Mental Toughness & More Weapons Needed to Defeat Radical Islam

By John Farnam

Jason Falconer
Off duty cop, Jason Falconer shot and killed the attacker during the Minnesota mall attack, saving many more lives.
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Mental toughness” is probably the single most important component of your individual preparedness.

During Saturday’s knife-rampage by yet another Islamic terrorist, this time in MN, an off-duty, and properly armed, local LEO courageously [and one of our industry’s own] drew his pistol and gunned-down the perpetrator before he could inflict further mayhem on innocents.

My friend and esteemed colleague, Jeff Chudwin, reminds us all:

“Go armed at all times and stand ready to protect your family and fellow citizens.

We will continue to see this occur.

Where, when…?

(1) Where you do not look for it, and (2) when you do not expect it.


You may be ‘off-duty,’ but you are never ‘off-watch.’”

It is time for all good and decent American citizens (not just LEOs) be become “dangerous!”

“The ‘dangerous person’ is the one who has honestly confronted the moral dilemma, if any, and has decided to live. That person WILL pull the trigger!” ~ Joe Olson


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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5 years ago

Is he a full time officer who was off-duty?
Or Is he the full time owner of Defense Training International, published author, an ex chief of police and a part-time officer who was not in uniform and not on any schedule at the time?