Wiley X Eyewear Raises Awareness, Funds For At-Risk Vets

America’s Heroes
Veteran-Owned Wiley X raises money for America’s Heroes
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USA- Protective eyewear innovator Wiley X Inc. has always been a socially responsible company dedicated to giving back to the community, particularly when it comes to supporting American soldiers and veterans — a philosophy that traces its roots to ownership and management.

Putting this philosophy into action, Wiley X Eyewear Co-Owner Myles Freeman, Jr. made his recent wedding an opportunity to raise both awareness and much-needed funds to help at-risk veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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Not only did wedding guests make donations to this important cause, Wiley X matched each donation dollar for dollar.

Freeman’s wedding invitations specifically requested that wedding guests make a donation to Mission 22 instead of purchasing wedding gifts.

This 501.3c non-profit organization was started by Delta Force and Special Forces Operators to raise awareness of the troubling fact that 22 veterans commit suicide every day in this country.

Mission 22 exists to provide the support and resources at-risk veterans need to help battle the effects of PTSD and TBI and keep them from becoming part of this shameful statistic.

This effort resulted in more than $7,300 in donations to Mission 22 and helped expose this worthy organization to a whole new audience of potential supporters.

In addition, every wedding guest was given a Mission 22 tumbler, hat and bracelet to help him or her remember the occasion and further help spread the word about this critical need.

Within a short time, Mission 22 responded back that these funds were already being put to good use in specific, important ways.

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It reported that these donations helped fund a service dog for a veteran in need.

This funding was also used to get two additional veterans into medical treatment with a specialist in helping veterans deal with both the physical and psychological effects of their combat service.

“Giving back in this way just felt like the right thing to do,” said Freeman.  “Receiving Mission 22’s update on how the funds raised were already helping veterans in need made us feel very good about the decision.  It also filled us with gratitude and appreciation for the many family members, co-workers and friends who responded and supported Mission 22 the way they did. I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to our wedding guests — and I hope they will continue to support this ongoing mission to put an end to veteran suicide in America,” added Freeman.

Wiley X is a long-time provider of protective eyewear to U.S. military, law enforcement and other tactical wearers.

All adult Wiley X sunglasses meet stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, providing OSHA-grade protection for every type of activity.

Many models also carry the latest updated MIL-PRF-32432 (GL) Standard for ballistic eye protection, delivering military-grade vision protection for everyday Americans enjoying their everyday lives.

To find out more about how Mission 22 helps our nation’s veterans, visit www.mission22.com.

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About Wiley X, Inc.:

Wiley X is a leading provider of protective eyewear for Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and other U.S. Special Forces Units in action around the globe. We began by creating shatterproof, selenite, polycarbonate lenses. Some models have been tested to withstand a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away. Factor in sleek design and proprietary technology, and our list of admirers has reached international acclaim. Nationally, we’re currently a standard issue item with the FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, Navy SEAL Teams and Military Special Forces.

For more information, visit www.WileyX.com.