Laser Ammo Introduces Video Scenario Trainer, Video Scenario Trainer

Laser Ammo training video
Laser Ammo training video
Laser Ammo USA, Inc.
Laser Ammo USA, Inc.

GREAT NECK, NY. -( Laser Ammo introduces two budget friendly Video Editor add-ons for the Smokeless Range.

The Video Scenario Trainer and Video Scenario Trainer PRO add-ons allow shooters, trainers and LEOs the option to add their own scenarios from their video cameras, smartphones, or GoPros.

Allowing them to build, edit and share their own library of HD training videos while using their own issue firearms, or recoil enabled weapons like Airsoft in any size room.

The Video Scenario Trainer PRO is recommended mainly for small to mid-size Law Enforcement departments, firearm academies and firearm trainers as an add-on to their Smokeless Range judgmental and marksmanship shooting simulator.

Enabling them to practice with any firearms platform including their own issue firearm, recoil enabled weapon like Airsoft or Simunition, or a non-gun replica like the ATLP, anytime in the convenience of the department, office or at home.

The Video Scenario Trainer PRO offers law enforcement critical branching capabilities that can have multiple outcome possibilities. The software plays your HD videos that can branch to different outcomes depending on how the trainee responds to the situation or from instructor input.

The video trainer includes a replay review function that will pause when each shot is detected. Instantly, the shot location will be displayed for your review.

Video Scenario Trainer PRO comes standard with over ten basic pre-loaded scenarios.

This is the first time that a simulator user can video their own movies or share videos with other users, to build a library of scenarios from a familiar location such as a specific neighborhood, the department lunch room, a close park or school in order to practice use-of-force and situational awareness.

The Video Scenario Trainer is recommended for individual shooters, firearms trainers teaching concealed carry courses, ranges, stores, and personal training for any threat situation.

The Video Scenario Trainer allows shooters to not only have in-home judgement and marksmanship firearm training, but the ability to use their own smartphone HD videos to create shoot – no shoot decision making scenarios -all at a fraction of the cost of traditional firearms simulators.

The video trainer will pause when the first shot is detected. Instantly, the shot location will be displayed for your review, to learn from your shot placement in a real scary situation.

This add-on is a basic version of the Video Scenario Trainer PRO, that will help you to train for real world dynamic situations.

This version doesn’t include a replay review function or branching video capability as the Video Scenario Trainer PRO.

This amazing and low cost add-on will complete your Smokeless Range® Simulator training, and will add the ability to train for any threat situation.

Don’t already have the Smokeless Range? No worries, Laser Ammo is now offering a great deal for the holiday season: Smokeless Range, Open Range and the Video Scenario Trainer together with the SureStrike Premium Plus (for 9mm, 40SW and 45 ACP) for only $999!

Watch a video of the product in action here.

About Laser Ammo USA, Inc.:

Laser Ammo Ltd. develops and sells firearms training products for civilian, law enforcement, and military markets. Owned and operated by former Israeli and US military combat veterans, Laser Ammo is dedicated to providing serious training for serious professionals. Our products, including the SureStrike dry fire training system, electronic targets, and more are used by military, law enforcement agencies, NRA instructors, and firearm owners worldwide. The Laser Ammo family of products allows operators to utilize their specific weapons platform, including Air soft or recoil conversion systems, for dry fire training. From basic reactive target systems through high end Simulators, to fully customizable solutions for Force on Force (MILES) training, Laser Ammo is simply serious training for serious professionals.