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MANSFIELD, TEXAS -(Ammoland.com)- Exhilarating adventures do more than just drain your energy; they drain the batteries of your electronics, too.

Even on the most secluded trips, the importance of a charged phone or other device may be imperative. When adventures take you beyond the reaches of plug-in electricity, 12 Survivors SolarFlares offer versatile solar-powered charging.

The 12 Survivors SolarFlare 5 (TS28000) delivers 5.3 watts of power in an ultra-compact 6.4-in. x 11.2-in. tablet.

The SolarFlare 5 harnesses sunlight with its advanced monocrystalline cell material. The 1-Amp USB power source lets you charge a variety of electronic devices without the constraints of a wall plug-in.

Weighing just 4.3 ounces, the SolarFlare’s ultra-thin design keeps you powered-up on the go.

For maximum charge, the 12 Survivors SolarFlare 11 (TS28001) and SolarFlare 16 (TS28002) pack a whopping 10.6 and 15.9 watts of power respectively. Self-reliance is achieved via 2.1-Amp dual USB power sources, allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously.

Hanging hooks and corner grommets make securing SolarFlare panels quick and easy. With a lightweight, foldable design, there’s no reason to not have a 12 Survivors SolarFlare packed for your next high-octane outdoor adventure.

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About 12 Survivors:

12 Survivors is a modern brand concept built around positive principles and support of the outdoor lifestyle, providing quality products such as knives, multi-tools, tents, first-aid kits, backpacks and other innovative gear to meet the demanding needs of survivalists, preppers, campers, hikers and hunters. For more information about 12 Survivors products, visit www.12survivors.com.

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