart, get up off their dead asses and actually apply solutions to the treachery that he constantly points out in society.

              You however do not appear to be mentally or intellectually armed to take on such a task, so, you just remain sitting on your complacent ass, toss out more rants alongside the super-fighter-pilot that likes to beat his chest and watch the concerned citizens of this country that actually gives a damn for it’s future to utilize Dean’s information to provide real solutions to the problems this nation constantly faces.

              As far as you not being able to glean the information in a Google search of my name, perhaps going to a gaming arcade at your local mall and trolling for a 9 year old with a $20 bill, IF you are able to communicate with him/her on a respectable level, they just may show you just how easy it is to achieve results?

            2. “This is nothing but comments on a website, moron. None of these comments are worth the time it took to write them. ”

              Your statement, not mine.

        2. Just giving you an opportunity to man up and become a real person rather than rant and rave like a childish little Keyboard Commando that is hell-bent on playing video games, “going green, weapons hot”. Then again I do realize that there is no minimum age limit for people to respond to these stories, so I guess some of us adults are going to have to watch our language around you young ones so as to not dement your intelligence any further than it already has been. Okay,, flip the switch, hit the ditch, weapons hot, charlie foxtrot, over and out!

          Sh*t, us realtime warriors are going to get a kick seeing you young kids face reality one day.

          1. Really? Oh my you are so full of ‘piss and vinegar.’ Such a chip on your shoulder.

            I now surmise that you and irontiger65 are one and the same person.

            If not, then, out of the same bolt of cloth. Just as irontiger65 you don’t argue issues but start making assumptions.

            That trait is what defines the ‘liberal’ mind. The liberal mind does not stick to issues to issues but creates an ‘imaginary’ foe. That foe is usually described in terms like racist, shill, etc. Secondly the liberal mind sets itself up in a condescending stance using phrases like: ‘have to put up with,’ ‘keyboard commando,’ ‘dement your intelligence any further than it already has been,’ ‘us adults,’ and ‘you young kids.’ The liberal mind is always self-promotes itself just a tad better than the imaginary foe. Then comes the ‘lecture’ and name calling.

            So I will ‘man up’ for you. OBTW before I start the word is ‘demean’ not ‘dement.’

            My dates of active duty service are 1969-1977. So by the time you showed up at Pendleton I already had 6 years of service. Since our service dates overlap I am also aware that you most likely spent your entire hitch stateside and in peace time – Pendleton and 29 Palms correct? So as a self-confessed ‘real time warrior’ you never fired your weapon in anger – correct?

            Looking at my DD214:
            AFSC K1111F, K1115F I will decode that for you – Fighter Pilot, Fighter Instructor F-100, F-4 Phantom
            Hence the screen name Phantom Phlyer
            It also shows that I have a REAL COMBAT tour in SEA – engaged in combat operations supporting Marine and Army ground troops – many times in close TIC situations.

            Amusing are the mumbo jumbo ramblings of nonsensical terms you strung together:
            hit the ditch, weapons hot, charlie foxtrot, over and out!
            In comparison, ‘rolling in from the east, all weapons are armed and green. Cleared hot.’ are part of a real world engagement protocol between FAC’s and fighter jocks to ensure the safety of friendlies particularly in TIC situations.

            I presume it is you who play video games and learned your horsepucky there. Here is a term for you – Foxtrot Alpha. As in I don’t think you know Foxtrot Alpha about these things.

            If you want to know how fighter jocks and ground troops work together in a real war I suggest you seek out someone who was there – maybe Khe San for example. Ask them how close air support and resupply (USAF, Navy, Marine) works in the real world.

            I have great respect for the Corps and my Marine brothers in AMVETS, American Legion and VFW – in all of which I maintain membership. I will respect your service but I am not so sure I will hold you up anywhere near to them at a personal level.

            So in summation I don’t think you know WTF you are talking about. Since after two posts you do not seem capable of discussing ISSUES I will now disengage from you.

            As the old fighter pilot saying goes:
            ‘Never try to teach a pig to sing. It is a waste of time and it only annoys the pig.’

            1. Thank you for your service, Sir!!!! I am extra proud to say, I was a weapons and ordnance chief loader for A-10 Warthogs, and was also a weapons instructor,(CATM), (Combat Arms Training And Maintenance) in the Air Force! Spent a few years instructing A.B.G.D. ,(Air Base Ground Defense), and taught many in all branches the ability to defend our brothers. Never got to fight, or pull the trigger in anger, or defense, but would have done so without a second thought, and would have been proud to serve with you!!! I had my private ticket when I went in, I just couldn’t get a waiver from the DOD because of vision correction, however, I would have been a fair pilot had I been able to achieve that goal. God bless, and thanks again for all you have done, for me, and those that care deeply for our freedom, and our military!!

            2. @Phantom Phlyer,

              When I first read your screen name I figured you were a F-4 pilot. It doesn’t take a genius to put 2 & 2 together. I never questioned the veracity of your post. I spent sometime near Colorado Springs at USAFA Prep school. Long story short, I was good in Math, but not so good in the other subjects.

              With that said, I never engage in depth with liberal loons. They disregard facts, spin narratives, divert from the issue, and then resort to name calling.

              I may on occasion, retort with a short reply, but I don’t waste my time in a prolong response.

            3. @Eric_CA @Kim Currier
              Thanks! to both for your comments. Sorry things did not work out as you planned .
              I don’t normally waste time with trolls either. Just sometimes I get a bit ‘worked up.’ LOL

              Not even sure the follow on posts were really from GR. Since this site has a free form display name anyone can type in anything they want.

              Most Marines I know would not rush it to defend an anti-gunner. But Marines do come in all political stripes and can think as they wish. No prob with that as long as we are discussing ideas and not whether someone family tree actually branches or not.

              Thanks for your service as well. Awesome ground support A/C the Warthog. The ground troops love it. Much better at close support and way more survivable than the venerable ole Rhino. 🙂 That said we did the best with what we had at the time.

              And muchos kudos to your support role. Aircraft ground support ‘guys/gals’ work their arses off for very little glory. Few people understand what it takes to keep a combat aircraft in the air. So thanks again for your long hours and hard work.

            4. Again, and you prove my point to come out from behind your screen name and use your real name. As the author is addressing an extreme problem we have in this country, likewise we need to come up from behind the hidden and attack these problems head-on as real people.

              I highly doubt bv using Phantom Pflyer in a Notice and Demand against the Massachusetts state AG in a grand jury indictment process would really hold much weight toward obtaining a solution in this matter?

      3. Lacepussy 65, best you look in the mirror before you call others “whack jobs”. Every post you make shows your amazing ignorance !

    13. Does it strike anybody curious as to why democrats are so intent on disarming law-abiding citizens in a time of increasing violence by terrorists and criminals? Oh yeah, that’s right – democrats are importing thousands of potential terrorists from muslim countries at the expense of taxpayers. Kinda makes you wonder whose side they are on.

        1. They just don’t get it… If they even TRY to confiscate, there will be a very violent, and very short war on these traitors, and we will eliminate them… You KNOW they will not try it themselves!!! They will send their foolish enforcement people, who are brainwashed, and they will just get them killed…. This will be the 2nd revolution, and they don’t stand a CHANCE in HELL!!!

    14. The U.S. Congress, on the other hand, appears not to be bothered about being treated as irrelevant. There’s a document they may want to re-read– assuming they’ve read the Constitution in the first place.

    15. Over 2000 more guns of the type she is trying to ban sold in one day.Healy,are you sure you are anti-gun?You had to know your play wasn’t going to stick.

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