Tree Stand Buddy the Ultimate Accessory for Your Favorite Stand

Tree Stand Buddy the Ultimate Accessory for Your Favorite Stand
Tree Stand Buddy the Ultimate Accessory for Your Favorite Stand :
Treestand Buddy
Treestand Buddy

USA-( A solid, comfortable treestand is a key component to a successful hunt, so why is it that having an ideal setup is so rare?

One reason is the inherent flaw in the mounting system of virtually all lock-on stands. The other reason is many hunters have never heard of Tree Stand Buddy.

Tree Stand Buddy is an innovative and universal mounting accessory for lock-on stands that adds safety, security and confidence to your hunt. Not only does it make installing a stand safer and easier, it also ensures a solid, quiet and portable setup every time.

Tree Stand Buddy is a solid metal bracket and receiver system. The stand bracket attaches quickly to virtually any single- or double-post lock-on stand. The receiver attaches to the tree with two TSB Ultimate Ratchet straps. Since the receiver is much lighter and smaller than any treestand, it is much easier to attach to a tree.

The tree bracket also includes a hoisting loop that allows you to use a rope to lift your stand into hanging position while you’re still on the ground. Once the stand is at the proper height, simply tie off the rope, climb up and slide the bracket onto the receiver for a rock-solid setup every time. Installing the manufacturer’s straps is now much safer and easier than ever before. While the TSB bracket system involves several steps, it actually makes installing a treestand much safer, faster and easier than trying to perform various tasks simultaneously.

Those features alone make Tree Stand Buddy worth its weight in gold, but this is one hunting accessory that can actually pay for itself. By purchasing extra receivers, you can use your favorite lock-on in as many locations as you have receivers. That means you can buy one high-quality, comfortable stand and use it throughout your entire property at a fraction of the cost of purchasing multiple stands.

Tree stand theft has become a real issue for many hunters and Tree Stand Buddy makes it easy to take your stand with you when you leave the woods, whether or not you want to move to a new location. When you return, simply use the hoisting system and you’ll be hunting again in under 5 minutes. And you can be confident the setup will feel exactly the same as it did the last time you were in the stand.

In essence, Tree Stand Buddy is the missing piece to every lock-on tree stand. While minimizing the risk and worry from hanging your stands, you add convenience, security and cost savings with this must-have accessory.

Tree Stand Buddy Benefits:

  • Makes it easy to take stands with you and helps eliminate theft
  • Use one stand with an unlimited number of receivers
  • No more carrying stands up and down trees
  • Easier/safer way to install your stand
  • Sturdy and quiet
  • Ensures the same setup every time you hunt a particular location
  • Easy to plan or adapt to prevailing winds or wildlife movement

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