The Final Push is Coming for The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

USA -( The most important legislation in a generation for America’s hunters and target shooters is at a crucial stage.

The U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives are in the homestretch and have just days to pass the Energy Policy Modernization Act conference report that includes the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act prior to the end of the 114th Congress.

Take this final opportunity to call the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and urge him to approve the Energy Conference report with the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act.

Please CALL TODAY before Congress takes up the Continuing Resolution this week to fund the federal government past Dec. 9.

We do NOT want Congress to punt the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act into the next congress that begins in January.  We have come too far to go back to “square one” and begin again.

Please take this final opportunity to call today to help protect and preserve our cherished outdoor traditions.

United States Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121


About NSSF:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers.

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  • 3 thoughts on “The Final Push is Coming for The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act

    1. if I recall, that Energy Policy Modernisation Act is no such thing… it palces HUGE restrictions on energy production that will continue cripling us well into the future. As to the sportsman act attached to it, for one thing I strongly oppose multiple bills being attached to other ones. Time we return to single issue bills. Let each ride on its own rightness. Further, anything Paul Ryan is promoting is suspect…. he’s a rat, part of the ruling elite that needs draining along with the rest of the swamp. WHERE WAS HE when we needed his clear leadership?

      I will ask my reps to vote against this pile of horse puckey.

    2. Whatever you think of some of the programs that the house is wanting to pass, perhaps we need to think about what this guy has done, and should not even have a leadership role in the goobermnt. He was elected to the speakers position by the left wing repubs and the dims. He deserves NOTHING for the things he has done to the Amerikan people. He needs to be drained from the swamp with the rest of the phonies. He gave the dogeater everything he wanted no matter what or how it treated the Amerikan people and upped the dims and their desire to make Amerika another china or north korea. he’s one of them. Don’t like what I say. Maybe you need to check yourself and the guy that does the political censoring here on this web site.

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