Sen. Jeff Sessions Stands Strong on Guns During Confirmation Hearing

Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

WASHINGTON – -( U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) took a firm position on Capitol Hill during two days of confirmation testimony for his nomination to be the next attorney general of the United States.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation urged Sessions’ confirmation due to his commitment to gun ownership rights, respect for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and vow to enforce the gun laws already on the books.

A letter of support from NSSF’s Lawrence Keane, senior vice president and general counsel, was entered into the Senate record.

Sessions testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on a wide range of topics. The former Attorney General for Alabama and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama was clear on his stance with regard to guns.

Sessions made it clear to his fellow senators the Second Amendment would be respected as an individual right by the Trump administration.

“Well, I do believe the Second Amendment is a personal right,” Sessions said in response to questions. “It’s an historic right of the American people, and the Constitution protects that and explicitly states that. It’s just as much a part of the Constitution as any of the other great rights and liberties that we value. So my record is pretty clear on that.”

Sessions also took a stand against universal background checks, telling the committee that laws already on the books need to be effectively enforced. The idea of applying universal background checks to every gun transfer is not only unfeasible, but intrusive.

“Well, I believe in background check laws and many of them are appropriate,” Sessions explained. “But, in every instance – there’s some instances when it’s not practical, let’s say. For example somebody inherited a gun from their grandfather. Those transactions I’m not sure should require that kind of universal background check.”

Sessions also testified that obstructive practices against the firearms industry would become a thing of the past. He was questioned by fellow senators on Operations Fast and Furious and Choke Point as examples of overreach by the attorney general’s office saying, “… I do believe it has a corrosive effect on public confidence in the constitutional republic of which we are sworn to uphold.”

Sessions responded to concerns from Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) that Congress is still unable to determine if Operation Choke Point, an effort by the Department of Justice to lean on financial institutions to discriminate against businesses in the gun industry, has actually stopped. NSSF has worked with members in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to end the practice and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) issued a letter to banking and finance institutions to stop denying banking services based on broad categories versus financial risk.

Sessions told Crapo, “… a lawful business should not be attacked by having other lawful businesses pressured not to do business with the first business. That’s, to me – it would be hard to justify.”

Sessions vowed to the Senate committee that scapegoating the firearms industry and lawful gun owners for the use of guns in crimes committed by individuals would come to an end.

Sessions pointed to his own record as attorney general and the successes in Operations Trigger Lock and Project Exile where the might of the federal government should be wielded to vigorously prosecute those who commit crimes with guns.

“The first and foremost goal I think of law enforcement would be to identify persons who are dangerous, who have a tendency or have been proven to be law breakers and been convicted and those who are caught carrying guns during the commission of a crime,” he explained.

“If I am confirmed, we will systematically prosecute criminals who use guns in committing crimes,” Sessions added. “As United States attorney, my office was a national leader in gun prosecutions nearly every year. We were partner with state and local law enforcement to take down these major drug trafficking cartels and dismantle criminal gangs.”

About NSSF  The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. For more information, log on to

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So, how do all of you commenters feel about Sessions now that he has been in there for 14 months?
Seems he hasn’t done any of the things that we wanted him to but has shown his true colors on the asset seizure, the marijuana legalization question and the gun grabbing stuff going on now.


I feel more strongly against Sessions than I did in January, 2017 when I posted warnings about him below. I live in Alabama, have met and lobbied Sessions, and know without a doubt that he is a tyrant at heart. No tyrannical diktat from his office could surprise me. I expect the worst from him, and unfortunately, I’ve never had my expectations dashed. The best that we can hope for while he occupies the AG’s office is that he remains a largely do-nothing figurehead.


It has been point out to me that, re Sessions and his faults, that re his pro Second Amendment stance, the question to ask is the following. Who would I prefer? Other than to say that I like Sessions for his pro Second Amendment orientation, though other aspects are problematic, it is a good question, one that I do not have an answer to or for, in-so-far as being able to point to some particular person. Perhaps there is something to the old saw about getting someone who is good, an attainable end, as opposed to getting someone who is… Read more »


Why would ammoland or the bulk of Commenters here fail to report/acknowledge that Sessions also stood firm on federal government intrusions into gun issues? Namely, Projects Triggerlock and Exile. Are y’all supportive of federal prosecutions and federally-mandated mandatory minimum sentencing for local crimes? If you are, that would seem mutually-exclusive to also being supportive of states’ rights issues, and if that’s true, then you’re not supportive of The Constitution and/or Bill of Rights and/or Second Amendment specifically. Sessions is not what y’all portray in this piece. He is one of Congress’ top supporters of the police and surveillance state. He’s… Read more »


AG Sessions,or soon to be.I would like to have him to try his best to his ability to Repeal the NY state (unsafe)act and give the residents of NY back out 2nd Amendment Rights.


Something for the state legislature to do, along with The Sullivan Law too.

L.L. Smith

I have been a NRA member for many decades. I am of the opinion that we are better off with them than without them. I never joined for life because I didn’t know what they might become. I have been married for 60 years next month. My wife has endured my imperfections and stayed with me. We haven’t been in agreement on all issues but I am so thankful she didn’t demand perfection.


L L Smith:

What chance did the lady have of obtaining “perfection” had she sought it.

L.L. Smith

None. But that doesn’t stop many from leaving and looking. Thank God she is a Christian and stuck it out.


By the way, re all the verbiage, the polemics about Senator Sessions and the possibility of his being confirmed as U.S. Attorney General, the gentleman has some baggage that is much discussed. Interestingly, some of the baggage, equally if not more troubling, is strangely unmentioned, his stated position re Asset Forfeiture aka CIvil Asset Forfeiture or as I prefer, Theft Under Color of Law, for instance. Just think gentlemen, how the Asset Forfeiturers would salivate over that gun collection of yours, that pristine Model 12 shotgun, your National Match Garand Rifle or National Match 1911 Pistol, I could go, on… Read more »

Robert W.

To Darren
I think I understand where you are coming from but as for me and my house we shall sever our Lord. And I will use all means necessary to protect my family and my home against all enemies both foreign and domestic.


I don’t understand the fact that some of us would like to erdicate background checks when purchasing a firearm. if we do so, all criminal elements would have a feast buying all kinds of guns. i know that they can buy this from the underworld but it would cost them so many times the price when you buy this legally from a store. and besides, all these illegal guns are not as efficient as the new ones. let those background checks be and just allow people without criminal records enjoy the right to bear arms legally.


Gil: Re your thoughts on background checks, “criminals” as they are usually defined, those with an established record of law breaking, being one possible definition, are already precluded by law, without the foolishness of background checks, from the acquisition, possession or use of firearms and ammunition. Existing prohibitions don’t seem to trouble them much though, and I include the types of firearms that the law abiding citizen is effectively barred from the possession or acquisition of. Given the foregoing facts, what purpose the background checks, other than to create yet another hoop for the law abiding to jump or crawl… Read more »


@Gil, Alan makes good points. I’d add 2 things. First, we were safer before there were background checks. Late 19th century & early 20th century murder rates were lower than today. In the ’50s the murder rate was the same as today without background checks. Bottom line is that background checks don’t reduce crime.

Which brings me to the 2nd point, what purpose do they serve? Background checks & other gun control are part of a strategy of gradually disarming us. They are NOT about safety. I document antis calls to disarm us in this article


The “strong stand” pro gun rights one assumes, is good to hear re the Sessions nomination, however I find two things troubling. 1. How come, it seems, that none of the several opponents of his nomination have mentioned his stated position in favor of Asset Forfeiture, aka Civil Asset Forfeiture or as I prefer, Theft Under Color of Law? 2. Need I mention that in a case where YOU were a victim of this scam, Asset Forfeiture, the seizers would absolutely drool over those lovely guns of yours. Try getting them returned. In the same condition as when they were… Read more »

EG 2nd amendment supporter

Well everyone Trump is not in yet. This is just a start give the new president tlme. Because Trump said he was going to strike all the laws from obozo. THEN get to work on the other laws instead of bitching about it. Give the new pres time.


I have been sitting here are reading all of your comments each and every one of them. And it sounds to me that we have several individuals here that just hate everything. The NRA , the Jews for gun ownership, need I remind everyone if we don’t stick together and stand as one. The Government will take away everyone’s rights. It’s group like these that help us stand our ground. Enforce our constitutional rights. The government would much rather turn all of us into sheep. Well sorry to say I am no sheep. This is why we need groups like… Read more »


@Robert, you’re missing my point. The NRA isn’t standing for liberty quite the opposite it stands for having a govt with the power to take our rights. We all know that govts abuse any power they have. Patrick Henry warned about this when he argued against adopting the CONstitution: “You read of a riot act in a country which is called one of the freest in the world, where a few neighbors cannot assemble without the risk of being shot by a hired soldiery, the engines of despotism. We may see such an act in America. “A standing army we… Read more »



Re your comment on what the NRA is OK with or finds acceptable, I find myself curious as to how you draw these conclusions. Please advise, and thank you.


@Albbac2, We can start with Patriot Profiles . We can move on to Life of Duty (For some reason they removed this video from their website.) Both glorifying militarism & the police state. The NRA’s stand is to enforce laws on the books. Not roll back gun control. The NRA wants to keep it in place. This article supports gun laws the way they are Here what’s missing is a call to repeal NFA & GCA The NRA supports reciprocity This is federal domination of the states. They shouldn’t support reciprocity but push to… Read more »


Darren: At one time, a while back these days, to it’s shame in my opinion, the NRA could have been described as an organization not all that opposed to Gun Control. The organization might even have justifiably been described as a group with a split personality. Seems to me that happily, the NRA though the learning was costly,as gotten past that unhappy situation, though not without some travail, and losses to Gun Rights that could have been, should have been avoided. In retrospect, I would say that the NRA learned some lessons. the learning was, and continues to be painful,… Read more »

Richard S Najjar

Excellent post! Citizen rights and responsibilities in a citizen-centric constitutional republic means that the people are the catalyst of good and effective government. Unfortunately, the last couple of generations missed civics class in junior high school. They stopped teaching it back in the early 70s.

Pistol Pete

The brain dead socialist democrats will not like Senator Jeff Sessions; because he wants to prosecute criminals who use guns to commit crimes they only, want to prosecute law abiding citizens.


Some good comments, and here comes the BUT, his stance on background checks leaves a lot to be desired. The comment on inherited firearms? Come on, was that the best you could do? Background checks don’t work and have no place in a system of justice where you are (supposedly) presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Isn’t there anyone we could have for an AG that would stand up and say “I support the abolition of background checks and, if you ask me I’ll tell you the abolition of all gun laws”.


Right you are Vanns! When & if we lose our gun rights it will be because too many gun owners bought into antis BS & support gun control. Background checks, FFLs, the ATF, NFA, this is all gun control. Why isn’t the NRA calling for the abolition of all of this?

Jim Macklin

He did not support a background check on teh grandfather to grandson. I think he only supports the felony record check that is the law since 1938.

Join the NRA and ask them to support your position, you’re a member aren’t you?


@jh45gun, No, I’m not a member of the NRA. I don’t join or support groups that are for gun control, militarism, a police state, & the Republican Party. I urge you to stand for liberty by dropping the NRA & joining Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership The NRA wants to keep gun control in place to keep the fight going & the money flowing. This will eventually backfire on gun owners. The NRA will lose us all our rights including gun rights.

Jim Macklin

Perhaps you should check out the NRA-ILA web site, you might find you’re mistaken about what they stand for. JPFO, Arron Zelman has passed, is a great group as is FIJA. Each state has an association or two, too.
And the CCRKBA and GOA all deserve support. But the NRA is first.
Kansas passed Constitutional Carry a few years ago and about 10,000 citizens decided to not renew their CCHL. That is a mistake since the politicians count numbers,


First of all the NRA isn’t calling for abolishing all of those laws already in place because it is too soon. First you have to fix all the bs the liberals have put in place for the last 8 plus years. Once all those issues are fixed than the NRA can fight for national reciprocity, no permits, no bans and so on. If you do that now though, it won’t work because of states like CA, NY and NJ (just to name a few) that have so many laws against our Second Amendment. The NRA does not want gun control,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Vanns, Yes, there is and because Trump did not pick them, we now know that we have to push harder to restore the Second Amendment from the infringements of the National Firearms Act, the Gun Control Act, and the rule arbitrary rule making of the BATFE! No Second Amendment, No Second Term.


Won’t it be nice to again have honest people running the DoJ and working within the Doj. Maybe the biggest lawbreakers who try to subvert the laws of this country will eventually wind up in jail – even if it is “executive” jail instead of hard time. Can you hear me Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch? All that whining about who did what to subvert poor Ms. Clinton’s chances at the Presidency is just plain old fashioned BS. If Ms. Clinton had not broken the law numerous times, there would have been no story to report. If the DoJ had… Read more »

The Rifleman

Some very good (and truthful) points made there Herb! You’re absolutely right on all example made here.

Robert Workman

I am so Thankful that we have a new administration just days away. I am so Thankful that I don’t have to worry about my rights as a law abiding citizen being take away. Can you just emagin if the communists liberal party stays in power for another 4 years we would not have a constitution. All the men and women who severed this Great Country in time of war they would have all died in vain. Like I said I am so Thankful that we have a new administration coming in. And I strongly believe that Sen. Jeff Sessions… Read more »

kent san

So nice to read this sort of thing. Imagine what that testimony would have been like from the bloated sow’s AG nominee.


kent san: I remember her hearing. She REFUSED to answer any questions about the Second Amendment. I was SHOCKED that she was accepted as “ag”.


Naturally she wouldn’t answer questions and was elusive about the 2nd Amendment. It was her intention to strike against the American people if and when the opportunity presented. Fortunately, the American people, a Republican House and Senate, a relatively conservative Supreme Court and a populous movement kept her in check.