Hillary Opera Won’t Be Over ‘Till Fat Lady Sings’ – In Federal Court

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli
Americans must smoke out renegade Congressional Republicans and force action on Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2016, H.R. 5271.

Stay on Hillary Target
Hillary Opera Won’t Be Over ‘Till Fat Lady Sings’ – In Federal Court
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(Ammoland.com)-  “It’s déjà vu all over again.” ~Yogi Berra, Baseball legend and cultural icon.

In November 2014, in an article posted on Ammoland Shooting Sports News, the Arbalest Quarrel predicted that centrist Republican Senators—more concerned about promoting themselves and maintaining the status quo than in serving Americans and acknowledging the needs and desires of their base—would create dissension, tearing the Republican Party apart, thereby handing the U.S. Presidency over to a thoroughly despicable individual: Hillary Rodham Clinton. We said,

“Unfortunately, there are already disturbing signs from some centrist Republican Senators that, when dealing with Obama, compromise and conciliation will be the strategies employed. Confrontation is the strategy centrist Senators will reserve for their own Tea Party base. They intend to keep the base in line. Should that occur, these centrist Republicans will certainly tear the GOP wide open, and they may very well hand the White House over to Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

The first part of our prediction has, we are sad to say, already come true. Centrist Republican Senators and Centrist House Republicans have torn the Party apart as we predicted.

If those Republicans don’t mend their fences, and do so quickly, Hillary Rodham Clinton will take the White House. No doubt about it. In that event, our second prediction will, as well, also prove true. That will be absolutely disastrous for our Country and for the Nation’s citizenry even if those average Americans, who relish a Hillary Clinton Presidency, think that this would be something to applaud. Such Americans are wrong in their thinking, but they will realize their error too late—much too late—to rectify that error.

And all Americans will suffer the horrific consequences of the erroneous beliefs of those Americans who had supported Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House.

Mainstream newspapers are already proclaiming a Democratic Party victory this November. The mainstream newspapers believe—or, if not, are nonetheless, sowing the seeds in the mind of the electorate, through application of yellow journalistic exploitation and distortion, that a Hillary Clinton victory is inevitable. But, as Yogi Berra also sagely said—as the above title to this article may possibly be attributed to: “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.’”

And, the matter of bringing Hillary Rodham Clinton to justice isn’t over just yet—not by a long shot.

But it is up to those Americans—Americans who hold sacred our unique and priceless Constitution, who truly believe in the sanctity of our system of laws and of our jurisprudence, and who demand that the “rule of law” be applied and adhered to, not simply mouthed as one would an empty, trite platitude—to demand that Hillary Rodham Clinton be brought to account for serious misconduct against our Nation, against our Nation’s Constitution, against our Nation’s laws, and against our Nation’s citizenry.

What can we Americans do to preclude a catastrophe from occurring in November 2016? One thing will definitely operate as a wrench thrown into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s plans to secure the U.S. Presidency: Clinton’s indictment on federal criminal charges. Is this still possible? You bet, but only if more Republicans in Congress grow a backbone. Americans must see that they do.

The mainstream media, working overtime on behalf of the Democratic Party machinery, says an indictment of Hillary Clinton on federal criminal charges won’t happen—that Hillary Clinton’s indictment on felony charges is essentially “old news” and “water under the bridge.”

The mainstream media refers to and relies on the July 2016 statement of Loretta Lynch, Attorney General, when Lynch said:

“Late this afternoon, I met with FBI Director James Comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email system during her time as Secretary of State.  I received and accepted their unanimous recommendation that the thorough, year-long investigation be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation.”

The Justice Department has closed its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s misuse of private email servers to conduct sensitive Government business. It did so by simply handing the public a short, perfunctory statement, essentially washing its hands of the entire matter.

Clearly, the United States Department of Justice refuses to mete out justice, failing to follow through on the F.B.I.’s manifest obligation to the American people as set forth on the F.B.I.’s website: The Bureau’s Public Corruption program focuses, inter alia, on: “Investigating violations of federal law by public officials at the federal, state, and local levels of government.”

Yes, the investigation of Clinton’s serious misconduct may be over for the U.S. Department of Justice, but that investigation is not over for the American people—not by a long shot.

What can be done? Well, we know that at least a few honorable Republicans in Congress—and we may forget about the dishonorable Republicans who explicitly or implicitly support a Clinton Presidency and we may certainly forget about the Democrats in their entirety—are trying to do something to bring Hillary Clinton to account for her misdeeds and clearly criminal conduct even as the U.S. Justice Department has failed to do so—even as the U.S. Department of Justice has in fact failed our Nation and has failed the American people.

These honorable, concerned Republicans have duly requested a copy of the F.B.I.’s interview notes of Hillary Clinton—the F.B.I.’s Form 302—although Americans have learned that those notes will not be released to the public.

The Director of the F.B.I., James B. Comey, has, at least, responded appropriately to those Congressional Republicans who requested a copy of the F.B.I.’s notes of the Hillary Clinton interview. He has, we have learned, dutifully turned over the F.B.I.’s investigative summary, “Form 302,” to Congress. This, apparently, is rarely done; the F.B.I. doesn’t ordinarily turn its closed investigative files over to Congress.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media, an obvious tool of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (“DCCC”)—and a tool, too, of other secretive, nefarious individuals and organizations both here and abroad—manifests a concern over the general release of F.B.I. agents’ notes through Form 302, even the limited release of notes to members of Congress.

Clearly, foreign and domestic power brokers and corrupting interests and influences, along with the DCCC, want to see their puppet, Hillary Rodham Clinton, seated in the Oval Office. They do not want Congress, much less the U.S. citizenry, to view the F.B.I.’s criminal investigative files on Clinton. That’s very American of them, isn’t it?

So, Congress has obtained the F.B.I.’s Form 302—the document summarizing the F.B.I.’s interview of Hillary Clinton. That is an impressive first step. But, it is only a first step. By itself, it isn’t enough to bring Hillary Rodham Clinton to justice.

The Report will undoubtedly demonstrate—as strongly implied in the F.B.I. Director’s unprecedented statement to the American people, delivered to the American people on July 5, 2016—that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, lying, criminal scoundrel who should be indicted on federal criminal charges. Even so, the United States Congress can do nothing to compel the Justice Department to do its job—to indict Hillary Clinton on federal criminal charges. Congress can do nothing, at this point, because the Department of Justice has closed its case on Hillary Clinton, and, at the moment, only the Justice Department has authority, under the law, to bring action against Hillary Rodham Clinton on federal criminal charges. And that places this Nation in a bind.

The U.S. Department of Justice does not—notwithstanding the most serious matter to face our Nation in recent times—choose, as it should, as is required of it, to uphold the law. And that places this Nation in a bind. The U.S. Department of Justice apparently answers to some secretive cabal of crafty and treacherous outsiders who will do whatever it takes to prevent a Donald Trump Presidency; and the best way to prevent that—in fact the only way to prevent that—is to guarantee that no individual or entity has legal standing to bring federal criminal charges against Hillary Clinton and that the one entity that, at present, does have legal standing to bring federal criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Department of Justice, a Department that falls within the purview of the Executive Branch of Government, is prevented from doing so. Barack Obama, through the puppet masters who pull his strings, has, one may reasonably conclude, seen to that.

The U.S. Department of Justice apparently answers to evil forces intent on seating their puppet—Hillary Rodham Clinton—in the White House. The U.S. Department of Justice apparently answers to those ruthless, wealthy, powerful individuals and entities who seek to place, in the highest Office of the Land, a person they can control; a person whom they have controlled in the past; a person whom they can count on controlling in the future; a person whom they have paid hard cash for; a person whom they know will always do their bidding—who will do what they, the puppet masters demand, even though such demand is in contravention to and in defiance of the laws of our Nation, and in contravention to and in defiance of our sacred Constitution, and contrary to the well-being and security of our citizenry.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband Bill will, as ever before, operate to the detriment of our Nation, lining their pockets with cold, hard cash, titular rulers to the puppet masters who control them, selling our Country out and throwing its citizenry down the drain, even as they claim, duplicitously, that they have the best interests of our Nation at heart and that their policies are designed only to effectuate what is best for our Nation. Nonsense!

Something more must be done to prevent Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton from stepping foot in the White House—apart from the mere hope that the American public will come to its senses on election-day and preclude a Clinton Dyarchy from taking root. But, what can Congressional Republicans do to follow through on Comey’s release of the F.B.I.’s Form 302 to Congress?

What must they do?

Just this: Congress must appoint independent counsel to reinvestigate Hillary Clinton’s misconduct and to prosecute Clinton on federal criminal charges if independent counsel finds probative evidence to indict her. Two Republican Congressmen have already taken the necessary steps to see that this is carried out.

Ohio Republican Congressman, Michael Turner sponsored, and Georgia Republican Congressman, Rick Allen, cosponsored, a bill, the Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2016,” H.R. 5271. If enacted, the bill—introduced in the House, on May 17, 2016, over three months ago—would allow for the appointment of outside counsel to reinvestigate the serious misconduct of Hillary Rodham Clinton, involving:

  1. Clinton’s mishandling of classified Government information;
  2. Clinton’s prevarication to Government officials engaged in official criminal investigative work;
  3. Clinton’s likely criminal use of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, as a vehicle for the funneling of cash bribes to the Clintons in exchange for favors she was in the position to deliver, as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, and likely, has delivered.

But, what is the status of H.R. 5271? No one seems to know. The mainstream media isn’t asking, and Congress isn’t saying.

Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2016, H.R. 5271 all Actions to date.
Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2016, H.R. 5271 all Actions to date. As of 8/23/2016

Take it from a liberal Op-Ed writer for the New York Times, though, to point out why Republicans, en masse, aren’t bending over backwards to enact H.R. 5271. The reason is this: Centrist Republicans are flocking to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s corner. This is unheard of—something truly bizarre. Yet, true all the same. Many Congressional Republicans want Hillary Clinton to succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States. Lest there be any doubt about this, take a look at Frank Bruni’s opinion piece, titled, Hillary’s Summer of Love,” that appeared in the New York Times Sunday edition, on August 7, 2016. Bruni asserts in critical part:

“Dozens of prominent Republicans have come out and said that they’ll vote for her [Hillary Clinton] or consider it, including, just last week, the Silicon Valley titan Meg Whitman, the Jeb Bush confidante Sally Bradshaw, and Maria Comella, a former spokeswoman for two of Trump’s most pugnacious promoters, Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

You can expect that list to grow. The Clinton campaign clearly does. As Bloomberg Politics and The Washington Post reported last week, Clinton’s aides have gone so far as to set up something of a special operation — a defection watch — to monitor news accounts and any other public hints that a Republican leader is thinking of renouncing Trump, so that someone on Team Clinton can reach out and ask him or her to take the next step. The Times’s Jonathan Martin revealed that Clinton herself called Whitman a month ago.

The breadth of G.O.P. affection for Clinton shouldn’t be overstated. The grudging nature of it can’t be overlooked. If Trump stormed off and a more appetizing Republican was put on the menu, these Clinton converts would most likely revert to their usual diet. And there’s a real limit to the number of Republicans who will publicly embrace her.

But many, many more Republicans are privately rooting for her. By making clear that they won’t vote for Trump, they intend to throw the election her way. After decades of demonizing her and all those Benghazi hearings, a noteworthy contingent of Republicans are giving her a degree of active and passive help that less polarizing Democratic presidential nominees never received.”

You can bet the Bushes, who audaciously and contemptuously snubbed the Republican nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump, through their failure to appear at the Republican National Convention, held in Cleveland, Ohio in July 2016, certainly rank among those secretly supporting a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

All three Bushes — (from left) George H.W., George W. and Jeb. (Associated Press) Photo by: KEVIN LAMARQUE
You can bet the Bushes, who snubbed the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, certainly rank among those secretly supporting a Hillary Clinton Presidency. All three Bushes — (from left) George H.W., George W. and Jeb. (Associated Press) Photo by: KEVIN LAMARQUE

With many Republicans covertly, and, in some cases, even overtly, actively supporting a Hillary Clinton Presidency, should there be doubt in anyone’s mind why the bill, H.R. 5271, rests, apparently, dormant in Committee. House Republicans will not, apparently, allow it out of Committee. If that is true, then those House Republicans are secretly colluding with House Democrats to keep the bill stalled in Committee. We do not need to speculate why certain Republicans would wish to do this since Bruni has provided us with a depressingly clear answer: they want Hillary Clinton to win the election. No question.

Certain House Republicans—the Centrists—don’t want an open debate. And, they don’t want a vote on the bill. Why is that? For this reason: if the bill proceeds to the Floor of the House for a full House vote, and some Republicans vote, “nay,” those Republicans are, then, clearly acknowledging their acquiescence in Executive Branch corruption. They are on record of saying they willingly accept corruption in the Executive Branch of the United States Government. We say this with conviction and logical validity because H.R. 5271, if enacted, resurrects the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 — an Act this Nation sorely needs to get the Nation back on track — to get this Nation on the right footing, to gets this Nation where it is supposed to be, as the founders of our Nation expected to be—one that demands that the federal Government abide by the Constitution our founders drafted and adopted.

Our Constitution mandates integrity in its public officials.

This Nation’s Government cannot ably do the business of Government, on behalf of its citizenry, if corruption exists in Government. Corruption in Government cannot, indeed, must not be tolerated. Corruption in Government must never be tolerated. For, if corruption is tolerated, it grows exponentially, infesting and negatively impacting everything and everyone it touches, including, and especially, the U.S. Department of Justice—a Department in whom Executive Department Officials are compelled to be held accountable to the people.

If the U.S. Department fails to indict those officials of Government who have been entrusted to serve the people—and, we have seen that the Department of Justice has failed to serve the people, in whom power and authority ultimately reside, then the Department of Justice has committed a double sin.

The U.S. Department of Justice has not only allowed corruption in Government to foster, it has condoned it. In condoning the presence of corruption in high level Executive Department Officials, the U.S. Department of Justice has tarnished its image as a bulwark of law and order, and has undermined the very system of law upon which this Nation derives stability and continuity. The U.S. Department of Justice has converted our Constitution to little more than a doormat, to be thrown out at the pleasure of the corrupters of Government who demonstrate no regard for it anyway.

When the U.S. Department of Justice fails the American people, by turning a blind eye to the worst sort of crimes of Federal Officials, it behooves the Legislative Branch of Government to step in. And, Congress has, in the past, done so, demanding integrity in the Executive Branch, when the U.S. Department of Justice fails to police Executive Department Officials, itself.

Congress enacted the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 as a response to the Watergate Scandal. The Act compels integrity in the Executive Branch of Government. If Congress doesn’t compel integrity in the Executive Branch of Government, then Congress is complicit in the corruption that besets the Executive Branch. The Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2016resurrects the Ethics in Government Act of 1978—the very Act Congress failed to reauthorize in 1999, during the Senate’s impeachment of U.S. President Bill Clinton, on federal corruption charges. Corruption, Americans see, runs in the Clinton family. Must the American people suffer another conniving Clinton in the White House—actually two of them—a real two-fer for the American people: two duplicitous monsters for the price of one. Isn’t that nice?

Centrist Republicans are willing to acknowledge their tacit—and in some cases, of late, even explicit—support of and endorsement of Hillary Clinton. That is most disturbing, to be sure. But, none of these Centrist Republicans wishes to be on record as saying he or she is content with corruption in public Office—in fact complicit in allowing corruption in public Office to exist—even though they are—to a person—certainly intelligent enough to know that Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her husband, Bill, are as corrupt as the worst individuals can possibly be.

Bill And Hillary Clinton
Bill And Hillary Clinton

The Arbalest Quarrel will not stand idly by as mere witnesses to the travesty of Hillary Clinton’s run for the U.S. Presidency. We won’t rest even as many Americans appear resigned to a Hillary Clinton Presidency—the Rothschild’s choice to occupy the White House. Evil begets evil.

Because we won’t allow this matter to rest, we have drafted a letter to the sponsor and cosponsor of H.R. 5271. We will be mailing it shortly.

We are asking the two U.S. Congressmen, Turner and Allen—the sponsor and cosponsor of the bill, H.R. 5271—to provide us with the status of their bill. We are imploring these men to take action now, to move this bill along.

We intend to force the Republican Centrists’ hands in this. If Centrist Republicans don’t wish to see passage of this bill, then we want do know who they are. We want for both them and those in the Democratic Party to be on record as having opposed a bill that compels integrity of Executive Department Officials.

If these Centrist Republicans don’t wish to see passage of this bill, then they are worse than their Centrist Democratic Party counterparts. They are hypocrites. They pretend to preside over a Party that holds to the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution when they, in fact, do not. We intend to smoke them out.

Apparently these Centrist Republicans feel no sense of duty to Party or to their base, no sense of guilt, having, as they do, the gall to blatantly support Hillary Rodham Clinton for U.S. President. Yet, they obviously do feel the need to refrain from actively opposing a bill that is designed to preclude corruption in Government. Hence, they would rather such a bill not come up for debate, much less a vote—at all.

We insist that these Centrist Republicans take responsibility for their actions. If these Republicans honestly support Hillary Rodham Clinton—a likely criminal and the most corrupt politician to run for the Office of the U.S. Presidency in recent times, if ever the most corrupt politician—then we insist that they be placed on record, consistent with their support of a corrupt politician, of having actively opposed enactment of a bill designed to curb corruption in Government.


You can do your part too. Contact your Representatives in Congress. Demand that they bring H.R. 5271 to the House Floor for debate and for a Floor vote. We must act now to preserve our precious Constitution and our Free Republic. If Hillary and Bill Clinton secure the White House, we can bid our Constitution and our Republic, “goodbye,” forever.

Once we receive confirmation of receipt of our letter by the addressees, we will post the letter on the Arbalest Quarrel website.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters in Congress—Republicans as well as Democrats—think that Hillary Clinton has the 2016 U.S. Presidential election wrapped up. They are welcoming this creature with open arms. For true Americans, though, a Hillary Clinton Presidency is as welcome as a plague of cholera.

For the sake of our Nation’s continued sovereignty and for the sake of our unique and precious Constitution, we intend to upend the Clinton applecart. For the sake of our Nation’s citizenry and for the sake of Americans unborn, we intend to wipe that smug look off Hillary Rodham Clinton’s face.

We, at the Arbalest Quarrel, have worked, and we will continue to work, tirelessly and unceasingly to prevent a Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidency. We have done so and will continue to do so to the best of our ability.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

For more information, visit: www.arbalestquarrel.com.

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It is very simple–all the Repubs want Hillary to win so that they can keep their cushy jobs–if Trump wins they know that he will break their rice bowl and totally change the way that business is done in DC!! DMD

marc disabled vet

AS long as she’s protected , it’ll never get to court.