Potential Trump Visit to the UK & the Tolerant Left

By John Farnam

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Potential Trump Visit to the UK & the Tolerant Left
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- British Prime Minister, Theresa May, graciously extended to DJT during her recent visit here, a kind invitation to visit the UK. Such an official visit by a US president presumptively includes a invitation to speak before the British Parliament.

However, liberal Speaker of the British Parliament, John Bercow, objects to the US president speaking. He had no problem with BHO speaking in 2011, nor with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santo last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2015, nor with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2014.

Like most professing liberals, Bercow is “tolerant” of everything but opinion! Just as conservatives are not allowed to speak on American university campuses (but, Communists are), a non-liberal US president must be banned from taking the stage before the British Parliament, because liberals may not agree with everything he says, may in fact, become upset!

Simultaneously, liberals at the BBC adolescently refuse to use the correct title, “President,” when referring to our President Trump.

As with Bercow, they are arrogant, small-minded, and like liberals everywhere, have a gigantic, self-righteous chip on their collective shoulders.

“Lecturers deal with men of straw, as they are men of straw themselves. Why, a free-spoken man, of sound lungs, cannot draw a long breath without causing your rotten institutions to come toppling down by the vacuum he makes.

They think they are liberal and free. It is the ‘freedom’ of a prison-yard!” ~ HD Thoreau


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Un-freakin-believable!!! Trashing the duly elected President is not British. Now almost lost, the U.K. has been over-run with effluence since they foolishly handed over HongKong to the Chi-coms in the 1980’s. Now retreating from the horrible unelected bureaucrats of the EU, exiting the phony expensive European Community is their only saving grace.
Unfortunately the UK socialists have a loud voice and has too much influence over Parliament. Time for the UK to wake up and re-determine their destiny away from the perils of European socialism.
Trash the President at your own peril….