Major Development As Early Voting Begins in Arizona

Dr. Kelli Ward
Dr. Kelli Ward
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC -( We just received this amazing news from our political team in Arizona, where we are supporting Dr. Kelli Ward’s challenge against globalist gun-grabber John McCain.

One of the other candidates opposing McCain has dropped out of the race to allow voters to unite behind Dr. Ward.

This is great news, as that candidate could have possibly been a “spoiler” in the race, allowing McCain to hold on to his seat.

Our radio ad (video below) exposing McCain and supporting Dr. Ward is currently running across Arizona but we need to reserve airtime for the rest of the month. Early voting starts Wednesday so we don’t have any time to waste!

A Public Policy Polling survey had McCain polling at just 39%. That’s a horrible number for any incumbent, let alone someone so entrenched. Kelli was at 26% and climbing, but when the poll narrowed the field to just McCain and Ward, it was tied at 41%.

Well, the field has just narrowed so now it’s pedal-to-the-metal from here to the August 30 primary election.

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Tim Macy

P.S. Please see the message below from our political team on the ground in Arizona.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: GOA Political Team
Date: Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 7:37 AM
Subject: Urgent Update from Arizona
To: Major Development As Early Voting Starts Wednesday

Good morning team,

We got great news today as we got word that Alex Meluskey suspended his campaign to clear the way for Dr. Ward to unite the anti-McCain vote! We now have a wide-open path to unite the anti-McCain vote!

Meluskey has suspended his campaign but his name will still appear on the ballot so we need to let our people in Arizona know that he has withdrawn ASAP because early voting starts Wednesday.

The $15,000 worth of radio ads GOA bought started airing across the state last Friday and will run for a week. We need to keep the momentum going, but now we’ve learned that McCain’s special interest groups are spending big-bucks attacking Dr. Ward. It’s driving up the cost of airtime so please relay the urgency to our supporters so we can lock in our rates before they go up again!

This is an actual cut-and-paste from a radio advertising agent:

Just a heads up – our inventory in AM Drive is currently sold out this week, so if GOA is thinking of extending the buy, locking the inventory in early is crucial to snag the avails and keep the rates from skyrocketing.

Dr. Ward is fighting hard and we think we’re going to win, but we can’t leave anything to chance. We’d like to stay up on the radio and expand to digital and a direct mail piece if we can raise the money for it. If we can spend another $50,000 – $75,000 we can make the decisive difference.

Tell our people that we’ve got John McCain on the ropes and we can replace him with a rock solid conservative but we need their help now!

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Jorge Norberto Pedace



He has to go. He hurts the entire country. Phony RINO. I was the idiot for thinking he had this country’s best interests at heart. I thought they all cared and that’s why they went into public service. Send them ALL home.

David Gleim

Nothing is important but the mission . The mission is protection of the Second Amendment . We all must stay “on message” , without name-calling /personal attacks , or other exhibitions of lack of discipline that may detract from our success in mission success .


McCain’s time has come and gone. He talks the talk about being all out for vets but does little to help them in the V.A.
He has used his time as a P.O.W. to get reelected many times over.
He sides with the liberals way to many times.
His granddaughter endorsed Hiltrey.
Enough said.


I live in Oregon and I donated. Regardless of their politics and which side of the fence they are on, there should be term limits for all Congressmen. Plus the fact that he is batshit crazy also influenced me.


Sounds as if “Song Bird McCain” might be put out to pasture. This is long overdue.

Wild Bill

@JWG, Roger that, Cornyn is pro 2nd Amendment Civil Rights, but also pro-illegal alien. That must be a “head screwed on right” replacement to be found.

Wild Bill

Damn spell check There not That


It’s about time this ‘war hero’ was put out to pasture.

Jerry W Gordon

I am in Texas but have donated to the Ward campaign. Arizona needs a true conservative Senator, Flake needs to be gone next time around. Texas needs to be rid of Cornyn.


“War Hero” In quotes? Really? I always thought that the “spitting on returning soldiers” was another urban myth but if you didn’t do it then then you sure are doing it now! The wrong guy was put in a cage in North Viet Nam, it should have been you-bet you would have sung like a canary, you’re such a crybaby here in the United States.


“Songbird” McCain is no hero. He gained that nickname while in the “Hanoi Hilton” as a POW for being the camp snitch. He is no hero. Yes, I got spit on when I returned from Viet Nam as a totally disabled combat vet.


I am well aware of John McCain’s snitching in the “Hanoi Hilton” as a POW. I am also well aware of the tactic’s he used in the Senate to block every independent investigation of his actions while a POW. I also was spat upon when returning from Vietnam, but, I was not disabled.


Just who is your comment directed toward?

Wild Bill

, It just throws troll crap out there fishing for responses. His thoughts are scattered, at best. You mustn’t take him personally or seriously.

Wild Bill

@Tex, If you respond to It, then It will get paid. It has never made a comment worthy of response.